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Educationtay.com terms & conditions

The majority of the terms & conditions is required by UK law to be displayed as Educationtay.com is a private website


Following definitions apply:

Services” means the online advertising, and offline recruitment services offered if any.

“Terms” is the websites terms and conditions.

The “Website” means www.educationtay.com which includes the content, databases, graphics, coding and software.

The following “Services” are available from Educationtay.com through the website online:


Guaranteed Response: There is no Guarantee that a client will receive a response from their advertised ads.


Signing up and accepting the terms/conditions which forms a legal (British) contract between Educationtay.com and the client accepting the terms of the website.


Educationtay.com provides the services using information supplied by the client and it is the responsibility of the client to provide accurate and up to date information to be advertised and promoted.


You as the client agree not to submit for posting in any job posting, profile or banner advertisement anything that you wish to appear this web site educationtay.com web site, therefore information “Material” which is deemed or seen as illegal, defamatory, offensive, racist, fraudulent, violent, deceiving, discriminatory, adult material: obscene or sexually explicit or content of any description that may negatively affect.


You agree to upload and display job listings and other content that follows UK/western and other countries legal law. The laws include recruitment. advertising and any other in relation to this website and your listings.

For example you agree not to ask/state or display information that discriminates against a person in respect to race, religion, colour, nationality, appearance, height, weight unless for a specific job role, cultural sensitive, residency visa or work permit.


Educationtay.com reputation. In addition, your website link must be Google search friendly.


Payment services are through Paypal payment method in £ sterling.


Once an advertising order has is confirmed, processed and received by the client Educationtay.com refunds will only be given if Educationtay.con does no provide the service/s stated.

Educationtay.com retains the right to change the fees structure, add, discontinue or amend the services and or the terms and conditions.

Educationtay.com retains the right in its discretion to terminate/close any account at any time, although a reason will be provided to the profile email.



  1. Clients, employers or job seekers that provide inaccurate information.
  2. Clients that are considered by Educationtay.com not act reasonably or inappropriately and possible in a British and other countries eyes act illegally.
  3. Clients that post inappropriate material or promote/advertise websites, services, a business opportunity as part of their entire profile or posted jobs with prior consent of Educationtay.com.


Anyone using Educationtay.com agrees to use the website appropriately without abuse or harassment and fairness and abide with the terms and conditions; otherwise, the account being used will be terminated immediately without refund and banned from Educationtay.com for the duration of the life of the website.


A client shall not reproduce, adapt, modify, publish, copy, transmit or distribute the content on Educationtay.com before gaining written consent permission from the owner of Educationtay.com.


Educationtay.com relies on third parties to provide electrical and internet services and as a result. do not provide a 100% guarantee that the “website” and or the services signed up for will be available at all times although Educationtay.com will endeavour to provide the service, be free from errors and viruses.


Educationtay.com does not take any responsibility for your electrical, computer, gadgets or other electrical equipment while accessing Educationtay.com and you are the person’s responsible for protecting your own computers against any viruses and other unwanted items.


All terms and conditions are governed by Scottish law, and United Kingdom law and both parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Scottish and United Kingdom courts.

All applicant’s that respond to advertisements are forwarded by Educationtay.com by electronic means such as email and subject to any specified filtering. A client is responsible for verifying an applicant’s information, written and verbal.

All and any subsequent dealings between the client (You) and any possible person responding to an advertisement you placed in connection with a response is the responsibility of the client and Educationtay.com is not accepting any loss or accepts liability and is not responsibility or liability for the actions of any third party.


Educationtay.com does not take any responsibility for a clients detriment which they may suffer or incur in respect of the advertising or in contact with any applicant.


Guest posts, commenting and any other material uploaded has no time scale for being used, live. You the contributor give the webmaster full flexibility change any of the submitted material. Links are generally not welcome in submitted articles and not permitted from comments. Links in the text are only accepted linking to government websites or related/similar. You can have a contributed by: Name…..organisation…

*Should you have any questions please email.



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