Teaching in Dubai primary school

Teaching in Dubai Primary School (An Insight)

Dubai as a city has many private schools capable of offering school children education. As a primary class teacher you’d be a facilitator of learning to young children 5-11 years old from the local community and kids from countries around the world.

Coming from the USA or UK school education system you’ll like the smaller class sizes, no tax on salary, warm weather and Dubai as an international cosmopolitan city.

How do I become a primary school teacher in Dubai?

Requirements to teach in Dubai documents and qualifications

  • Qualified primary school age teacher qualification BEd, PGDE, PGCE, BA, MEd.
  • 2 + years experience post qualification as a primary teacher of students 5-12 year old.
  • Specialist maths, science and music teachers require a degree in the subject.
  • Criminal clearance police background check dated 6 months or less.
  • Qualifications and documents authenticated and legalised at the UAE embassy.
  • Medical check including chest x ray and blood tests.
  • Secure a work visa and residency permit to work & live in UAE. (When in Dubai)
  • Sign a 1-3 year work contract with the school employer in Arabic & English translation.

International school primary curriculum

You have a choice to teach at a British, USA, Indian or other school teaching a countries national curriculum, although it’s modified to suit the school and education department requirements.

At an international school in Dubai that delivers the British national curriculum for England and Wales you’ll follow on, and build upon a child’s from 3-5 year old foundation early years learning.

Children are taught and learn in 2 stages, key stage 1 (5-7 year old) & key stage 2 (7-11 year old).

Classes in PE, Computing, Music, Arabic, and Islamic Studies are taught by another specialist subject teacher.

Key stage one school curriculum (Years 1-2)

Core subjects taught mathematics, English, & science. Other lessons include technology, geography, art, music, history, physical education, UAE social studies & moral education.

All Muslim students are also taught Islamic Studies & Arabic language.

Key stage two (Years 3-6)

Core and other subjects taught are broadly the same as key stage one, although you as a teacher would continue to build on prior learning.

Subjects: History, art, English, science, design and technology, mathematics, Geography, IT, social studies & moral education, music and PE.

Arabic, Islamic Studies is taken by Muslim students.

Depending on you’re experience as a teacher of primary you have a choice of curricula you wish to teach.

There’s a total of 17 country curriculums authorised in Dubai for private school use according to Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) including British curriculum, International Baccalaureate (IB), Indian curriculum (CBSE and ICSE). Swiss and American curriculum.

Dubai primary school teacher salary

Dubai primary school teacher salary

Qualified and experienced foreign overseas primary classroom teachers in Dubai salary & benefits package 2023 includes basic wage 8,500-16,000 per month depending on experience and qualifications. Benefits include:

Free furnished single apartment or house accommodation supplied by the school or possible housing allowance.

  • Electric, gas and water utilities paid by the school.
  • Medical insurance coverage.
  • Return flight each year and possible baggage allowance.
  • One month end of contract gratuity for each year worked.

Primary year leader Dubai salary per month between Dh12,000 and Dh16,000.

Teacher’s school classroom Dubai

As a fee paying private school a primary teacher in Dubai is given they’re own classroom to teach all year.

Two significant benefits you as a teacher of primary school children receive is a class size of up to 22 students, and a well equipped classroom to deliver imaginative & excellent teaching & learning.

All teachers have access to TV, interactive smart board & projector, white board, and other equipment.

One bilingual Arabic/English teaching assistant is assigned to each classroom of primary children to support students learning, and team teach with you as a teacher.

Students you teach at a Dubai private international school

Nationalities of students in you’re primary class will include local Dubai children and students from a number of countries.

You teach in English at a British or American curriculum school, although be prepared as you’ll encounter some language barriers as most children in you’re class will be English as a second language speakers.

Specific age group, key stage or year you can choose to teach, for example a year 5 teacher.

