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Educationtay.com terms & conditions

The majority of the terms & conditions are required by UK law to be displayed as Educationtay.com is a private website being used to operate a company in the United Kingdom.

For use by website user, job seekers and advertisers.

The terms & conditions set out below are in conjunction with the privacy policy which goes together. 

Should you wish to use, register, act as a jobseeker, advertiser or recruiter on Educationtay.com or browse and interact on the website the acceptance of the terms & conditions below and privacy policy in total are required in absolute or otherwise you must agree to all show terms listed below.  


It is hereby agreed:

Education Tay (Us and we, website) operate as Educationtay.com an information website, registered in the United Kingdom as a Limited Company in Scotland


The agreement contents definitions are:

Website means and is www.educationtay.com  (Education Tay)  “Website, us, we”  and all storage facilities attached meaning database. Further www.educationtay.com includes the content, databases, graphics, coding and software.

Recruiter: A person seeks to recruit a person for a job for an organisation that is a third party.

Employer: Organisation that is directly advertising and is looking to employ a person for a job position, advertise a service or product, all in relation to the website services offered by Education Tay.


Website “user” someone that access and interacts on Educationtay.com, submits information that is held privately or display for public use, registers.

Start date & expire date: means the day a service listing starts on a specific date and a listing service finishes on a specified date.

Data & material means singular or group of text, photographs, logo, graphics, video.


Service or product is meant that you are given the voluntary opportunity to register an account, display information or other for prospective website visitors or other to apply, hereby provides a way for you to enable a website user to apply to your online advertisements or jobseeker profile.

Website content = information only, not advice in any way.

Services” means the online advertising offered for a specified term listed and stated on the advertising page and list time period.


Renewal means the next day or later date whereby you subscribe to the same service.


Privacy policy is the use of person’s personal information, processing, its storage and access, which is displayed on the website that is updated periodically.


“Terms” is the websites terms and conditions. 



With you as a user of Education Tay agreeing to abide by the terms & conditions Education Tay agrees to provide the services and products stated, excluding any third party failures and interruptions.

Education Tay will publish all information you supply that is appropriate for the website.  A refusal to publicise or allow may be forthcoming where untrue, hateful, illegal, inaccurate, offensive, inappropriate in part or whole.  Education Tay decides absolute if the data is appropriate, accurate, and untrue in all matters. 


Education Tay warranties

All users’ details, advertiser details or personal data will be held securely and processed as per the privacy policy of this website.  At no time will Education Tay pass on your details without your permission/consent. 

Any consent means you agree to the terms & conditions by ticking a box when registering on the website, registering itself, profile page, agreeing to advertisements, email alert, and other forms of data you wish to share/display on the website in any form.

Education Tay hereby states we will not be liable for emails received from a website user to a response for advertising or a product listed on the website. 

Also we are not held liable should you receive an email or communication claiming to be the person who sent it; from or was not sent by this actual person. 


No warranty is given on:

Accuracy of any content provided by third parties.

Services or product will be uninterrupted error, free from error or complete accuracy.

A website user’s details or information supplied to Education Tay and subsequently published for other users use or view.


You as a user of the website have total responsibility for all data and accuracy that is provided by you.

This agreement does not include any further conditions, warranties that are implied, expressed or otherwise.  


Content of Eductiontay.com

You as a website user accept full responsibility for all and any information or data that she/he submits or transfers to the website and its website hosting provider storage.

You do not seek in any way to harm the reputation of the Educationtay.com website or its company.

Be offensive, rude, and illegal, use liable or defamatory language, obscene nature in any way or form, swear language, illicit, explicit in adult nature.

Warrant you will not use copy right, labels or intellectual property or brand names of other people or company in your profiles or advertising or information for display on the website or social media platforms.

Should you send communication to us to rectify any information you have submitted Education Tay agrees to update, correct or rectify such information with the correct information you provide.

You shall not be in breach of any codes of practice, standards, laws, regulations where this website is operated from or your domicile or can be accessed from.

