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Teaching Jobs in Kuwait International Schools

Kuwait education system continues to attract new and experienced educators. Teaching in Kuwait you can build a career as a classroom teacher to leadership positions. Teaching jobs in Kuwait are for international school educators who teach children between 3-18 years.

Nursery/kindergarten through to secondary school places are offered to students. As a teacher you’ll find yourself teaching a class of students from many countries, as well as local Kuwaiti children.


Teaching jobs in Kuwait

School Physical Education Teaching Job Opening, Kuwait                                          School Counselor Job Vacancy in Kuwait 

KS2 School Teacher Job Opening in Kuwait                                                                   Elementary Teacher Job Vacancy, School in Kuwait 

KS1 Teacher Job Vacancy, School in Kuwait                                                                   Early Years School Teaching Job Opening, Kuwait


Teaching in Kuwait 

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait International SchoolsInternational schools jobs are available each year starting in middle to late August.  School’s offer places for students from 3 years. Curricula from India, USA, UK, Canada and other countries for students are delivered. Teacher’s from Canada, South Africa, USA, India, UK and other countries will be your colleagues.

I accepted one of the many Kuwait international school jobs, taught at a British school, and enjoyed the time I spent in the country.

You’ll arrive at school each morning before students with morning assembly at 6.30 – 7 am.  Schools finish at 2 pm, with a few continuing until 2.30 pm.

Pupils at international schools are the son’s and daughters of local people and international expat community, where most pupils are keen to learn.

As a classroom teacher in Kuwait you can not just say anything.

Also, you can’t give the same reading & classroom learning resources as in a UK, Australia or other western school.  Why? you must respect cultural, beliefs and teach in an appropriate way to the class of students and Ministry of Education expectations.


Kuwait teaching jobs salary package

Give you an idea of a job I accepted. In 2006 I signed a 2 year contract as a high school teacher with 5 years experience on a basic salary of 800 KWD plus other benefits.

1000-1600 KWD with 5 + years experience is good in 2020.  700 KWD is for new teachers. Teacher Salaries have remained static for some years in Kuwait.

Coordinator teacher salary in Kuwait is around 1500-1800 kwd per month for the top schools.

Indian schools teacher salary is from 350 KWD per month.

Higher salaries for management and leadership roles are paid. Salaries offered in Kuwait are according to you’re country of origin.  Masters and PhD holders receive a bit extra, and you also receive more for each year of teaching experience, up to 20 years.

Teaching assistants at nurseries and schools in Kuwait salary 300 KWD plus per month.

School salary packages in Kuwait for teachers also depends on your country of origin, where teachers with passports from lower income countries tend to be offered less, although not always.


Your salary includes an international teacher hiring package:

  • Free return flight to Kuwait
  • End of contract gratuity bonus, one month’s basic wage for each year of completed contract
  • Medical insurance cover
  • Utilities paid possibility
  • Discount or free child tuition
  • Free furnished apartment or villa depending on position employed, or allowance  (Most single, some employers provide shared)


What about jobs for school teachers?

Good time to see and apply for jobs is in January to April each year to start in August. 

Positions from

  • Newly qualified teacher
  • Teacher with experience
  • Head of year teaching role
  • Head of department
  • Curriculum leader
  • Assistant head teacher
  • Head of primary or secondary
  • Head teacher or principal position

You can get a job for high school students or primary/elementary students if you are a male/female qualified western teacher.  Certified school teacher’s from India and Arab countries also teach at schools in the country.


Classroom teacher requirements Kuwait

  • Undergraduate bachelor degree and above preferably in the subject to teach (Maths to teach maths, business for business teacher)
  • Nursery/primary teacher must have appropriate degree, and or a teaching qualification for early or elementary learners
  • Teaching certificate for the age of pupil to be taught
  • Native English speaker applying for teachers of English
  • Pass a medical, obtain a work and residency permit to stay and work
  • Criminal record check from your country, such as a FBI check for USA citizens
  • One or more years of teaching experience
  • Management & leadership positions mandate that you hold a masters in education, and or leadership in school management qualification

Age limit 58 year old or extreme work visa 60 years old age limit or less for new employees. 

