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Teaching Jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain has a well developed education system at all levels from nursery schools to universities. Teaching in Bahrain has become more open for foreign teachers as the country has invited more overseas teachers opening up employment laws. Teaching jobs in Bahrain are available for qualified school teachers in international schools, public school advisers and government education for school education and classroom teaching roles.


Teaching jobs in Bahrain

  School Physics Teacher Job, British Curriculum, Isa Town                      High School Biology Class Teacher Vacancy, Manama

  Secondary Teacher Science Job, British School, Hamala                       University English Language Instructor Jobs Manama

  Elementary PE Teacher Job. School in Salmabad                                   Kindergarten School Principal Job Post, Manama

  School Librarian Job Vacancy Manama                                                    Experienced Music Teacher Vacancy, Indian School Manama

  English PRT & TGT School Job in Manama                                               Physics Teacher Job, TGT & PGT, Manama, Bahrain School

  Manama, Bahrain School, English Language Teacher Job                    International School Secretary Job Manama

  Female Social Studies Teacher Job, School in Bahrain                          Female Primary Classroom Teacher Jobs Manama

  High & Middle School Social Studies Teacher Jobs Sanad                   Kindergarten Teacher Vacancy School in Sanad

 Middle & Elementary School English Teacher Jobs, Sanad                   English Teacher Job, High School in Sanad



Teaching in Bahrain Opportunities

International schools: US, British, Indian and other countries schools accommodate local school children and the international community of students offering a range of curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to sixth form studies.

School education jobs from Indian & Filipino nurse, accountant, driver, teaching assistant are also available in Bahrain international schools.


Public school: Schools in the country employ teachers and advisers at classroom and management level. Teacher advisers are employed in public schools, where jobs are advertised by the Bahrain education department for advising and teaching local teachers.


Language schools: Teaching English or another language. Small amount of language centres in the country providing language training for young children to adult learners.

Advertised teaching vacancies provide the opportunity to work for the local government who advertise education jobs and teaching jobs for schools, colleges and universities.


Salaries for Bahrain school teachers

Wages depend on your number of years of teaching experience and additional payments for people with a Masters or doctorate.

Each employer has their own pay scales upwards of 8,000 per month

International employment package includes: Flight, accommodation, gratuity    (Not for local hire)


Requirements for teachers in Bahrain

The countries schools have a standard requirement, which is you are qualified to teach at that age, hold appropriate degree’s and have years’ of experience.  In addition, the Ministry of Education requirement also states that foreign national teachers should be suitably qualified to teach in Bahrain.

To obtain a work visa and residency, you will require proving you are suitable for a teaching post in the country with many of the same requirements employers expect from a teacher.


Common requirements for Bahrain teaching jobs:

  • Police background clearance certificate date within the last 6 months from your home country.
  • Attested, apostilled and certified qualifications.
  • Native English speaker applying for positions delivered in English.
  • Undergraduate degree at least and a possible postgraduate degree in the subject you will teach.
  • Years of experience in teaching at that age level.
  • Qualified to teach in a school classroom
  • English as a second language certificate or a degree in English for training centres.
  • Undergo a full medical check up and submit all documents asked for to obtain a work and residency permit.


Recently foreign person can sponsor themselves for a work and residency permit.



Education employers from state and international schools provide single or shared accommodation as part of a salary package. Accommodation ranges in size and standards depending on your employer.

Good idea to ask where thee accommodation is and find out how to get to your work.

An allowance is payable from many employers if you wish to rent yourself, although this can be expensive on a teachers salary. Accommodation rent contracts are usually for 12 months at least with 2-3 months deposit in advance.


Bahrain facts

Teaching Jobs in Bahrain, Education Posts or Teach in BahrainPopulation: 680,000 approximately

Area size:  665 square kilometres approximately

Currency: Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Language: Arabic

Time: + 3 GMT winter time

Climate: October to May warm & sunny. June to September very hot with little rain.


Getting Around

Car, taxi or bus. You can lease a car or buy and drive a car, with the proper local driving licence. Exchange your driving license from your own country could be possible without taking a theory or practical driving test. An eye test is required for the issue of a Bahrain driving license and a possible medical to check a driver’s fitness.



Employers should provide a health card for private medical facilities. Medical treatment is a very high standard, although expensive.


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