Teaching in Saudi Arabia International Schools

One of the more populated countries in the region where education is important, opportunities for teaching in Saudi Arabia international schools is open for many nationalities.

Notice, school teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia male & female positions to teach in KSA major cities and towns are advertised.   

Teachers from nursery, primary and secondary school are employed to teach English in Saudi Arabia to 3 to 18 years old learners as well as school age specialist subjects including physics, P.E and mathematics. ESL English language teacher jobs are widely available at language schools.

Teaching in Saudi Arabia opportunities

Options include to teach from kindergarten, elementary to high school level as a classroom teacher and management responsibilities to head teacher roles.

These positions in schools require that you are qualified as a teacher and have experience at that age level, for example nursery teacher.

Mostly all jobs for teachers in international schools require native or near-native English speaking ability as teaching is conducted in English for most subjects.

School days generally start at 7am until 2pm following the western school year from August to the middle of summer 10 months later. You will receive 2 days off each week.

International school teacher jobs are available for you applying to teach English or teaching jobs in Riyadh schools subjects, such as business, computing, chemistry.

Teaching in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) teachers posts are offered to suitably qualified and experienced applicants with classroom experience. 

Take note that job offers are advertised for male or female, which takes into consideration cultural sensitiveness.

International school teacher salary Saudi Arabia

Teachers salaries for international schools in Saudi Arabia are around 12,000 to 25,000 SAR per month 2023 depending on the role, qualifications and years of experience. No taxes are deductible for western teachers.

Teacher salary package also includes:

  • Free furnished single or shared accommodation.
  • Utilities paid.
  • Return flight to home country each year.
  • Medical coverage.
  • One or two free school place or discounted at the school you teach (Depends on each school).

Requirements for Saudi Arabia international school teachers

  • Bachelors degree and above.
  • Teaching qualification appropriate for the role such as qualified teacher for schools at the appropriate age.
  • Native English speaker applying for positions delivered in English is a must.
  • Degree in English if teaching English as a first or second language.
  • 2+ years teaching experience depending on the organisation.
  • Full medical check documents, including blood tests, chest x ray for work visa and residency permit.
  • Sign a contract from 6 months to 3 years that can be renewable.
  • 58 years old and under for work visa and residency permit requirements. Officially 60 years old retirement age for foreigners in KSA.

Obtaining the appropriate visa and medical documentation is vital for entrance into the country.

See here for work visa requirements on the embassy website for Saudi Arabia Mayfair London.

International & private school teaching license requirement

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education now states all foreign teachers require having a license to teach at a private or international school.  Requirements include being a qualified teacher, teaching experience, and not barred from the teaching profession.

Teacher jobs, subjects and roles

Vast majority of teaching will be for English speakers in international schools for full time teachers you see advertised for all topic subject areas.

Primary/elementary school teachers will be asked to teach an age group from year 1 to 7.

Female nursery and kindergarten jobs are to teach 3-5 year old children.

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia

As one of the official languages in the KSA there are many ESL TEFL jobs at schools to help raise students English language ability.

You’d be employed as a native English speaker on a contract basis to teach English to children at the school.

The vast majority of schools advertising for English teacher positions require a TEFL or CELT classroom based qualification for teachers of English as a second language. In addition 2+ years experience is normal.

These type of jobs may not be on a full time contract basis.

Other English language options

ESL, TEFL jobs in Saudi Arabia can be chosen from government organisations, colleges, universities and private language training companies that employ native English speakers on a contract basis.

Visa and school requirements mean you would require for an English teaching job a TEFL or CELT classroom based qualification to teach.

University and government teaching posts mostly ask for 5+ years experience and a Masters level qualification.

Government, colleges and universities

Training centres operated by the government are big ESL instructor employers from civil, local government to military English teaching jobs.

Working over a 5 day week from Saturday to Wednesday your goal would be to raise the standard of proficiency in English or indeed student beginners.

University TEFL jobs require you to help students pass IELTS & TOFEL English language tests for further study and the work place. 

KSA Air force and military language students are looking to be able to communicate effectively in English in they’re job roles.

Hours teaching in the classroom can be from 20-28 per week.

Salaries for language teachers and instructor start around 12.000 SAR to 32,000 SAR per month for classroom teachers to management level roles, depending on the employer.

In addition, salary packages included return flights, health insurance, shared or single accommodation, contract renewal option, paid holidays and possible relocation allowance.

Private training companies

Language training centres in KSA offer jobs to teach children and adults.  These type of jobs can see you teaching 24 to 30 hours a week and not always in the same location. 

Salaries are generally lower from 12,000 SAR to 18,000 per month. Your salary will also be part of a package.

Trainers vacancies in commercial companies from industrial to corporate trainers across the kingdom are available all year round.  

Jobs are advertised by many employers looking for native English teachers to teach corporate clients.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia country facts

Area size: 2,240,000 sq kmPopulation: 35.5 million in 2021Capital city RiyadhMain language: ArabicInternational dialling code: +966
Time: GMT + 3Electricity: 127/220 volts AC, 60HzCurrency: Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)23rd September Saudi National DayClimate: Desert climate, hot and sunny

Cities in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh,  Jeddah,   Medina,    Hofuf,   Ta’if,    Dammam,   Khamis Mushait,    Buraidah,    Khobar.

Looking to experience another culture? 

Teaching in Saudi Arabia could be an option for you if this is the type of position and country you would be suited. This is one country overseas where you can teach for a number of years with a sustainable living, career and pension saving outlook.

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