Minimum age to work in Kuwait 21 years old to obtain a work permit.


All medical, degree, police, teacher certificates need authenticated and then legalised by the Kuwait Embassy. £65-£80 per document.

Medical check, blood test also to apply for a work visa in your home country.

Total cost will be £750 (US $1150) + to apply and process your documents, criminal record check and doctors medical check just to apply for your work visa at the embassy.  Worth it once you are in Kuwait and teaching.

You require applying from where you are a citizen, i.e. the UK for UK citizens   The Kuwait Embassy in the UK is in Knightsbridge, London.  My experience: All you do is walk in with your relevant paperwork to apply for a work visa before arriving in Kuwait.  They will complete relevant checks and stick a work visa in your passport, all in about 10 minutes.


Paperwork to take to the embassy for your work visa:

  • Invitation letter from your employer, aka school
  • Basic summary contract from the school is sent to you (This is not the official contract you sign in Kuwait)
  • Reference letter/s from your last employer
  • Medical check document  (You pay)
  • Criminal record check      (You pay)
  • Teaching certificate and degree qualifications, yes originals they wanted to see
  • Passport

You can fly out to Kuwait and go through the process there, although the process is a bit more complicated and time consuming.  30 day tourist visa on arrival is obtainable. (Although not a good idea if things go wrong).

When arriving in Kuwait it takes between 4-6 weeks to process your residency permit, medical card and civil id.  Your school will take you for a finger prints check by the police, blood test and 30 second chest x-ray.


Living in Kuwait

I would say the country is the safest place I have ever been. Woman will have no issue other than curiosity. Remember where you are, dress moderately, and ladies leave your shorts at home as dress code restrictions apply. Good idea to get transport for getting around as Kuwait City is well spread out.

Some students will have their own maid & driver to take them to school and around the city.

Normal lines at checkouts and slow moving traffic to and from work you will experience.

English is widely spoken in government agencies, banks, major shops and shopping centres.


What you can do in Kuwait for leisure

School teaching in Kuwait Clubs from sailing, ruby, riding, driving, and cultural & social activities to take part with.  Walk along the corniche or relax on the beach near the Kuwait Towers.  There are amusement parks big & small, and the famous Marina Mall frequented by many of the school pupils.

People are friendly when you are out and about in your free time.  The malls around Kuwait are a welcome attraction in the middle of the day for shopping and air conditioning to get away from the heat of the day.  There is generally a breeze relieving some of the heat wave.

Sitting in an outside café watching the world go by or meeting with friends is a national pastime.


Sightseeing and travel in Kuwait

Aquarium where you can visit, although you must paying for entrance.

Buses are very cheap for getting around, safe and reliable.

Teachers can apply for a Kuwaiti driving license swap.  You’ll need a fixer and a number of documents attested including your degree and teachers license.  Visiting several ministry buildings during weekday while you are teaching and an eye test will gain you a local driving license.

Cost £280 (US $425) + for documents and for someone to run around to get them processed.


About Kuwait

A small country in the northern area of the gulf, Kuwait has a rich culture of social and architectural history that co-exists with modern life.  With an area size of 17,818 sq km the country is one of the smallest in the world, and with an abundance of oil & natural gas. Although Arabic is the countries official language street signs & many shop displays are also in English.

Rain fall is seldom whereby 5-6 months can pass between down pours, with the majority of rain in September and the end of the calendar year.

Kuwaiti dinars (such as £15,000+) can easily be exchanged at banks and in currency exchange Street. No one asked for any id or where the money came from, my teacher’s salary that I saved.  In Kuwait City a street with a line of currency changers have official shops where you can change almost any bank note.

Western dancing in public and places with music/live bands is not permitted.

Frequent spot checks on bus passengers & drivers to check residency and other regularly checks are carried out.


Facts and important telephone numbers

Expatriates outnumber locals 3:1                                    Key dates: 25th February National Day, 26th February Liberation Day

Population: 3.5 million approximately                              Capital: Kuwait City                   Time: GMT + 3                   Dial Code: +965

Electricity: 240 volts AC, 50Hz                                        Currency: Kuwait Dinar (KWD)                       Climate: Hot and sunny, winter cool


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