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Teaching in Egypt

Qualified teachers from countries around the world are in demand. Teaching jobs in Egypt include early years/kindergarten, elementary/primary and secondary/high school level at internationals schools. Teaching in Egypt is open for you to teach a specialist subject or English to local children and international pupils.


Teaching in Egypt

Teaching in Egypt - Teach in Egypt International SchoolsInternational school teacher jobs can be found in larger cities of: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and towns. Term and holidays for schools follow western dates with the school year starting August to the following June. Egypt school jobs as a classroom teacher are full time with a complete list of duties in the classroom, parent contact, meetings, marking, grading and assessments.

Work and residency permits are arranged for suitably qualified teachers sponsored by your international school in Egypt.

Obtaining the correct paperwork to live and work in the country is essential. Many schools provide a salary package including accommodation, although there are some schools that do not provide an apartment or allowance if you are locally hired.

Schools in Egypt vacancies are not just open to native English speaking western teachers.  Middle East, African and Asian countries qualified teachers can also be found teaching science, physical education, mathematics, computer studies, business and other subjects.


Subject teacher

Egypt schools positions are for teachers, and all the way up to principal of the school.

Female and male international school jobs in Egypt are at all age levels from 2 to 18 years.

Primary/elementary school teachers in Egypt can gain a job teaching a certain grade

Kindergarten jobs for teacher


International school teaching

Schools: Opened to accommodate local and international students offering curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to school leaving age. Choosing to teach in Egypt at an international school you could be delivering a US, Australian, Canadian, British or IB baccalaureate curriculum, depending on the school.


Salary and benefits package for teachers in Egypt

£21,000 – 29,000 per year for classroom teachers depending on years of experience and qualifications.  Management responsibility attracts a higher wage.

Fee return flight, medical insurance, furnished apartment, holiday pay.

Packages for school teacher’s in Egypt also depend if you are locally or internationally recruited.  Contracts being offered at Egypt international schools are normally 2 years renewable, although some schools are offering one year contracts. School hours are around 35-40 hours each week with the usual preparation outside of school.


Local hire could mean less salary benefits, such as flights and an apartment.

Schools have their own wage structure.  You will see schools offering primary, nursery and high school teacher different levels of salary according to nationality, experience, role, location, qualifications, age group taught.


Requirements for teachers in Egypt

Some of the legal and international schools in Egypt requirements are the same including appropriate education qualifications.

  • Undergraduate degree at least
  • Qualified and licensed teacher
  • Up to date skills and knowledge of teaching practice and your subject
  • Native English speaker for an English teacher
  • 2 + years of successful classroom relevant experience
  • Clean police back ground check for the school, work and residency permit
  • Medically fit  to pass a medical for your work permit
  • Experience teaching children of that age you wish to teach
  • 2 school teaching references will be asked for by the school

Maximum age limit for a work permit in Oman 60 years old.


Accommodation in Egypt

Shared or single accommodation is mainly offered, ranging in size and standards, although no always. In Egypt renting houses or apartments can take time to arrange after you acquire work and residency documentation.


Medical care insurance

Good idea to check with the school if the private medical care package as part of your salary benefits is full coverage before you leave for Egypt.


Where to find jobs for teachers in Egypt

Search school jobs Egypt on the internet, front page of this website at times also.  Advertised jobs in Egypt are months in advance before the start of the new academic year.  You can also find jobs throughout the year as it is not always easy for the international schools in the country to recruit a suitably qualified teacher by the start of term.

Remember it can take a number of weeks to gather all the required documentation and processing to obtain a work visa before leaving for Egypt.


Living in Egypt

Not been to the country myself, although I know from films and pictures you are in for a treat with cultural, scientific, cities and places to visit.  Take a look for yourself the Egypt official tourist website and other sources of information on the internet.


Country Facts

Population: 84,000,000 approximately           Area size: 387,048           Capital: Cairo            Language: Arabic        Climate: Summers hot and mild winters       Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)          Country dialling code: + 20      Time zone: GMT + 3 hours


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