What is a Shorty Bed and Age Suitable for Sleeping

Children in family homes normally receive the smaller rooms in a flat or house, although young children don’t require a large bedroom space. Taking up less space a shorty bed is a good idea if you’re son or daughter has a small room, or boxed bedroom.

Designed for young kids, a traditional standard shorty bed is smaller in size, around width 2 ft 6’ x 5ft 6’ single mattress that come with or without storage for smaller bedrooms. Children from 4 years old transition from a toddlers bed to they’re own independent bed that can last at least into they’re teenage years, depending on a child’s size.

Single shorty option children’s bed

Shorties or suitable for 3-4 year old + children beds and are made from wood materials in single, double and king size with optional guard rails on both sides to stop a child falling out of bed.

Colour schemes include:

  • Pink
  • White
  • Blue

A child could have embossed characters on the wooden from teddies, dolls for girl or action figures for boys.

Self assembling the bed following the instructions your son or daughter receives a bed in shorty style suited for their age and size. Options for you’re child to have a bed without storage with under bed clearance of 26cm to store what they wish or a bed with 4 pull out drawers for cloths, toys & games.

When purchasing a shorty sleeping bed for children you require buying the mattress separately, and the majority of beds are sold individually.

You’ll require a specific size shorty mattress for the bed size from single, double to king size with options including pocket sprung and memory foam and mattress toppers.

Shorty bed size measurements

Choose a mattress for a shorty as they come in different length x width sizes from width – 2TF6, 3FT x 5 ft to 6ft 3’ long, as the bed requires a specific size mattress matching the frame.

Bed SizeSize in CMSSize in feet & inches
Small Single (UK)75 x 1902 ft 6′ x 6 ft 3′
Short Small Single ( 75 x 160 )75 x 1602 ft 6′ x 5 ft 3′
Short Small Single ( 75 x 168 )75 x 1682 ft 6′ x 5 ft 6′
Short Small Single ( 75 x 175 )75 x 1752 ft 6′ x 5 ft 9′
Short Small Single ( 75 x 183 )75 x 1832 ft 6′ x 6 ft
Single (UK) ( 90 x 190 )90 x 1903 ft x 6 ft 3′
Short Single ( 90 x 160 )90 x 1603 ft x 5 ft 3′
Short Single ( 90 x 168 )90 x 1683 ft x 5 ft 6′
Short Single ( 90 x 175 )90 x 1753 ft x 5 ft 9′
Short King ( 150 x 190)150 x 1905 ft x 6 ft 3′
Table showing shorty children bed sizes UK in cms, feet & inches
  • Single bed shorty is the traditional size for a young child around width 2 feet 6 inches x 5 feet 5 inches long. Bed height 50cm, under bed clearance 26cm.
  • Double size bed shorty around 4 feet width x 6 feet 3 inches length (120cm x 190cm long).
  • King size shorty 6 feet 3 inches length x 5 feet width bed.

Shorter children’s bed stability and reliability

Are they worth it? Lasting for many years the single or double shorty you choice will be a reliable, stable, sturdy and safe bed for you’re child to sleep on each night. Of course the instructions of the maker require being followed and the bed constructed correctly.

Boys and girls can customize their sleeping area with stickers or graphic paint designs.

Any bed that squeaks or wobbles is the result of lose bolts. Parents require checking the bed for defects and occasionally tightening any bolts & screws that become loose over time.

Maximum weight per bed is usually 120kgs for a single shorty, durable and adequate for the majority of children until adulthood.

Can grown adults sleep on shorter designed beds?

Although designed for children’s age and size, an adult can sleep on a shorty bed as long as their not too tall or big build, indeed you do see many older people 5 ft 2 and under.

Adults can choose a shorty that’s a single or double sized (120cm x 190cm) bed design or king 6 ft 3’ x 5 feet that suits they’re build and sleeping arrangements. An option for modern houses a shorty bunk bed or shorty to sleep on at night allows the bed to fit in a smaller bedroom size for teenagers, leaving enough space for furniture and moving around.

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