Teaching in Brazil

Teaching in Brazil As a country. Brazil is large and located in the southern part of South America. In recent years, the country has become more developed and continues to be popular for teaching in Brazil or for visitors.  There are teaching jobs for qualified teachers and lecturers and other educators in state and private schools, government departments, one of many universities and private language schools teaching English in Brazil.

Requirements teaching in Brazil

Typical requirements for teaching jobs and education positions for teachers in Brazil

  • Police clearance background certificate dated with the last six months from your home country for your education employer and immigration. Work visa application requirements and for any public and private schools as well as universities.
  • Translated into Portuguese, all certified and attested qualifications.  For all posts in education.  This is for the employer to check your qualifications and for them to apply for a work permit.
  • Native English speaker applying for positions delivered in English. Helps with obtaining a work visa.
  • A degree standard of education helps secure a job and work permit.
  • Qualified to teach that age range, certainly for nursery and primary school teachers.
  • Certificate to teach English as a second language, or a degree in English if teaching English in a training centre, college or university.
  • Medical examination for immigration requirements.
  • Contracts from 6 months to years that can be renewable depending on a work visa.
  • References

Some language schools around the country and international schools will employ you without a teaching certificate although to obtain a teaching permit and residence you basically require a number of years of experience teaching including what the government legally requires you to have for teaching in Brazil.

To work legally in Brazil, you will require a work visa, work permit, social security number and residency permit, which starts with your Brazil sponsor offering you a job position.

Check with the Brazil embassy or consulate in your home country as different nationalities have varied requirements for obtaining a work permit. Your sponsor will require paying £100s for all your legal paperwork, and takes time to process.

You can apply in your own country or fly out on a tourist visa that last for 3 months and a possible extension for a further 3 months (For all western countries and some others).  In the meantime, the 6 months allows you to find a job and complete the required process for your work permit and residency.

A fairly good education system for all levels at primary, nursery school to university level teachers and lecturers in higher education have an opportunity to advance their career in a different environment.

Brazil teaching Opportunities

Public School: State education provided to children of school age. Teaching and training standard vary depending on location from inner cities, towns and rural schools.

University: There are 100’s of universities in Brazil and lecturer positions as well as professor post are advertised each month for all subject areas.

College Level: Post school age teaching vocational or academic subjects. Portuguese speakers have a much better chance of obtaining a job teaching other subjects other than languages, although jobs are advertised for foreign national lecturers.

International Schools: Good number of fee-paying schools around the country to accommodate local the international community of children as well as local children.  Teachers should be qualified from their own country with relevant experience as per employer and work visa requirements. No two schools are the same, one could be teaching a USA curriculum another Australia and the next a French curriculum.

Language Schools: Teaching English or another language.

Teaching in Brazil you can work for the government who advertise education jobs and teaching jobs for schools, colleges and universities throughout the year in national and international press and online popular websites.

Brazil Teacher Salaries

Each employer has their own pay scales and your salary will depend on factors such as expertise, experience, location and type of organisation.

Country facts of Brazil

Population: 186 million approximately

Area size:   Area: 8,511,965 Sq km or 3,290,000 sq miles (Brazil Government)

Capital: Brasilia

Language: Portuguese

Electricity: 110 – 220 Volts

Currency: Real (R$)

Time Zone:  -3, -4 GMT

Emergencies: Civil Police 190

Climate: Mostly tropical or semi tropical weather and temperate in the south with milder and rain in the north during winter

International dialling code: +55, Rio de Janeiro (21)

Long distance Intercity Calls via Operator T101

Directory Enquiries T102

Getting Around Brazil

Depending on your location greatly affects your choice of transport.  Car, taxi or bus. You can lease a car or buy and drive a car, with the proper local driving licence or international driving licence.

Buses in towns and cities are most popular.

Brazil Health Care

Always obtain full medical insurance before leaving your own country as you will require paying for your own medical expenses if you become ill in Brazil. You and some employers provide basic medical cover, although this may not cover the entire costs of medical cover.


Many international schools provide accommodation as part of your employment package although employers from state schools, universities and other organisations in the majority do not provide accommodation.

Good idea to ask where the accommodation is and find out how to get to your work.  Some employers pay an accommodation allowance if you wish to rent yourself.

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