Teaching in Germany Salary

Teaching in Germany Salary 2023

Accepting and starting a teaching job in Germany at an international school means a new chapter in you’re life and a chance to save for the future and retirement planning.

American schools in Frankfurt, Bonn, and Munich to British schools in Berlin, Cologne all have independent salary scales they pay class teachers, HOD’s & senior leadership.

There’s at least 11 US curriculum and numerous British curriculum international schools around Germany suitable for your lifestyle, budget and saving potential, although living in cities expect a higher cost of living.

Teaching in Germany salary & benefits

Primary & secondary British & United States international school teacher in salary Germany €35,000 to €55,000 per annum 2023 F/T depending on experience before tax & social insurance. Teacher benefits could include:

  • Relocation allowance including flight to Germany up to 1,500 euros for single teachers
  • Company pension enrolment
  • Subsidised travel card or payment for public transport
  • Sports club membership
  • Discounted school meals
  • Settling in allowance
  • Housing support including short term temporary accommodation

Relocation allowance and support in applying for residency, work permit and teaching approval provided to all new teachers recruited outside Germany.

Germany early years teacher salary at international private schools around €28,000 to €42,000 per annum full time depending on location. Lower grade student’s parents are charged less fees resulting in a lower budget for teacher salaries.

Monthly teacher salaries is paid in Euros into a German bank of you’re choice.

Each school offers a contract on a fixed term 2 year basis; afterwards it can be extended for another 2 or mutual agreement a permanent contract.

Salary package questions

How are salaries decided for teacher in Germany?

All international schools located in Germany operate an internal pay scale where you receive a basic salary based on number of teaching years experience & possible qualifications.

School salaries are paid is gross with deductions for social security, health, unemployment & disability. German government pension contributions are also taken before you receive you’re net salary in a nominated German bank account.

 teacher in Germany

Should the school offer a private pension as part of a salary package the school contributes & you so you’ll have a German state & private pension if you spend enough time teaching at the school.

Highest salaries for teachers are offered in cities from: Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hannover, and Bad Homburg, although living expenses are higher.

School working hours

Work hours physically at school expect at least 9am-6pm that includes lessons, planning time, duties, meetings & training and after school club & activities for the salary paid.

As it’s a private school you’ll get 2 days off a week, although boarding duties and school trips could mean weekend working occasionally.

Holidays and days off

American and British private school in Germany academic year is around 36 weeks for students and teachers split into 3 terms. Expect I week October, 2-3 weeks Christmas/new year, 2 weeks + Easter, February & May 1 week each, 6 weeks over summer.

Days off also included German national one day public holidays in the year.

Contract of employment

Schools offer initial contracts for around 2 years renewable that includes a probation period of up to 6 months. Permanent contracts are offered after you’re first 2 teaching years by schools.

Relocation to Germany

Private international schools in Germany normally provide a relocation package that differs by each school. A flight from a foreign country, baggage allowance and settling in allowance could be offered part of the overall salary package.

Finding and paying for a house or apartment yourself you should expect along with paying for utilities, internet and property taxes in Germany.

Accommodation offered is possible if a boarding school or you’re expected to be at the school during the night and day.

Work visa and residency permit

You’re responsible for applying for a work permit and Germany residency with the sponsorship of the school. Visa application guidance the school will provide, although be prepared for a list of documents and various requirements, all authenticated & in German to be approved a work visa, residency & work permit as a non EU citizen.

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