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Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination for tourists, sports fans and teaching jobs in Dubai schools.  Situated in the gulf, United Arab Emirates (UAE) the city is a well-developed cosmopolitan fairly large area with good public transport.

Education and teaching in Dubai international schools careers are available from nursery, primary and secondary school. You’ll need the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience.


Teaching jobs in Dubai

Data Analyst/Exams Officer School Vacancy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates     

Head of History School Teacher Vacancy, Dubai                                                             School Teacher of English Vacancy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates     

Maths School Teaching Job Opening, Dubai, United Arab Emirates                            Science Teaching School Job Opening, Dubai

School Director of Arabic Vacancy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates                                Primary Classroom Teacher Vacancy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates                               


Teaching in Dubai at an international school

Teaching Jobs in Dubai, International Schools JobsDubai international schools provide an education to local school pupils and expatriate children. Education curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to sixth form are offered. Just about all schools start in late August or early September for students attending classes.

Secondary high school and elementary/primary teaching jobs to 5-18 year old students.

Nursery/Kindergarten schools jobs: As a nursery teacher you’ll be looking after and help develop the speech & learning of children from 3-5 years old.

Dubai has international fee paying schools set up for USA, British and India curricula. Indian teachers find school teacher jobs delivery lessons you have taught back home. One or more of IGSE, A level, USA American common/core, IB Baccalaureate are offered to students.

Education jobs and non teaching job opportunities are available to teaching assistants, nursery nurse at early years pre-schools and international schools. Admin jobs, business manager, reception posts and IT technician jobs are also possible in schools.

School teachers in Dubai receive two days off Friday and Saturday each week. Classes start early and you’re expected in school before 7 am and continue to 2-30 pm.


International school teacher salary Dubai

School jobs in Dubai Classroom teachers are offered around 9,000-19,000 AED per month in 2019.

No tax or social security deductions from your wages each month

Depends on your years of experience and qualifications.

Additional payment awarded for responsibility, such as head of department or leadership role.

All schools have their own salary structure, although they will try to match your salary from your own country.

For UK or North American teachers; a classroom teacher with 10 years experience teaching mathematics, science or English will receive between 14,000-20000 AED per month. Additionally, salaries are also dependent on qualifications, such as a masters or PhD you hold.

Salary you’ll receive each month is part of a package that will included flights, accommodation, health insurance, 1-2 children reduced or free school fees, possible car and other benefits.

Teachers pension contributions also by employer.

Head of department teachers positions in 2018 between 14000-20500 AED per month.

Teacher salaries in Indian schools in Dubai and a few other local schools start at 3000 AED to 9000 + for teachers.


Good schools have salary and benefits listed on their website.  Yes, also others schools. Notice the difference between overseas and locally hired?

You may have an option to negotiate an accommodation allowance enabling you to find an apartment or villa that you rent.

This is only a good option if you wish to share, have a larger family or on a work visa sponsored by your partner. Why, renting in Dubai is expensive, and the rent allowance offered is always well short leaving you to pay at least 25% of your month’s salary towards rental & utilities payments.


Dubai school teacher requirements

Classroom and senior leadership positions requirements are the same for education & teaching jobs UAE including education qualifications for the post and obtaining a work permit/residency visa.

Also, depends on the school job and level of responsibility.

  • Recent in the past 6 months criminal clearance document from home country, FBi for USA, Disclosure Scotland or DBA for UK
  • 2+ years teaching experience, also newly qualified teachers considered
  • Must have certified, attested and legalized qualifications for visa and work permit regulations
  • Medical check document that has been authenticated
  • A legal need for Dubai classroom teachers is a degree in the subject you’ll teach, and teaching qualification at that age
  • Management and leadership positions requires you to have a masters or doctorate in education or school leadership qualification

Looking to teach in Dubai age 60 +?

Work/residency permit could be obtained on a case by case basis, as there is a shortage of teachers.  You’re perceived as too old and retired at 65.


Subjects you can teach & teacher roles at school

mathematics,    English,    biology,    physics,    chemistry,    art & design,    physical education,     geography,     history,    music,    business & economics,    accounting,   information technology.    French,    Spanish,     Italian,     Arabic,     drama,    design & technology


Teacher jobs role:

head of department,        classroom teacher,        headteacher/principal,         assistant head teacher,         pre school leader,       deputy head teacher,           head of year,        curriculum leader,      school director


Outstanding and very good KHDA school rating

Not all schools in the city of Dubai are the same.

