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Teaching in Taiwan

Teaching in TaiwanBefore you think about teaching in Taiwan as a classroom teacher of children in elementary & high schools, you must have trained teacher status for the k12 level. Teaching jobs in Taiwan international schools look at experience teaching at that certain age range, especially for teaching younger children, such as kindergarten. There is not a great number of schools offering an international curriculum in Taiwan


Teaching in Taiwan salary

Kindergarten, elementary and high school teachers salary package includes an end of year bonus. A classroom teacher in 2018 can expect to be offered around 65,000 to 70,000 Taiwan dollars per month for nursery to high school teaching posts depending on experience and student age.

Also, your salary package includes accommodation or allowance, paid flight, holiday pay, medical insurance and visa assistance.


International school qualifications requirement basics

  • Undergraduate BA/BSC degree such as BA Education and or qualified/certified trained teacher status from you home country


  • Subject degree and qualified teacher status for state school children
  • One year plus full time teaching experience, which you would have being qualified


See other teacher requirements below.


Teachers at international schools in Taiwan requirements

Visa requirements show that for prospective teachers you should have appropriate education qualifications for the position for a work permit.

Taiwan tends to be easier to obtain the right to work in the education field compared to other countries.

Jobs in teaching:

  • From your home country, a police criminal record check dated within the past 6 months
  • Qualification for international school teaching, you require an appropriate teaching qualification for the age or be a qualified teacher for school age children, k12
  • Employers recruit native English speakers and are easier to obtain a work and ARC residence permit
  • Undergraduate degree in a related subject
  • One year plus experience teaching that age range
  • Medical testing for residency and a working permit conducted in Taiwan
  • Sign a contract from 6 months to 2 years


Teach in Taiwan options

International school jobs in Taiwan are advertised to teach at all age levels from 4 to 18 years old.  Education jobs in Taiwan schools also include, coaches, religious education, accountant, classroom teaching assistants, nurse and management positions.


Subjects and teacher positions

Elementary level and high school subject teachers who are western trained (K12) are always in demand.

Kindergarten school jobs in Taiwan for children from 2 to 5 years are open for early year’s teachers who are qualified at that age.

Although many of the international school teacher jobs are advertised for a classroom teacher more experienced teachers can gain senior positions.


School teachers secure a job before or flying to Taiwan

Taiwan is one country at present where you can secure a firm offer from a school and turn up and start. Schools in Taiwan generally require you to attend an interview, or at least a Skype interview.

Teachers continue to arrive in Taiwan on tourist visas and then go through the process of obtaining an ARC residency and a work permit. This is still possible in 2018 for many nationalities.

Allow plenty of time to find a job and processing of all paperwork for your residency and work permit.


Where can you find teacher jobs?

Jobs can be found on job boards, teaching recruitment websites and advertised on school websites.


Best time to go to Taiwan

Schools start late August or early September, although you should leave at least 6 weeks before term time starts to apply for jobs, interviews and work/residence applications. Apply for jobs months in advance of the start of term.


Accommodation in Taiwan

Schools provide an apartment, although no always. You should expect to find and pay your own living accommodation.

In Taiwan renting houses or apartments is much cheaper than in western countries, and rental agreements are much the same as in your country.

You’ll find that you require at least 1 months rent as a deposit and two months rent in advance.

Apartments came furnished or unfurnished.


Health Care

Always a good idea before leaving obtaining year round medical insurance, before getting on the plane, at least until you can access Taiwan state medical care. By law in Taiwan employers must provide medical care insurance to some level.


Cities in Taiwan

  • New Taipei         Kaohsiung         Taichung        Taipei       Tainan         Hsinchu
  • Taoyuan             Keelung             Zhongli           Chiayi        Changhua     Pingtung
  • Pingzhen          Bade              Yangmei         Zhubei        Hualien         Taitung
  • Douliu              Nantou         Yilan      Miaoli City        Magong       Puzi      Taibao
  • Magong Night.JPG,          Magong


Country Facts

Population:  24,000,000 approximately

Area size: 13902.8 SQ km approximately

Capital: Taipei

Language: Mandarin

Climate: Humid in the summers and not cold in the winter

Taiwan dollar as the local currency

Dialing code: + 886 for overseas callers

GMT + 8 hours for Taiwan local time


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