Education Tay retains full right to refuse or otherwise to allow a person or organisation to post information, have an active account or restrict the amount or services or products to use or participate in, and further restrict or close an account or stop a service or product if it is deemed inaccurate, misleading or false or no permission for use.


You as a user of the website or service warrant state that all details and information you provide or submit to Education Tay, its website shall not be illegal, defamatory, liable, unlawful, indecent, untrue or obscene in relation to any laws in the European Union, United Kingdom, your location or any place that Education Tay website can be accessed.  

You as a website user agree that all content on Educationtay.com is information only and is no way advice in any context.


Limitation liability

External web links on the website take you to another source website; Education Tay takes no responsibility for harm, accuracy of information, loss or liability for the information on such sites.

As a company and website Education Tay shall take no responsibility for any loss or delay that you may incur.

The company Education Tay is not responsible for any loss or damage you may have incurred while accessing the website or service in relation to transport or logistics, communication, computer damage loss of service or any loss of other material or injury.

Both parties agree you as the user are the total publisher, information editor and absolute author on the website in the first instance, and Education Tay where the user has no account access to certain pages on the website.

Education Tay does not take any responsibly for any third parties services or products or information, standard, failure or interruption in service.

You are solely responsible for any and all informational errors, quality, clarity, missing information or delay.

You and Education Tay shall perform virus checking on the information provided and displayed, worms, trogons, faulty, corrupt files, coding disabler or any such other computer maintenance in relation to blocking of harmful virus to may harm the data or website and its normal operational function. Further you shall not in any way attempt or harm the website in any way by uploading viruses, change coders, trogons, malicious software or anything similar.

You are solely liable for all information that is transmitted, received and listed on Education Tay website that is lawful in the European Union, United Kingdom, your resident country and all other countries where the Education Tay website can be accessed.

We as a website and a company Education Tay take no responsibility and are not liable for any loss you may incur in trading profits, time, customer retention, revenue, equipment, reputation, future loss, or data in result of contracting a service, product, use of the website while suffering from in any way in relation to this agreement, Further no liability is afforded in relation to third parties you may have contact, or visit. 


All and any consent

A condition for continues use of the website is by accepting the terms & conditions along with the privacy policy, by accepting the cookies and or by clicking on the tick box, which is accepting the terms of the website if you wish to log in, register an online account and that you are at least 18 years old. 


You as a user responsibilities & obligations

You perform all any virus checks on information that you submit to Education Tay and its website for this agreement.

Education Tay warrants they will provide a website user access to the website, a means to publicise they’re appropriate details, and other information only.  You acknowledge that no warranty is given to finding you a customers or any person to buy or sign up to any product or service you may advertise. In addition, this agreement furthers states that there is no contract or payment between Education Tay and a website user to find customers for a user’s products or services.

You acknowledge that as a website user you are fully responsible for the information, content and user details that you provide on the website its consequences of having such information listed on the website and in its database.

You agree that your access and interaction with Education Tay or its website you will not seek to cause interruption or an abnormal level of internet activity without prior authority from Education Tay.

You agree accessing or interacting with Educationtay.com you do not use search bots or bots in any way to access the website.

You agree to update your details or information periodically and change any incorrect information, or notify Education Tay to update such information.

You agree to either delete or contact Education Tay to inform them that you no longer wish your personal data or other information listed on the website. 

You state and agree to using and interaction with the Education Tay website and all contact that you are at least 16 years old. 



As a website user you shall indemnify for any loss or damage, legal or financial cost, liabilities in any way, and expenses Education Tay may occur in any form, website user or product or service, by using you’re details and information supplied by you in relation to the company or on the Education Tay website. 


Termination conditions

You have sole right to terminate any email subscription you have chosen to enter, such as email alerts for jobs.

You have full rights to close your open account with Education Tay for services, products or the user profile that you may have chosen to open by accessing your account and pressing delete.

