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Teaching Jobs in Indonesia

A country providing trained teachers from many countries around the world opportunities to teach in Indonesia international schools, state education system and language centres. Teaching jobs in Indonesia helps secure work & residency permit for suitably qualified teachers, including to teach English in Indonesia language schools.


Teaching jobs in Indonesia

  Preschool Principal Job Vacancy Makassar                                       Teacher of Geography School Job, Tangerang, Java

  Preschool Teacher Job in Tangerang, Java                                         Primary School Teaching Assistant Job, Tangerang, Jakarta

  Chinese Preschool Teacher Job, Medan                                            English Preschool Teacher Job, Medan

  English Trainer Job Vacancies in Jakarta                                           Teach English Job Vacancies, Language School in Indonesia

  Kindergarten Teacher Job Opening, Bogor, West Java                    Elementary Teacher Job Opening, Bogor, West Java

  Secondary School Mathematics Teacher Job, Jakarta                     Elementary School ES Music Teacher Job, Jakarta

 School Physical Education/Health Teacher 2019/20. Jakarta          Secondary Religion Education Teaching Vacancy, Jakarta

 Secondary School English Teaching Vacancy, Jakarta                      Primary School Science Teacher Job, Jakarta

 Secondary Geography Teacher (IGCSE) Job, Jakarta                        School Sociology Teacher Job, Jakarta


Teaching in Indonesia opportunities

International Schools: Local and international students study curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to school leaving age.

State Schools: Local schools also employ foreign teachers for teaching Indonesia students English and stem subjects.

Language Schools: English schools in many parts of the country.


Indonesia teacher salary & benefits

International school teacher   $1,500-$4,000 month for classroom teachers

English language teachers   from 12-14,000,000 to 18,000,000 + IDR/month

(Salaries depend greatly on experience, qualifications and nationality)

Schools provide a salary package that could include accommodation, although there are many schools that do not provide accommodation or an allowance and you should check this with any potential employer.


Teacher requirements in Indonesia

Visa & residency requirements including appropriate education qualifications.

  • Police record check dated with past 6 months (Must visa)
    • Certified and attested qualifications & documents (Must visa)
    • Native English speaker
    • Undergraduate degree (Must Visa)
    • Experience teaching for many schools
    • Certificate to teach English as a second language, or a degree in English if teaching English TEFL, TESOL, CELT with class based learning (Requested visa application requirement) asked for by schools.
    • Pass a medical check up for work and residency permit (Visa)

Maximum age 50 (Very difficult to obtain residency & work visa for over 50 year old)



International schools provide single or shared accommodation, ranging in size and standards. You should of course ask if accommodation is supplied and its location. Many landlords will ask for a residency permit when signing a rental lease.


Medical Care

Employers eventually supply private medical care packages as part of your salary package; a good idea is to arrange private medical cover before you leave.

There are more than 17,500 islands and may take time to receive desired medical care. Get prepared and organised before moving to Indonesia.  Paperwork processing for a visa takes time before starting an international teaching post.


Country Facts

Teaching Jobs in Indonesia - Teach English in IndonesiaPopulation: 237, 500, 000 approximately

Area size: 735, 355 sq kms approximately

Capital: Jakarta

Language: Indonesian

Climate: Hot tropical monsoons summers and mild winters

Currency: Rupiah (IDR)

Country dialling code: + 62

Time zone: GMT + 8 hours

Electricity: 240 Volts, 50Hz

Drive: On left


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