Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New England

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New England America

Choosing a residential boarding school that’s not too far away from the family home for a child is possible, although certain types of schools, such as therapeutic, parents have a limited choice.

New England has rural or near to town co-educational, boys only or girl’s only residential schools, all with low student teacher ratio.

Northeast coast of United States the regional area known as New England is a collective geographical area of 6 states: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

Listed below are many of the therapeutic boarding residential schools in 6 states. They provide K12 education to junior & college prep students not in mainstream education that currently has behavioral or emotional challenges, including some private school accepting autistic students.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools New England

Rhode Island therapeutic boarding schools

Ocean State Academy

The school offers students both induvidulized written academic study and practical hands on training life skills including mechanical car engine maintenance. Small class size help with maximum teacher students learning behavioral and emotional guidance while a students is staying at or attending the school.

Age 5 to 21    Gender: Co-educational       Location: Cranston. Rhode Island    Website:

Havenwood Academy

The school is an all girls therapeutic boarding schools in Rhode Island for young people presently experiencing emotional and or behavioral issues that would like a school environment more suited to they’re personal needs. Located in a scenc area the school provides academic teaching and helps to improve or maintain a school students present grades as well as offering outdoor activities to relax.

Age  Teenagers   Gender: Girls only   Location: Rhode Island   Website:

Wolf Creek Academy

Boys & girls co-educational school providing boarding for teens not in traditional education. Teen receive a more relaxing and nurturing education a guidance for current issues they may have. School location is in a rural setting with wide open spaces for students to participate in games & sports activities around the campus and locally.

Age 13 to 17   Gender: Co-educational  Location: Cranston. Rhode Island   Website:


Academic curriculum although not so comprehensive does include all core subjects from mathematics, Spanish, physical education, art, English and science subjects for college prep age students.

The school campus has both indoor & out door learning, games and lesuire activity area including general classrooms, art room, library areas that provide place that help address physiological or other issues student have.

Age College prep   Gender: Co-educational   Location: Rhode Island   Website:

The Charlton School

Therapeutic boarding school treatment place for girls presently experiencing life challenges that could could do with guidance and help.

Located in an out of town area of Rhode Island the treatment centre provides a more relaxing environment for a child outside mainstream education. Students follow a normal school day of academic study including art and physical exercise with horses & ponies.

Age 8th to 12 grade     Gender: Girls only     Location: Lake Hill. Nr Charlton. Rhode Island   Website:

Massachusetts therapeutic boarding schools

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Massachusetts therapeutic boarding schools

Valley View School

Boy’s therapeutic boarding school offering academic study in combination with a fully active physical exercise academic program, as well as school trips. Students receive the emotional personal guidance for life skills through one to one talks and support and team activities with other students around the same age.

Age: 10-15       Location: North Brookfield. MA      Gender: Boys      Website:

The Chamberlain International School

Long established with good facilities and activities therapeutic boarding school for students aged 11-22 year where parents can enroll a child for an education and personal guidance not in mainstream education. Students at the school follow and study middle, high school & college prep subjects as well as receiving group and one to one personal guidance on life issues they presently have.

Age 12-22 years old     Gender: Co-educational     Location: Middleboro, Massachusetts Website:


A private special needs day school for students experiencing behavioral or heightened emotional issues in life age around young adults down to adolescent children. All students receive personalized academic tuition from teachers in the classroom for they’re requirements, participate in social and games activities, as well as given relaxation time around school.

Age Grades 1 to 12     Gender: Co-educational   Location: Rutland. Massachusetts   Website:

Evergreen Center

The center offers residential treatment for children with disabilities. Students are given an education program that individual to them as well as time to socialize and participate in activities. Each student receives physiological & daily life guidance to help in future year.

Age Teens Gender: Co-educational Location: Milford. Massachusetts Website:

Ivy Street School

Up to date facilities include a sensory room for young adult to benefit as well as dedicated classrooms for regular school teaching subjects at high school age. Students not only study algebra mathematics, they also do gardening and go on community planning trips with the school, along with individual help & guidance on issues student have in life.

Age High school teens Gender: Co-educational Location: Brookline. Massachusetts Website:

Judge Rotenberg Center

Offering both day & residential school for students to study and receive assistance with a range of challenging issues they presently have. Accommodation facilities are in actual house with student provide with a room of they’re own and communal lounge, and there’s even an outside swimming pool.

Age Junior to high school Gender: Co-educational Location: Canton. Massachusetts Website:

Boston Higashi School

School providing assistance and a residential educational program for young adults and younger children with autism. Located on a 55-acre site the school has extensive teaching and facilities indoor and outdoor including swimming pool and athletic complex.

