What are Boarding Schools – Types of Boarding K12 Schools

Parents in United States, Canada and UK have a choice of the types of school they send they’re child to receive k12 school education depending on financial means.

Education in the fee paying sector for 3-18 year old students includes firstly day attendance, and then at junior to college prep boarding school is an available option.

Traditionally a UK or USA private tuition fee residential boarding school is where students live, sleep & are k12 educated on school campus, along with leisure & relaxation time, although they are split into different education types.

7 distinctive features of K12 boarding schools

1. Residential k12 boarding schools can have all student boarders or also include day attendance only students that go home at the end of each school day.
2. Junior & college prep boarding students, as well as some teachers live, recreation & socialize on the school campus in a single/shared rooms or dorm for the academic year.
3. UK & USA boarding schools charge education tuition fees and are privately owned by companies, charities or organizations independent from government.
4. Boarding residential schools conduct a selective admission process with student testing requirements for each child to be offered a place, and a school can reject children for reasons including academic ability or disability.
5. There is a great effort by school support staff & teachers to develop the whole child academically, socially & personally installing good habits and goals for a future life as an adult.
6. An education establishment set up, run and how it works as private boarding school can choose its own subjects to teach, school teaching hours, days, and are self financed for all operational costs as they don’t receive government funding.
7. Parents can choose the type and specific school to send they’re child, even in another close by US state or other side of the country. You as the child’s parents have the option to move school during or at the end of the school year if you think it’s a better choice for they’re education and wellbeing.

Types of boarding schools in UK or USA

Each school type for boarders offers something different or focuses on a certain specialization. A school can have all male, co-educational or all female student roll.

Traditional boarding school

The most common popular private sector educational provider for boarding schools for student is the traditional school where a nonsectarian (No faith) ethos is promoted. High academic standards are expected of teachers who deliver a varied academic teaching program of subjects where students also can excel in extra curricula activities at weekends or in the evenings.

High functioning autistic students with a disability can be offered a place as a boarder, although they require meeting the same required standards set by the school for all students.

Junior boarding school

Starting from around grade 7th to grade 9 grade junior schools for boarders provide an all round general academic subject offering for students to learn.  Children are at the middle stage of school learning where they are building upon prior learning before high school. 

College preparatory boarding school

Boarding students at college prep age are in the final stage of they’re k12 education concentrating on completing assignments for school work, attending lessons and examination revision sessions with subject teachers.

Age of students range from high school to 18-19 years old learners in the last year of school education.

A teacher’s focus is to make sure students have all required educational learning in the subjects they have chosen towards SAT examinations before leaving school.

Religious faith boarding school

Faith based religious boarding school has an individual spiritual direction & ethos depending on the certain faith that students follow. All school boarders follow both a full academic educational program of normal school subjects, but also receive teaching & learning in the faith they follow.

Each school has daily prayers and periodic religious gatherings for celebration during certain times of the year.

Performing & fine arts boarding schools

Students from 3-18 year old that have a specialist talent in dance & drama, drawing or fine arts can attend a specialist school that focuses on that particular talent.

All students are fully first expected to focus on academic studies delivered at the school.  Additional teaching & learning is given by specialist teachers and external instructors to deliver world class advanced learning.

Performance & art schools are set up for learning & additional school facilities to help gifted & talented students to develop, and be nurtured to achieve they’re full potential towards a specialist career in a chosen field.

Music boarding school

For children that are gifted with a talent for playing a specific musical instrument music boarding school is a viable option for a full normal education. Students will also have additional teaching and instruction in they’re chosen instrument with a chance to play in a group, solo or orchestra.

For a musical k12 school to offer a student a place a child will require above average talent that can further be developed with instruction and dedicated practice.

K12 sports academies

Athletes that are sports talented or highly skilled students in a specific sport, such as American football, horse riding, field or track athletics, rowing, baseball, basketball or even ice hockey can attend a sports academy school.

Specialist school facilities for a number of sports are available for students to be taught they’re sport by teachers & instructors with specific skills. Students still require completing all academic study mandated by the boarding school, depending on the age of an individual student.

Therapeutic boarding schools

Students can receive an individualized educational plan a teacher would follow to deliver learning to a child with more severe autism or learning abilities. Therapeutic boarding schools focus on providing a nurturing & guidance environment for students not in main stream education that may have behavior, emotional or autistic issues.

School campus academic learning is delivered in small classes with supportive learning in lessons and school activities.  Students can range from all age children, or just junior to senior high school children that live on campus.

Military school

High school & college prep students agree to stricter student rules, structured routines & processes teachers & students follow at American military schools that provide a rigorous academic education. Each school has a well structured program for students where they also receive ROTC training with armed forces standard discipline standards.

Student boarders can be in dorm style accommodation or in a room sharing with one other student the same age depending on each schools arrangements, and space available,

Key focus of a boarding school

Provide an enhanced educational k12 enriched learning experience for junior to college prep students during lessons, extra curricula activities and social trips.
Private boarding education has smaller class sizes and teaching & learning groups providing students more individual or personalized educational experiences in each subject or school activity.
Teachers can incorporate more subject field trips in practical lessons, and use more teaching & learning resources to enhance the learning & understanding of students in classroom lessons.
Students are set academic & personal goal that pushes them to achieve above average national examination school grades.
Wider choice of education curriculum subjects to offer students at each age giving them a well balanced private education towards a future career or college study.
Boarding students are shown and natured by teachers towards personal growth to develop skills & strengthen abilities, both academically, socially & sporting ability, including becoming a team player.
School students have more personal responsibility with daily living, time keeping and completing everyday tasks.
Each school organizes social events during holidays or weekends for boarding students on school campus or trips for students to participate or be entertained.
Range of school facilities with a choice of extra curricula activities, coaches specifically hired to deliver specialist training in a sport, academic or personal development activity.

All students have a choice of how much school residence time they wish to spend sleeping & living at the school each academic year.  Boarding students can opt for:

Full boarding: Where a student’s spends all the school year receiving an education, living in a boarding room or dorm, leisure & social time on the school campus, possibly going home for holidays.

Weekly boarding: This is where a student will spend 5 days living at the school, return home for the weekend then arrive back for the start of the school day on Monday morning.

Flexible boarding: For students that wish to live for a week, month or term as a boarding student on the school campus, then live the rest of the year at home.

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