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TEFL Certificate Qualification Training Course

TEFL Certificate Qualification Training CourseA TEFL certificate qualification is for teaching English as a second language abroad.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is recognised, requested by employers in language centres and learning institutions around the world.

The language teacher certification course can qualify you to teach English at a language or state school without a degree in a number of countries.

In addition, schools abroad in a number of countries English language teachers are employed on a full time, part time & contract basis.


TEFL certificate qualification accreditation

Check and see if the course is accredited to award certificates.

Accreditation essentially shows that a language school or training provider has been externally inspected. Also, a centre is assessed for quality assurance and delivery of good teaching & learning.

At this time, there does not seem a formal certificate accreditation body in 2018.

You should complete your own investigation of the course provider and certification.


Ask yourself

  • How long is the course
  • Qualified and experienced trainers
  • Classroom-based and theory with practical training or just online teaching


Increasingly employers are asking for you to have at least a certificate that was studied over 120 at least via classroom-based learning.

Employers are located in some top locations for English language teaching including Saudi Arabia English language teachers, Spain, Taiwan island, South Korea schools, China, France and the United Arab Emirates.

Basically, all accredited TEFL courses have been externally assessed for good quality of the entire course and rigorous assessment.

Good idea to select a school that provides an accredited course of classroom based learning of not less than 120 hours of teaching, study and assessment.


Study length of time

Study full time or part time. Courses can be completed in as little as 1 week for full time classroom intensive courses.  Part-time study training is available from providers such as local colleges and language schools that allow up to 6 months to complete training.

Online courses for a TEFL or other English language teacher qualification can be completed in 2 weeks if you wish from some providers.


What you will learn

Many aspects of teaching & learning as a language teacher from classroom management, board work, marking, assessment, lesson planning, testing, designing resources and others.

You will take part in group work, practice lessons and of course, assessment of your teaching ability for the award of your qualification.  This is classroom based of course.


How much is the language teacher course?

Depends on the provider and if you are on a residential course and intensive training. £370 for 1 week class based course via many providers.

Can be as much as £2,300 full time with accommodation. Part time with a private language centre or through a collage takes longer.

A 4 week intensive accredited good course expect to pay around £1,800 to £2,200. You’re course certificate training can be in the UK and western Europe.

These can be for TEFL or CELT, suited for a career in the sector and to secure highly paid positions in the Middle East.

Online 120 hours courses can be as little as £100, or in some cases providers are offering the training for less.


Teacher certification providers

TEFL courses are offered in the UK, Europe, Middle East and globally.

Some employers provide training and paid language teaching at the same time.


Jobs for teachers

As a worldwide recognised English qualification as a teacher to foreign students holder means you’re in demand.

Search and find suitable work fairly easily in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the Americas.


Choose wisely the TEFL certification course you complete as the industry is rapidly changing.

Visa, residency and employer requirements are moving towards an element of classroom based learning.


Look also at a CELT certificate for teaching in the Middle East.


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