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How Many Weeks & Days in a School Year (United States)

In the United States every state public k12 & charter schools have a similar amount of required school days & weeks in a school year where teacher instruction is delivered to students and extra days for teacher & support staff training. Each US state and sometimes districts set the required school student taught days & weeks per year with different total days by level of grade.

USA public schools in 50 states have between 160-186 days minimum student teaching each year varying from district, state & child’s age, with 32-36 weeks school year over a 5 day week Monday to Friday from August to June (9 months).

US states minimum & maximum school instruction days & weeks

State with fewest minimum school days is Colorado 160 over 32 week’s academic year, 5 day per week. 3 states have the most amount of school taught days each year Illinois 176-185 days, North Carolina 185 days, Kansas 181-186 days.

United States school teaching days in 2020 have different requirements by state. Factors that vary the schools choice of days & weeks teaching each year depend on the state location, district or public or charter school.

How many school days in a year?  Many of the US 50 states have an average of 35-36 weeks school year, 175-180 days over 9 months academic year.

How many weeks are in a school year USA?

How Many Weeks & Days in a School Year (United States)

In 2020 29 states and District of Columbia have a minimum requirement 180 school days in a year giving 36 weeks school student tuition 5 days a week.

Minimum school days required each year is set by the local school board of education or each city in Idaho, Montana, Ohio, South Dakota.

How long is a school year in United States? Charter and state public schools teach from 32-26 weeks August to June the following year.

Some US states have a school year in hours measurement instead of days and weeks each academic year: Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, Montana, Delaware, North Dakota, Texas & Wisconsin.

Minimum School Teaching Days Year by US State

According to the United States Government National Center for Educational Statistics & ECS school teaching days in 2020 have different requirements by state.

StateState Minimum School Days in Year
Alabama180 days
Alaska180 days
Arizona180 days
Arkansas178 days
California175-180 days
Colorado160 days
Connecticut180 days
DelawareHours requirement only
District of Columbia180 days
Florida180 days
Georgia180 days
Hawaii180 days
IdahoSchool districts decide days
Illinois176-185 days
Indiana180 days
Iowa180 days
Kansas186 days grades 1 to 11
181 days grades 12
Kentucky170 days
Louisiana177 days
Maine180 days
Maryland180 days
Massachusetts180 days
Michigan180 days
Minnesota165 days grades 1 to 11
Mississippi180 days
MissouriHours requirement only
MontanaSchool districts decide days
NebraskaHours requirement only
Nevada180 days
New Hampshire180 days
New Jersey180 days
New MexicoHours requirement only
New York180 days
North Carolina185 days
North DakotaHours requirement only
OhioSchool districts decide days
Oklahoma180 days
OregonHours requirement only
Pennsylvania180 days
Rhode Island180 days
South Carolina180 days
South DakotaSchool districts decide days
Tennessee180 days
TexasHours requirement only
Utah180 days
Vermont175 days
Virginia180 days
Washington180 days
West Virginia180 days
WisconsinHours requirement only
Wyoming175 days

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