Are Bunk Beds Good Idea for Teenage Girl

Are Bunk Beds a Good Idea for Teenage Girl

Parents looking for ideas about bed space for they’re teenage daughter/s think about what is a suitable bed for 13-19 year old girls. Do you keep the bunk bed you’re child has, get a single/s or other option? You’re daughter will also provide feedback of what’s suitable for they’re use in the bedroom and what they want as a sleeping space.

Bunk beds are a good idea for a teenage girl so long as parents purchase an appropriate length x width bed for the girls height & weight size. Both beds length 209cm (1525mm) would be suitable for teen girls, although make sure there is enough space and height between the bottom and top bunk for you’re daughter to move around safely & comfortably. A bunk bed would help save space in the bedroom allowing for more furniture and storage.

What is a bunk bed and how it’s used

  • A bunk bed is a frame with split level bed spaces, one bottom bunk and one top bunk. Primary use of this type of bed arrangement is to save space in a bedroom when 2 people are sharing a room.

Parents use this type of sleeping arrangements for sons and daughters from 5 to 19 years old if they have a larger family, smaller kids bedrooms or 2 children sharing a room.

The bed design can be 2 equal length x with beds or the bottom bunk is slightly longer than the top.  You can choose from many different design of bed, with or without storage.

Good length, width & design of teenage girls bunk beds

All bunk beds are not the same size or design in modern times. I have seen beds length of 209cm x 1525mm on the bottom and slightly smaller on the top bunk with 5.003 ft total height. This size of bed for both bottom & top bunks accommodate a 90cm x 200cm mattress that is big enough for most teenage 13-19 year old girls.

Distance between top and bottom bunk has a clearance of 72 cm and a total weight capacity of 130kg. 72cm head height for the bottom bed should be adequate enough maneuverability & head space for you’re daughter to not bump her head.

A mattress depth up to 15cm for top & bottom bunks is usable, which would give a girl a comfortable night sleep.

Good length teenage girls bunk beds
  • Purchasing an appropriate design and size bunk bed for you’re daughter to use alone or sharing in relation to child height, and possible growth is important. You’re daughter requires being able to move around easily, can lay stretched out on the bed without her feet dangling over the bed end.

Also some bunk bed designs come with storage built in as shelves, drawers and larger pull out compartment drawers on the bottom where toys, games of bedding can be stored.

The upper bunk height is 5 feet tall and parents should be mindful of obstructions such as lamp, fan, ceiling slop and draft. Also check if you’re child has enough room and head height so they’re nor to close to the ceiling.  Use steps instead of ladders to step up to the top bunk and have install a lamp so you’re child or friend can put on a light in a dark bedroom to see where they are stepping getting off the top bunk.

Is you’re daughter disabled or has mobility issues? Or is you’re teenage daughter responsible enough to follow basic safety procedures for getting up or down from the top bunk safety, especially in a dark room? Responsible and no movement issues they can choose a bunk bed.

  • Possible to get re-replacement parts for the bed.
  • Depending on design a pull out bed underneath the bottom bunk pulls out that can be used for occasional visitors or you’re daughter’s friend as a sleepover..
  • Certain beds come with storage space from drawers and shelving top and bottom enough for folded clothing, gadgets, craft materials and school supplies.
  • A few designs of bunk bed that tend to be more expensive can be separated in two forming individual single beds if your daughter/s decide they want stand alone sleeping arrangements.
  • Headboards should be built-in to most bunk beds providing stability and a bit of privacy for 2 girls sharing a bedroom.

Smaller room & saving bedroom space

You’re daughter’s can save on limited bedroom space enabling them the luxury of more floor use or add additional bedroom furniture. As a child’s bedroom is normally one of the smaller bedrooms in the house a teenage girl could benefit from a bunk bed of sharing a room, has frequent extended family visitors or wants to use one of the bunks for items display or storage.

Maybe you’re daughter’s were sharing a room now they don’t as you’re flat or house now has an additional bedroom. One daughter could continue using one of the bunks on the bed and the other as storage space. An advantage of a bunk bed is if your daughter is in a bedroom alone they can invite one of they’re friends for sleepovers and they could use the other bed instead of a sleeping bag on the floor.

Utilisation and optimization of limited bedroom space is one of the main reason parents opt for bunk bed sleeping space for girls sharing a bedroom. You can fit in essential study tables, larger wardrobe & chests of drawers as teen girls use and require more space for hobbies, study and entertaining friends.

Parents should make sure the bunk bed is not pressed up against a wall as this creates less space to move around and becomes only partly accessible from one side. In addition, a disadvantage is making a bed or changing bedding on the top bunk requires a person to stand on a chair, climb on the bunk or use the ladder.

Teenage girls sharing a bedroom

2 girls sharing a bedroom no matter the size is not always ideal, especially when they are older teens at 16-19 years old. I know I shared a room until 16 years old.

One significant disadvantage of a bunk bed is when one person gets onto the top or bottom bunk they rock the bed frame and disturbs the other person. Older girls in they’re teens easily sway a bed when stepping on a ladder up to they’re bunk and this could cause animosity between 2 teen girls sharing a room if the other is trying to sleep.

NO independence in the bedroom is not ideal for a teenage girl. Sharing a bedroom they generally can’t separate the bunk bed into single beds to create they’re own personal corner in the room as there could be limited space. There are only a few beds on the market that could be divided into singles, although they’re more expensive and possibly not suitable for you’re daughter’s size.

A benefit is lamps for the person on the top and one for the bottom bunk where the girl on top could be reading or on they’re phone wouldn’t be glaring a light on the other person in the room.

In addition, separate personal storage space such as a shelve within the top and lower bunk on some designs of beds provide personal space for a teen girl. On the bed area space they could have a personal collection or items they use all the time so they don’t require to move of the bed.

Appropriate age of teen girls using a bunk bed

  • Bunk beds are no problem for some children and not suitable for another. At 13 years old girls are developing fast in height, personality, independence, likes and dislikes.

Some children get claustrophobic while lying on or sleeping on the lower bunk bed. You could take your teen daughter to a showroom to try a bed out to see if it’s enough space and height vertically so they’ll be comfortable, otherwise it would be single beds.

Could be that you’re children have been sleeping in bunk beds since they were 6 years old and want something new or have out grown they’re existing bed.

Bunk beds I have seen that you can purchase are generally for children sharing a bedroom and hence use a bed with bunks to save space. They come in different sizes & designs and parents require to choice the correct size dimensions for they’re daughter’s to be comfortable and get a good nights sleep. For this bunk beds specifically designed for teenagers are most appropriate as they’re made stronger, longer and have more width to accommodate larger children using one bed space at the same time.

What’s not a good idea is continuing using the same bunk bed from when you’re daughters were young as the bed is too small and maybe not sturdy enough for two growing teen girls.

Does you’re daughter toss & turn frequently in bed while sleeping? Not a good idea for a teen girl that is restless while sleeping on the top bunk for safely reasons. Bunk beds do come with an upper guardrail to help avoid a child from falling out the bed, which would be 5 feet to the floor for a teenage girl size bed.

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