Teaching in Korea, Teach English in Korea Public Schools

Elementary & high school teaching jobs in Korea is wide ranging from independent private to ESL jobs at public state run schools. Each year there are in excess of 10,000 job opportunities for international educators for teaching in Korea.

The country is always looking for good teachers, making the location a viable option for teaching English in Korea or as a subject teacher with teaching in Korea such as business/economics, mathematics, chemistry, ict/computing.

Teaching in Korea options

Teaching in Korea

Private or public school for me?

As a qualified/certified teacher from your own country (3-18 years) you can choose.  Hagwons (private schools) are for additional learning.  Younger children around 5-12 out number older high school learners, so many jobs at private school are for young students. 

A government public school is similar to western school and more formal in education.

Private independent and International school jobs in Korea are also for qualified teachers where you would teach a specific subject or grade. Yes, in English.  There are a good few schools in south Korea offering boarding or an international school education.

Korea teaching job requirements

– Appropriate bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university
– Citizenship of an English speaking country teaching English
-Native/Fluent English speaker
-Obtain and meet the requirements for an E2 or F4 visa
-Appropriate teaching certificate for the age group and school for an international school
-Two or more signed and sealed university degree transcripts
-Clean criminal record check

-TEFL, CELT or TESOL to teach English for public schools and possible language centres
-Medical check in South Korea for a work permit

Teachers are employed with and without experience, all depends on the position and school.

Getting all the required paperwork together takes time, although could be a rewarding life experience.

The work visa and immigration requirements, such as the medical check are comprehensive and deciding to take up job should be well planned and researched.

Korea private hagwon & public school salary & benefits 2022

Public SchoolHagwon Remarks
Up to 2.9 million Krw salarySalary 1.8 to 3 million Krw monthDepends on years experience & Qualifications
12-15 + students per classClass sizes 24-30 students 
Single apartment includedSingle apartment providedNormally close to the school
Health insurance coverStandard health insurance coverage 
Teaching hours 24-26 per weekTeaching & office hours f/t 40 per week Hagwon shifts, evening/weekends, Public school weekends & evenings off
Airfare reimbursed or ticket   Flight ticket paidOne-way Flight refund when in South Korea
Number overseas teachers: 1Number of foreign teachers 1-15Language centres have more foreign teachers
Holidays at least 18 days + 15     Holidays & days off 15 + 15Public school teachers have much more holiday time off
August/September or February/March startHagwon school jobs start any month of the year 

Public school jobs in Korea

Korea teaching job requirements

This type of school is for teachers that are looking for set hours, structure during the day with nights and weekends off. 

Korea public school’s offer ESL teacher jobs, and to teach elementary, middle, high school job in subjects.

You’ll be directly employed by the government, with a contract and salary from the Korean Ministry of Education.

A popular country to teach English abroad for native English speakers, as school’s offer good salaries and other employment benefits to teachers.

Private language school in South Korea

Language schools (Hagwons) jobs are available in Korea and these employers recruit direct or through a recruitment company. Many of the English teacher jobs you’ll see advertised are in the private sector in Hagwons as this is one of the biggest sector employers in Korea.

Salaries tend to be higher, although some organisations provide less structure for you’re working day.

Yes, you would be teaching English to children through games, songs, formal lesson and other.

One advantage is materials, lesson plan and curriculum to follow is provided, less planning and grading than international or public schools.

Teaching schedules and lessons provided to learners are delivered morning, afternoon and evenings to accommodate students who pay for tuition.

  • Elementary/kindergarten:  Morning, afternoon, early evening
  • Middle high school students: Afternoon and evenings
  • Adult learners: Afternoons, although more at night

You’re teaching timetable may just be for young learners or a mix of age groups, depending on experience.  Expect to be teaching for 5/6 days from 7 and different times of the day, long hours and few holidays.

Choosing to teach in Korea will enable you to save for the future for when you eventually return home.  Taxes are deducted for most foreign teachers.

School teaching year in South Korea

South Korea school teaching jobs start in March and later in the year August/September, although you could also start when lessons have already started for government public schools.

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