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Teaching Jobs in Malaysia

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia Schools - Teaching in MalaysiaWestern trained teachers and educators from other regions can experience teaching in Malaysia government & private international schools providing you with an opportunity to live in the country. Teaching jobs in Malaysia international help teachers to secure work and residency permits. You should be a suitably qualified teacher and obtain the correct paperwork to work and reside legally in the country.

With a tropical climate and sunshine most of the year the islands of Malaysia attracts visitors to top class beaches, city living and rural treks in the countryside.

Accepting one of the subject or English teacher’s jobs in Malaysia allows you to live comfortably on the above average salary paid to school teachers in the country.  Should you wish to travel and sight see bordering countries include; Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam all within a short plane trip.

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur where there is a good mix of international schools for all ages of children.  Nursery, primary and secondary high school teachers can secure classroom jobs in Malaysia with or with additional responsibilities.


Teaching jobs in Malaysia



Teaching In Malaysia

Good English language teachers are in high demand with private international and government schools advertising the opportunity to teach English in Malaysia from young children to 18 years. You can also apply for jobs in your specialist subject such as a teacher of mathematics, history, business, science and other subject areas at international schools in Malaysia.

Looking to advance your teaching career in Malaysia?  Management positions as a head of department or head teacher become available each year for qualified and experienced candidates.


Malaysia Waterfall


Teacher salary Malaysia

Classroom teachers can be offered 5,000 – 10,000 depending on experience, age level taught and qualification.  Obviously as a teacher in Malaysia with many years of experience and additional responsibility you can secure a top level salary.  Good schools (Most) provide a salary package including accommodation, return flights, medical care insurance, holiday pay and renewable contract if you wish.  Tax is deductible from your salary.

Better paying international schools in Malaysia are mainly in Kuala Lumpur where students are paying higher tuition fees.


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Teachers jobs Malaysia international schools

Qualified/certified school teachers looking to teach in Malaysia have a full choice of teaching positions from nursery children from 4 years to young adults up to 19 years old in secondary high school. Schools separate nursery, primary and high school teaching areas providing an appropriate curriculum to pupils at each age range, You as a classroom teacher would teach children at one age level or across for example 11-19 year old in high school.

Teachers are expected to be fully prepared for each day’s classes with lesson and materials ready for students entering your class.  The school day tends to be longer than western countries as you would become involved in extra curricular activities, possibly running a club.

International school teachers in Malaysia receive 2 days off per week (Well non class contact time).


Requirements to teach in Malaysia

Malaysia visa requirements for teacher’s at international schools and the government sector are that you must be a qualified teacher of school age children from your own country, such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK and other countries

To obtain a teaching job and qualify for a work visa in Malaysia the following is standard

  • Criminal record check from within the past 6 months
  • Attested and certified genuine undergraduate degree and above
  • Qualified teacher status for school children between 4-18 years
  • Native English speaker for English teachers, also for via requirements
  • Teaching qualification appropriate for the school age children
  • 2 years plus successful  experience teaching that age level
  • Medical exam check for a work visa


Teaching contracts can be from one year upwards with a possible renewable


Teacher subjects taught, jobs at international schools

Malaysia government high school and elementary schools directly offer jobs to foreign teachers who have native English speaking language ability from UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa and Ireland.


As a qualified school age teacher you can apply for one of the international school jobs available in Malaysia where children are taught core and specialist school subjects


You can also find jobs for learning at a nursery/kindergarten for young children from 2-5 years old.


State Schools: Some local schools in Malaysia employee foreign teachers for teaching English and other subjects. All Malaysia state school requires formal government approval via a work permit and only qualified teachers are recruited.



Taxation in Malaysia for teachers

Taxes are deducted from your salary each month at a progressive rate, depending on how much is earned. After being in Malaysia for over 180 days you are eligible for reduced tax payable from your salary, around 20% is then paid per month from your salary.

Yes, you must pay higher income taxes for the first 6 months in the country.  Taxes are no straight forward in Malaysia.

The tax year ends on December 31st. Tax returns are generally due between March and May, depending on the official announcement by the Ministry of Finance.

Income tax may be paid in three equal instalments. Should you pay tax in one lump sum, a 5% discount is given. Permanent residents of Malaysia are liable to income tax on their international income, whether earned in or remitted to Malaysia or not.


Where to find Malaysia teaching jobs

See also other job boards and government websites in Malaysia

Search on teacher job board and other leading job website internationally.



Cities in Malaysia

20 of the biggest Malaysian cities out of 150 in the country


Subang Jaya Cheras
Kuala Lumpur Sandakan
Klang Kajang
Johor Bahru Seremban
Ampang Kuantan
Ipoh Tawau
Shah Alam Kuala Terengganu
Kuching Miri
Petaling Jaya Kota Bahru
Kota Kinabalu Selayang Baru


Malaysia country facts

Population: 25, 347, 000 approximately

Area size: 329, 750 sq kms approximately

Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Language: Bahasa Melayu

Climate: Hot tropical monsoons summers and mild winters

Currency: Ringgit (MYR)

Country dialling code: + 60

Time zone: GMT + 8 hours

Electricity: 240 Volts, 50Hz

Emergencies: 994 fire, Ambulance and Police 999


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