You can also contact admin and ask for your account to be deleted, following privacy policy conditions, namely conformation of identity to make sure you are the owner of such account and information. A refusal could be forth coming if such identify checks fails to match user’s details on the website. 


Terms in general of website users

Should a term or of terms become null void it is deed in certainty that all terms that are left continue in total and in full effect for both job seeker or user and Education Tay.

Following any delay in any way by the user or Education Tay by delivery said agreement, its contents of terms & conditions or the rights afforded should not be taken as partial or total waiver or the listed provisions in enforcement.


Each party is absolutely no liable in any way for damages or loss or at any fault to each other for unintentional performance laps or failures which are seen and something that has occurred beyond its reasonable control, laws or changes in law, regulation or intervention of law enforcers or government, excluding financial payment.


Both parties are fully bound by this agreement according to the location of the company United Kingdom, Scotland laws and courts.

A user does not require logging in, registering or providing any data, as a person you can click and browse the entire website, although the website saves partial electronic information in the form of cookies, temporary. 


Information access

Contacting Education Tay and asking for any and all personal data about you can be done via email or in written format, such as by letter. A response will be given in the form of an email, letter form incur a small charge by law we are allowed to charge. 

Any person’s personal data will be released following identity checked to make sure you are the owner of such data. 


General for users

Listing of jobs or creating a user profile does not constitute a contract between the job seeker or other and Education Tay, no contract in verbal or expressed terms is forth coming.

Education Tay is no responsible for finding any job seeker employment job contacts or any information pertaining to employment opportunities.  Education Tay and educationtay.com website is an information website and may offer display advertising service. 


Advertiser & employer specific terms


Payments, pricing, time

Prices stated and advertised do not include sales tax, as this is no payable by Education Tay.

You can avail additional products & services for purchase periodically in addition to current services, which further payment my occur and invoiced separately for upgraded or additional services. Any additional service opt in will be indicated with clearly prices.

Specified service listing display time of products, services or other using the service should you have any unused credit or other into another specific time period, although at Education Tay discretion this may be allowable.

Invoices for all services will transmitted and delivered by electronic email.

All payment is in advance of the live service offered and purchase, with clear start and end of service dates provided.

Payment method is by online transfer.

Accepted payment methods are bank transfer or by Paypal.

Education Tay retains the right to raise or lower prices, terms of product package or services, who have access and their timescale duration. 


Agreement by employers & advertisers

You as a website user must check for quality, appropriate and accuracy of all data that you submit to Education Tay and its website in your user profile area.

We reserve the right to amend of refuse to either upload the data, stop a user of delete such partial or whole data that we deem inappropriate for inclusion on the website.

The term of such change are deemed from when you open an account or start a service until you close such account or service.


We Education Tay will provide the service or product that the client has agreed to purchase or participate, such as registering a user account on the website, display job advertisements, cv/resume search, display advertising. 


Liability limit for employers

Education Tay is not liable in anyway in relation to third parties services in the form of reputation damage, interruption of business, service, and loss of revenue or injury, this failure can be direct or indirect in nature, where Education Tay has an obligation to you as a service provider. We are deemed not liable for the stoppage of any type by third parties.


Education Tay does not take any responsibility for any information, graphics, logos that are submitted by a user of Educationtay.com for display on the website, where the client has not been given permission for use from the rightful owner.

No term or is restrictive in relation to any such negligence by Education Tay.


We both agree that you are solely responsible for all information in your user account area, you as a service user are the only author of information in your user area and controller, and you further agree that you will not allow any other person access to your user account area or data.

You as the client and Education Tay agree to use all reasonable means to keep viruses, page change coders, bombing malaises malware and other associated viruses out of the website of material used by conducting virus check before uploading any material to the Education Tay website.

Education Tay does not take any responsibility for external links that take you away from the website to another website.

The service or product display, offered and sign up for Education Tay does not provide any Guaranteed Response: There is no guarantee that a client will receive a response from their advertised ads, products, service or the amount or quality of any response from respective website users, or potential customers. 


