Dubai international school teacher salary

Dubai Teacher Salary for International Schools 2023

Looking at jobs in education to see what a teacher salary in Dubai is for a nursery, primary or high school teacher is important to find out before accepting and relocation to UAE.

Each individual school or group has teacher salaries that are different between them as there’s no set salary scale for Dubai school teachers in the country.

International school teacher salary Dubai

Dubai international school primary & secondary class teachers are offered around 9,500-20,000 AED per month in 2023 tax free according to years of teaching experience & qualifications. Salary package benefits include: Return flight & baggage allowance, free accommodation or allowance, health insurance, 1-2 children free school fees, utilities paid, end of service gratuity (No teacher pension paid)

Additional payment awarded for responsibility, such as head of department or leadership role.

  • Although schools have their own salary structure they’ll try to match your wage per month from your home country of USA, Australia, South Africa, Canada and UK. Teachers should have realistic expectations of what Dubai salaries they’re offered as schools have a limited budget, also teacher pay has been stagnating for years.
  • Dubai school teacher salary is 9,500-20,000 AED per month (2022) + benefits for nursery teaching, maths, chemistry, biology, physics, science, history, PE, English, geography, computing, business, music subject high school secondary & primary teachers.
  • Chemistry, science, English, mathematics, physics and biology teachers are in demand from Dubai private schools and will receive a higher basic salary offer that other class teachers.
  • Many Dubai schools pay teachers according to their countries passport. Citizens from North America countries Canada & US, Australia and UK teachers are paid more than other countries citizens for the same teaching experience, subject and qualifications.
  • Locally employed teachers in Dubai may receive less basic salary and no benefits compared to teachers recruited from abroad, as their entitled and offered larger salaries & benefit packages.
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Top paying schools for Dubai teachers

Highest paying schools in Dubai for teachers are mainly the top international education providers to children aged 3-18 years old rated by KHDA as outstanding or very good. 17 schools include:

  • Kings school Dubai.
  • Repton School.
  • GEMS.
  • Dubai College.
  • Dubai British School.
  • Jumeirah College.
  • The Winchester School.
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School.
  • Universal American School – Branch.
  • Dubai English Speaking School.
  • Raffles World Academy.
  • Uptown International School.
  • Victory Heights Primary School.
  • Nord Anglia International School.
  • Ranches Primary School.
  • Dubai British School Jumeirah Park.
  • Sunmarke School.
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School management & leadership teacher salaries

Salary for experienced teachers

Example international school teacher pay in Dubai for UK, Australian, US, Canadian teachers: With 10 years experience teaching mathematics, science, chemistry, English or computing you’ll receive between 14,000-20,000 AED per month in 2023. Additionally, salaries are also dependent on qualifications, such as a masters or PhD you hold.

Salary of a primary teacher in Dubai on average is around 180,000 AED per annum. Good schools, which are better paying for class teachers you’ll be offered 132,000- 223,000 per year + benefits depending on years of experience & qualifications.

Subject head of department Dubai school teacher’s jobs in 2023 between 14,000-20,500 AED per month basic salary plus full overseas hire benefits.

Dubai head of primary and secondary school leadership job positions for teachers are offered a salary package of 19,000- 26,000 AED per month tax free plus benefits package in 2023.

Dubai international school principal salary per month is around 25,000-32,000 AED per month plus benefits of villa accommodation, utilities paid, free school tuition, medical insurance, flight home, baggage allowance and other in 2023.

Salary of a Dubai teacher in pounds sterling

For British school teachers who want to know how much do teachers earn in pounds in Dubai? A UK classroom teacher at primary or secondary level receives a salary from £2,000-£4,100 per month tax free plus benefits depending on years of experience requirements you meet, job role and school employer.

Higher salaries, (Additional payment) per month are given for master & PHD doctorate holders of relevant teaching subjects and educational qualifications.

Good & top schools teacher pay in Dubai

Gems teacher salary scale for British international schools in Dubai they state

Gems schools also have a set upper & lower amount they pay teachers, which is typical for all international private schools in Dubai. “You will be paid according to your experience, and the corresponding point on the GEMS salary scale”.

Gems Education

Similarly The English College Dubai provided its teachers a competitive salary.

Our remuneration package includes: 

  • Tax free salary, dependent upon experience.
  • Furnished accommodation in a central Dubai location .
  • Medical insurance.
  • Annual flight allowance.
  • Tuition fees for up to two children.
  • Visa costs.
  • End of service gratuity in line with UAE Labour Law.
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School accommodation or housing allowance

Part of a private school overseas hire teacher salary package in Dubai is free furnished accommodation provided to you by the school. You may have an option of a housing allowance enabling you to find an apartment or villa that you rent yourself.

Vast majority of the time a teachers housing allowance is non negotiable in Dubai. Management, senior leadership or longer standing teachers have a bit of flexibility, meaning they can get more per month.

In demand science, physics, chemistry, English and biology school teachers can usually get slightly increased housing payment in Dubai.

This is only a good option if you wish to share, have a larger family or on a work visa sponsored by your partner or independence & privacy away from the school.

Why, renting in Dubai is expensive on a teachers wage, and the rent allowance offered is always well short leaving you to pay at least 25% of your month’s salary towards rental & utilities payments, although top schools give full housing allowances.

Teaching English in Dubai

Benefits and salaries for English teachers in Dubai are from 8000 to 15000 AED paid per month depending on experience and qualifications for English as second language teachers.

All schools should help with medical insurance, basic wage per month and possible accommodation.

This page contents is freely available information only. Salary you see, offered and receive depends on a number of factors from nationality, years of teaching experience shortage stem subject and school salary pay scale.

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