Some have recently opening and others are developing. Each place of learning are inspected for quality of learning, management, grades, facilities and other standards that a school must meet before being awarded a certain grade.

KHDA is a government run school inspection that provides reports to a school and for parent access. Some top schools in Dubai:

  • Repton School: Independent & day boarding school in Nad Al Sheba.  The good facilities, teaching & leadership are based on their school in Derbyshire England.  A British school curriculum is offered to international students
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School: Located in Al Safa providing an England & Wales education. Foundation stage classes run from 7.30 am -12.30 pm
  • Kings Schools: Located in Umm Suqeim & Nad Al Sheba with a good reputation in the city among parents and students. British curricula with male & female students from 3-11 and 3-18 years
  • Dubai College: Situated in Al Sufouh . Provide an education from the English National Curriculum.  Secondary school pupils from year 7 to 13
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School: Part of the Gems Group of schools. Children from the start of their education at foundation to last year of school at 18 years places are offered
  • GEMS Wellington International School: Another one of the well run schools in the city respected by students, parents and teachers in Al Sufouh area

Of course, other good schools offering education based on British, Canadian, USA and India are in the city. Conduct you’re own research.


Pros & cons for teachers working and living in Dubai

Good                                                                                                                                  Not so good

Salaries paid in local currency each month tax free                                                  Schools vastly differ in wage & benefits paid

Contracts are renewable enabling you to teach for many years                             An employer can cancel your contract & sponsorship at very short notice

City of Dubai has may culture, leisure and shopping facilities                                 Clothing, food, utilities are expensive similar to other world leading cities

Cosmopolitan city open to single people and families                                              Culture, rules & laws not so open as western countries, such as dating

Children in class are mainly well-behaved and work & study                                   A few children challenge normal encouragement & behaviour strategies

Many good schools with structured learning and management                             Teacher support could be below expectations, that could be autocratic

Good schools run training and enhancement programmes                                    No CPD or low quality that could mean you do not develop as a teacher


Teaching English in Dubai

Esl and English teacher jobs in Dubai at international schools spread out around the city are sometimes advertised.

Working 25 hours class time plus you would be teaching 3-18 years beginner to advanced English classes to children at a school.

Qualifications required for language teachers of English are native English speaker, CELT or at least a Tefl certificate.  Employers may also ask for a master’s degree in English or linguistics, they can pick whom to employ.


Benefits and salaries for English teachers in Dubai

All schools should help with medical insurance, basic wage per month and possible accommodation.

Between 8000 to 15000 AED paid per month depending on experience and qualifications. Being locally hired where you’re already sponsored by a partner is beneficial to you and you’re employer as it cost less to employ you.


Accommodation and transport in Dubai

Teaching in DubaiAn apartment or villa is provided by almost all international schools and other state education providers, single or shared. Dubai teacher accommodation ranges in size and standards depending on your employer, and many places for teachers are a distance away from schools.

An accommodation allowance is also payable instead, although renting is expensive in the city. Did you know that 12 months rent paid in advance is normal practice. Working & living in Dubai as a teacher means moving around the city include:

Metro over ground rail network

Modern air-conditioned regular public buses

Car lease. Hire or you can buy a vehicle as a resident

Boat as a pleasure trip and a small boat for leisure


Dubai health care system

Education Jobs in DubaiEmployers give a health card for private medical facilities. Medical treatment can be very high quality, but expensive. Check with your employer if it is full benefits or standard, or even lower coverage.  You’re medical care needs or provided, well mostly all if you need care and help, through insurance.


Dubai area facts

Population: 1,942,032 million, estimate
Area size: Metro area about 1,287.4 km² (497.1 sq mi)
Currency: Dirham
Language: Arabic
Time: + 3 GMT winter time
International dialing code: + 971
Climate: October to May hot & sunny. June to September very hot with little rain Dubai City Code: 4


Where to find school teacher vacancies in Dubai    

Vacancies are available all year round at present as demand for good teachers continues with more students attending schools in the city area.

Should you wish a job in Dubai Metro, Nad Al Sheba, Al Safa, Umm Suqeim or other locations search on the internet or jobs on this website.

Before accepting one of the many teaching jobs in Dubai, educators moving abroad should conduct a lot of research.

Ask yourself, is this the right move for me now, and for my future.


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