Teaching in Oman International Schools

Location offering teaching in Oman international schools to qualified teachers. Nursery, primary and high school teachers benefit from Oman’s rich cultural, social, activities, and by posts for school teaching jobs in Oman to further their social, teaching & academic career.

Teach you’re specialist subject to school children from 3 upwards.

Teaching in Oman

teaching in Oman international schools

All year round there are full-time jobs to teach in Oman at kindergarten/nursery, primary/elementary, secondary/high schools.

Teaching school year starts in mid August and finishes around the second week in June the next year. 

Apply for a Oman teacher’s job well in advance bearing in mind paperwork gathering and visa requirement rules.

Classroom teachers can also gain employment throughout the year, although teaching normally starts around August to September.

Oman teacher salary

Salaries for school teachers in Oman: (Pay package also includes other benefits) from 800-1200 Omani Riyal per month, depending on experience and qualifications.

All international employed teachers’ packages include free flights to Oman, accommodation/allowance, free medical insurance cover, most utilities and holiday pay.

Senior post holders receive more benefits and allowances.  Salaries are tax free. Contracts are typically 2 years renewable.

Teachers contracted hours are round 35-40 hours per week with 2 days off.

International school teacher requirements Oman

You require be a qualified school age teacher with a recognised teaching qualification and or undergraduate degree.  English teacher jobs in schools require you to be a native English speaker, or fluency in the language.

A school will ask for 2 + years teaching experience for their and visa requirements.

Residence, work permit and via requirements are general for all teachers for the following:

  • Qualification and certification documents attested by your home country and Omani embassy.
  • No criminal police record, dated not older than 6 months.
  • BA/BSc and above for international schools and teaching qualification) BEd, PGDE, PGCE for UK qualified with QT or QTS. Certified teacher for USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, other.  Teaching qualification should be at the age you wish to teach.
  • 2 years + classroom teaching experience in the subject and age level.
  • Degree in the subject you will teach.
  • Native English speaker teaching English in school for visa requirement.
  • Medically fit with test certificate.
  • Relevant Oman organisation approval to teach.

Education jobs in Oman schools

Teaching in Oman to school age learners English or your subject requires formal teaching experience and subject specific qualifications.

Teacher’s can find jobs at international schools in Oman cities from Muscat, Sohar, Salalah, Sur and towns from classroom teaching to management positions.

You can secure a job as a teacher to children from 3-18 years teaching local & international students.

School teacher documentation

Living in Oman

When you state to an employer or agent you wish to proceed you will be asked for a copy of: Resume/CV, scanned colour copy data page of your passport, sign a provisional agreement possibly, references, copies of qualifications and the usual photo of yourself.

This is standard international teacher recruitment practice.

The school uses these documents to first confirm your identity and if you are qualified for the job, also to apply formerly for your work visa as an employer.

Teacher subject positions

International school teacher positions as:  Classroom teacher        head teacher            head of department

All the usual curriculum subject areas are covered in Oman schools at primary/elementary level, high school/secondary age for you to become a teacher.

Male and female school jobs in Oman can be to teach high school secondary students, primary/elementary or nursery/kindergarten children at boys or girls schools.

Primary/elementary Oman school teachers can gain a job as a grade/year 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Teaching school children in nursery and at least up to 9 years old you will have an Arabic speaking teacher assistant in the classroom to assist.

Early years teachers jobs offering part and full-time roles are advertised for international school kindergartens at various times of the year, generally January to June each year..

Where to find available in Oman schools? Check job education boards, recruiter websites and school websites.

Living in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman (Official Arabic name for Oman) is a relatively crime free country.  

During your free time, well not preparing lessons, you can experience humpback whales of the coast at Dhofar, desert safari’s and possibly sight an Oryx or a Leopard in the wild.

Oman country facts
Oman Population:  5.3 million approximately  Area size:  309, 501 SQ km GMT + 4 hours during standard time  Language: ArabicArabian Oryx Oman national animal
Dialing code: + 968 from overseasClimate: Hot and humid summers Currency: Omani Riyal  Capital: Muscat Coffee is Oman national beverage
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