Age 3 to 22 Gender: Co-educational Location: Randolph, Massachusetts Website:

May Institute

Academic learning programs for students with autism and other life challenges from specialist teaching & support staff. Facilities include art and normal classrooms, music room, gymnasium, multi-media library and out door play area.

Age 3 – 22 Gender: Co-educational Location: Randolph. Massachusetts Website:

Stetson School

Residential treatment for boy’s who are experiencing or experienced challenges in life physically or mentally aged 9 to 22 years old who would benefit from a supportive environment situated 200 rural acre setting of MA.

Age 9 – 22 Gender: Boys only Location: Barre. Massachusetts Website:

Maine therapeutic boarding schools

Good Will-Hinckley

Long established boys & girls boarding K12 school for children not in mainstream education. Lot of focus on helping children get ready for adulthood, high school to college transition and the world of work.Age 12 to college prep Gender: Co-educational Location: Hinckley, Near Fairfield. Maine Website:

Maine therapeutic boarding schools

KidsPeace Graham Lake

Offering 12-20 year old children residential tailored education that benefit from a structured learning program to a specific child’s needs. Range of services & activities are provided by the school in its own grounds.

Age 12-20 Gender: Co-educational Location: Ellsworth. Maine Website:

Connecticut therapeutic boarding schools


A residential learning environment for special educational education where both girls & boys can receive educational, emotional and life skills support.

Age Children to young adults Gender: Co-educational Location: Cromwell. Connecticut Website:

The Glenholme School

The school provides therapeutic boarding for special educational need children in its own 110 acre grounds. Students are given an academic learning plan on an individual’s ability as well as take part in a range of activities in and around the school.

Age 10-21 Grade 5 to 12 Gender: Co-educational Location: Washington. Connecticut Website:

Rolling Ridge

As a special education learning provider the school has small class sizes set in a rural area of Connecticut for elementary, middle and senior school students. Both academic, sport and social activities are offered to students indoor and outdoor, including on the water.

Age 5-22 Gender: Co-educational Location: Brooklyn. Connecticut Website:

Waterford Country School

Situated close to the Atlantic coast the school offers boarders a self paced tailored educational learning program suited to a child’s requirements. Low special education class sizes of boys & girls for academic studies to sports, recreation and games is a distinct feature.

Age: Kindergarten to grade 12 Gender: Co- educational Location: Quaker Hill. Connecticut Website:


All girls only school providing therapeutic academic education to junior and college prep students. Boarding students are given individual learning plans as well as ongoing support and treatment each girl specifically requires.

Age: Grades 7- 12 Gender: Female Location: Bethlehem. Connecticut Website:

The Children’s Center of Hamden

At The Witney Hall School junior to senior students receive both academic and vocational educational learning according to an individual child’s need. The school has large outdoor grounds for activities varying from sport to games.

Age: Kindergarten to grade 12 Gender: Co-educational Location: Hamden. Connecticut Website:

New Hampshire therapeutic boarding schools

Shortridge Academy

College prep school for girl & boy boarders in grades 9 to 12 offering an academic curriculum from sciences, maths to PE since 2002. In 350 acre school grounds activities & school trips take place with a small student enrolment. Picnic styles seats & table in different areas of the school campus to sit alone or with friends and casual clothing with no uniform or formal dress code.

Grade 9 to 12  (High school) Age 14-18 years old Gender: Co-educational Location: Milton. Strafford County, New Hampshire Website:

Oliverian School

The school provides an alternative boarding school education for high school boys & girls set in a large rural campus along with counselling support. Core curriculum students study includes languages, maths, sciences, physical education, art & music in small class sizes.

Grade 9 to 12  (High school) Age 14-18 years old Gender: Co-educational Location: Haverhill. New Hampshire Website:

Spaulding Academy

Set in large grounds residential students are given a tailored K12 education from certified teachers. Each child has they’re own boarding room and also takes part in a range of activities from games, sports and local excursions.

Age Up to 21 Gender: Co-educational Location: Northfield. New Hampshire Website:

Legacy By Gersh

K12 school providing individual education plans for children with autism set in large grounds in a rural location. Co-educational boys & girls small class sizes with focused emotional support if give to students.

Age 4-21 Kindergarten to gr12 Gender: Co-educational Location: Greenfield. New Hampshire Website:

Vermont therapeutic boarding schools

Not a lot listed here at the moment.

“Capt. John Smith named the region New England after he explored its shores in 1614 for some London merchants”. Source Britannica

Obviously Capt. John Smith was around before people were throwing bails of tea in the sea at Boston harbor!

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