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Teaching in Asia

Discover for yourself the Asian continent by teaching in Asia for a number of years or short 6 months contract. Contrasting in nature, environment, climate and culture teaching in Asia provides a wealth of choices during evening and weekend leisure time.

While not teaching use some of your spare time to visit a bustling street market in Taiwan and eat an evening meal with the locals. You could also take a boat ride across the Hong Kong bay to Macau or to Happy Valley Racecourse.


Teaching in Asia

Teaching in Asia

Countries on the Asian continent include Mongolia, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, India and many more.

Why not teach for a year or two in one country and experience teaching in another country in Asia

Teaching and education jobs in Asia at nursery, primary and secondary schools operated by the government and international schools can be obtained in Malaysia, Korea and Taiwan and China.

Further your career progressing to a management position or more relaxing post as a classroom teacher in China.  Teach English or your own specialist subject to school students in one of the many international or government public schools in Asia.

Relax on warm sandy beaches; take a day trip hiking in the hills or a short plane ride to another close by Asian country such as Singapore or the Philippines.


Asia country guides

Below has a growing list of country guides for Asia providing summary information. Discover what is required for a visa application, salaries and benefits for teachers in specific countries.



One country in Asia where tigers room free in the jungle.  Malaysia attracts people from around the world for the countries scenic nature.



Secure a job China teach in one of the many school



School subject teachers Thailand and English teachers for children around the country


South Korea

South Korea  public and independent school jobs for qualifying teachers



Taiwan Government school jobs on the island



International school or teach English in Vietnam language schools



Teach in Indonesia international schools, and independent state sector education


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