Warranties by employers, recruiters & advertisers

You agree to promote products or service that are actually available to prospective clients, actual physical location, legal right. You agree that you will not post any material that are deemed as fishing for prospective customers.

You agree to not offer any service or product, or list, ad, display any information or data to any barred country on any restrictive trading agreement that is in force by trade embargos or deemed as non trade and countries by the United Kingdom, USA, European Union & countries; namely: N Korea, Iran, Yemen or other country on any such lists at the present time and in the future.

Education Tay will not sell, pass to others or show your data to third parties without you expressed permission.

Education Tay warrants that it will provide all stated services and website facilities, process and conduct itself through duties for the client service subscribed in conjunction with the website privacy policy.

No guarantee is given on the uninterrupted website service that is relied upon through third parties, namely website hosting, apps or other functionality of the website.

Quality, quantity, speed of replay or others assurances given in relation to products & services from Educationtay.com are not provided, as Education Tay merely provides as means for people or companies to advertise services for prospective applicant to view and apply for such items or service displayed or available on the website.


You agree to only use email and contact details that are officially, directly used and associated with you’re company/name and ends in your organisation name (Example: Education Tay is @educationtay.com) for contact information, apply email or telephone number and that you do not use for any reason free email accounts provided by such places as Hotmail, Gmail, GG, Yahoo or other. 


Any person or organisation that lists a service, product agrees and must only point any url to the official organisation website, and not third party websites. At the discretions of Education Tay this may be allowable for a select few organisation for operational reasons, although prior permission must be sought by contacting the Education Tay admin.


Content on the website

You as a user warrant that using and posting content on the website that no laws will be broken; regulations and you will follow and adhere to codes of practice and standards. Further; not infringe intellectual property right, copy right, logos, brands & trademarks.

Users will not post or use any material or electronic means, obscenities, liable, underage, violence, hate, racism, indecent, illegal, defamatory language.

You have full ownership of all data and material for posting on Education Tay website or have permission from the rightful owner to use such data and list on the website.

We Education Tay retain full rights to change, delete in partial or whole any data or material that infringes on copyright laws, trademark, liable, no permission sought or law breaking at Education Tay discretion.

You give permission to use all data that is to be used on Education Tay and free from any financial cost to us for the duration of your user account or advertising contract time.


Keep all personal password and logging details to themselves and not let thirds parties use such details or their user profile area.

Use the website to browse, interact with jobseekers or clients or in conjunction with the use of the service or product offered only.

You check for virus before submitting any data. 


Intellectual property rights

As a client of Education Tay you agree that submitting for use by The Education Tay business and Educationtay.com website you provide all and any permission to use of and display brand, information, copyright, logo enabling the display of your advertisements, jobs and user profile live on line.

Signing up for a service and adding any information you provide Education Tay full use of all intellectual property, copy rights, logo and other free of charge for the duration of the service package and the whole time period you shall have information displayed on Educationtay.com. 


Renew and finish service

You have full right to terminate the service at anytime, although a refund for unused time is not payable for some who decides after a period of 14 days. 



Access to personal data, names is hereby only available after enabling such search, access or view by Education Tay.

Use of free email service account is strictly not allowed by employers, recruiters or advertisers for any service or product, including GG,Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any other service providing no identifiable emails not directly associated with a company or organisation. Use of emails or telephone numbers directly associated and used on your website, Emails used must end in the organisations name; such as @educationtay for Education Tay.


All and any person should they wish to register on the website must be 16 years old and above at the time of registration.


Guest posts, commenting and any other material uploaded has no time scale for being used, live. You the contributor give the webmaster full flexibility change any of the submitted material. Links are “No follow” in submitted article. Links in the text linking to government websites or related/similar can be marked as follow. You can have a contributed by: Name…..organisation…


*Should you have any questions please email.


Updated 21st October 2022


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