What do Boarding Schools do on Weekends

What do Boarding Schools do on Weekends in USA & UK?

Attending a private school in the daytime or boarding means you’ll be involved in school academic lessons, sport activities and social events.

Schools for boarding students are not the same in the USA or UK has they have a choice to choose the hours of teaching, holidays and length of school day.

Some USA & UK private boarding schools have Saturday morning lessons, although most just have sports activities, games, trips on weekends as wells as leisure pursuits. Prep & senior boarding schools that hold classes on Saturday morning means all pupils & teachers must attend, weekend sports clubs & competitive matches for home and away teams are optional attendance.

Do boarding schools have school on weekends?

Some, not many 7 day UK & USA traditional prep and senior private boarding schools have school on weekends, being Saturday morning classes when all students and teachers require attending until lunchtime.

Other newer boarding schools that operate a 5 or 6 day week have no lessons on weekends, although they have sports and events for students on Saturday & maybe Sunday.

Private schools north of London and around UK could require students to attend school on Saturday 4-6 days a year for founders day and school traditions. All private schools for boarders in all 52 USA states and UK have Saturday morning sports clubs & teams, although non sporty students don’t require joining in.

Not all parents and private school students are happy with lessons on Saturday morning as some parents like the weekend for themselves and not arranging they’re life around a shorter weekend.

The system of education in UK means private each independent school is free to schedule classes & school timetable they choose and this results in parents avoiding schools with Saturday weekend class commitment.

A previous UK English parliament petition stated:

“Many private schools have Saturday school and many others don’t. Saturday school is a huge effort and much more money for parents to spend on their education. As a student you need rest and Saturday school does not allow this”.

Boarding school schedule on weekends

Traditional 6-7 day boarding schools generally have Saturday morning class lesson time followed by sports & club or event activities that students either require attending or encouraged to participate.

School timings will differ slightly for pupils on weekends from getting up slightly later and extended bedtime and lights out time.

What do boarding schools do on weekends: One boarding school in England that operates a 6 day week on weekends has Saturday morning formal academic lessons and pupils from year 9 to upper sixth require participating in afternoon sports activities.

Should traditional 7 day schools offering pupils boarding have no classes on Saturday morning they’ll have sport & club activities instead that’s compulsory for pupils to encourage them to get involved. The weekend finishes on Sunday night at 7 day schools as pupils return to academics with study hall.

During holidays and national days, such as thanksgiving in USA seven & six day boarding schools have extended weekend breaks with no school attendance allowing for pupils to go home.

Five day boarding pupils would have weekends off school; although sports clubs & activities are available to voluntary participate in.

Weekend sport & activities at UK & USA & boarding schools

Do boarding schools have school on weekends

From Friday night or midday on Saturday to Sunday evening or Monday morning boarding pupils at weekends have a choice of sports, social, visits, cultural or games activities to choice from.

The boarding school will fund costs of general and everyday activities as part of fees, although one off school trips away could include additional payment from pupils parents.

Depending on the time of year, location & weather conditions boarding pupils go on school trips to the beach, countryside or city, watch a show or take part in a competition.

Leave weekends, such as bank & national holiday’s is the time boarding pupils leave school on Friday lunchtime and return on Monday evening or Tuesday morning before lessons start.

Going home at weekends: USA & UK private school boarding students could have the option of going home every weekend or choose selective weekends, or if they choose stay at the school.

Obviously, going home on Saturday when lessons & commitments finish is only possible if the travel distance is close enough.

Local clubs & games: A school will arrange for a pupil to attend and participate in a local sports clubs, performances or receive tuition outwith the school locally.

School sports

During the school year sports activities are available for students depending on weather and seasonal participation of each activity. 

Competitive matches against other teams & competitions are held by schools on Saturday morning and to participate you’ll require too attend school on Saturday scheduled.

Every school pupil has access to the sports, leisure & games facilities and the grounds at the private boarding school they attend from indoor & outdoor facilities.

Using the swimming pool, fitness centre, climbing wall, gymnasium or some equipment needs instructor supervision, so limited time is available.

Outdoor school facilities can be used on weekends, especially for pupils with pets, such as a pony or horse for riding.

Local town or city visit: Boarding students on some weekends will be allowed to visit the local town or city. Older school pupils can go themselves or in a small groups.

Younger pupils will not doubt be supervised to visit shops and socialise in the local city or town.

Schools will only allow older pupils, for example 16-18 year senior’s independent trips away from school. Younger pupils are very unlikely to be allowed to roam around the local area on evenings & weekends as the school is responsible for you.

Chapel services: Faith schools will have arrangements for a school service on Sundays.

Pupils that follow other faiths will have the option to attend a religious place locally to the school on the day that’s appropriate, such as Friday or Sunday.

Weekend evenings: Different times of the year will see you’re house or whole school be entertained by a performer, film night or pupils or teachers put on a show & performance themselves.

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