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UK University Course Search and How to Apply

UK University Course Search and How to ApplyTo find a Scotland, England, Wales UK university course and how to apply by the deadline date: See below by clicking on links to the appropriate website.

Below are UK universities and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland databases of available courses to study in the UK by subject, level and university provider.  or Scotland search by specific university website.

UK University undergraduate course search and application

UCASSearch for a course. The majority of applications for undergraduate courses in Scotland, Wales, England UK are through UCAS.  Teaching, postgraduate courses.


Royal Conservatoire of Scotland courses and applications

Royal Conservatoire of ScotlandRoyal Conservatoire of Scotland.  Conservatories applications are completed through CUKAS, although different from other courses.

PG Cert courses apply direct to the place of study.


Postgraduate course search

Education UK database of courses at postgraduate level by subject and university.

Postgraduate courses database by subject and university in the UK. UK Pass applications online for Scotland, England and Wales postgraduate courses for some university courses.

Good idea to allow plenty of time to apply by the deadline set ensuring you have all available information asked for in your application.  Standard information for the application will ask for:

Education references, personal statement, education & employment background, choice of courses and university.


Scotland and UK undergraduate course study

Undergraduate courses are applied for through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Centre (UCAS) and for Conservatoire via CUKAS above.

Choose to apply for up to 5 courses at more than one university via UCAS, ensuring a very good chance of being offered a place on one of your chosen courses.

A fee is payable for making an application depending on the university and courses applied.

Application deadlines are not the same for every course.

Check the website for the application deadline for your chosen courses.


Postgraduate course applications

Many of UK universities require students to apply directly through their admission application process.  Each university has their own criteria for applying for a course at masters or indeed PhD level study.

Teaching courses. for instance, applications are through undergraduate UCAS admissions service.

Check the university course application ” How to apply” page information to make sure you are applying in the right place and not wasting valuable time.

A few university course applications are administered through UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service (UKPASS).  The university has outsourced the application process to this organisation for certain courses to help speed up and manage student applications.


Entry Requirements

Following an undergraduate degree or to complete a masters level qualification all students must have an appropriate degree or other suitable qualification to meet entry requirements.


Royal Conservatoire in Scotland Applications

CUKAS manages all applications for students applying for courses at a Conservatoire in Scotland.

You can choose up to 6 different courses to apply to study on.  As you may know, an interview and audition are most certainly required as part of your application to be accepted on a course.

An application fee is also payable for applying through CUKAS.

Obviously, when you are ready to make an application to a university of your choice you will already have read all the appropriate information that is required for a person to apply.

International students must have an acceptable standard of the English language as a minimum for all Scottish Welsh and English university courses and to meet the UK Border Agency Tier 4 student visa application requirements.

Think about obtaining the correct English language qualification which is accepted that is mandatory for speakers of other languages other than English:

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

Check the university entry requirements and UK Border Agency for up to date English proficiency qualifications that are accepted for UK students to study at university level. There are a number of acceptable English language qualifications to prove proficiency.

Thus far, plan your application process, write down key information required, documents and deadline dates.


What if I miss the deadline date for the course then think clearing. What is that?


University clearing system

An annual event during the summer when university clearing and colleges offering higher education courses advertise to fill the student places that remains vacant.

Basically, clearing is a way to gain a place on a higher education course if you did not receive an offer through your UCAS chosen universities, applied too late, or you wish to change courses or institution.

What is the purpose of university clearing

Universities to fill remaining places and students to gain a place on an undergraduate degree course. Not everyone attains the grades that were predicted and clearing is another chance. Plan B!


Where do I go for a clearing place

Universities, colleges offering higher education courses and UCAS have a clearing application process. Look in the national press also, and contact universities clearing of your choice.


Is there many university clearing places

There may be a few places or a good number.

Today’s market is competitive and most places will fill quickly in over a number of days.


When is clearing

Starts when school results are published, and in Scotland this is around early August and the rest of the UK is around middle August.

See UCAS and other media places for exact dates. Places fill up quick, although clearing lasts for several weeks.


Who is eligible

– You do not have an offer on an undergraduate course
– Applied too late for UCAS

Certain other conditions may apply.


What happens during clearing

Basically, you search universities or colleges and apply for a course through clearing that a university or college has advertised.

You will be asked for your grades and a few questions and if you meet the course requirements it is possible to gain a university place.

Some people are offered a place immediately, placed on a reserve list or not accepted.

Be prepared with all information required as you could be talking on the telephone with someone.


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