Depending on age of school children you’ll teach with a variety of visual aids, classroom technology combined with effective learning methods and teaching strategies will result in excellent student learning.

International school primary teacher day in Dubai

Working as a primary school teacher in Dubai will involve early morning starts where school assembly begins at 07.00 followed by class tutor time before the first lesson around 07.40, although times vary slightly.

You’ll arrive prepared for each lesson for the day, and set up you’re classroom ready for pupils to arrive for register attendance check. Get all resources ready for the day, such as teaching aids and any printing of work sheets & handouts.

As a Dubai primary teacher you have free time in the day for lesson preparation where you’re class will be taught by a specialist subject teachers including music, Islamic Studies & Arabic.

Teachers school day in Dubai

Teacher’s school day in Dubai

07.00 School assembly (Whole school or primary section)
Tutor time in class & register student’s attendance
First lesson
Second lesson
Morning break for students
Third lesson
Fourth lesson
Lunch time
Lesson five
Lesson six
14.00 academic class finishes
14.00-16.00: After school extra curricula activities clubs children can choose to attend and participate (Twice a week). All teachers are required to offer and participate in a club of your choosing from sport, activities, reading or games.

Google classroom resources or another online portal is used to upload primary school learning materials from your classes enabling you’re students and parent’s access.

Teachers are also required to attend primary department meetings, training and whole school training after school when required.

School week in Dubai is from Sunday to Thursday each week, and you receive Friday & Saturday off working around 35-40 hours per weeks in school.

Occasionally all class primary teachers require attending parents evenings 3-4 times a year, and school events during the academic year.

Holidays and term times follow UK, USA and Canadian calendar school time off. As a teacher you’ll have around:

  • One week off in October.
  • 2 weeks holiday at new year.
  • 1-2 weeks off school during Easter.
  • 6-7 weeks summer holiday.

Demand in Dubai for school primary teachers

Demand in Dubai for school primary teachers

Teachers who are qualified to UAE (KHDA) standards, good learning facilitators, and enthusiastic are welcome. Demand for primary school teacher’s for Dubai. UAE schools are ever present as the population grows in the city, and more young children requiring quality private education.

Large international school groups and individual private schools always each year hire hundreds of excellent teachers for their schools throughout Dubai City.

Western primary teachers from Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada & UK are highly regarded for they’re:

  • Educational knowledge.
  • Teaching & learning skills for early years, key stage 1 & 2.
  • English language native ability.
  • Experience in the classroom at primary school age 5 to 11 years old.
  • Specialist in delivering recognised curricula, such as primary England National Curriculum in UK.

Primary teacher job title & career progression

As a classroom primary school teacher you have no management responsibilities, and will report to key stage 1 & 2 leaders, deputy head and head of primary.

Positions become available occasionally allowing good teacher’s career progression opportunities.

Primary deputy headteacher role & responsibilities including school department improvement lead, assessment of teachers and curriculum coordination through early years to primary key stage 1 & 2, while supporting the head teacher.

Availability of international school primary class teacher jobs is fairy good as teachers Dubai to move home or the UK for a teaching job in London as theirs demand for qualified UK primary teachers.

A primary headteacher is responsible for leading outstanding teaching & training, primary school strategy, planning & implication, recruitment and teacher appraisals.

Teachers can choose to become a general primary class teacher of a range of subjects from English, history, maths, science or specialise in a specific subject.

  • Dubai primary school English teacher to students aged from 5 to 11 years old whereby you’d develop children’s speech, vocabulary and overall understanding of the English language.
  • Arabic language & Islamic Studies teacher to school pupils in the primary school department.
  • Specialist mathematics teacher.
  • Computing & IT teacher where you’d deliver specialist teaching and learning to children from 5-11 years old.
  • Primary music school teacher instructing students on how to use and play instruments.

Dubai school housing teachers accommodation

Teaching couples and single teachers are allocated an apartment living accommodation that’s owned by the school or when they’ll rent apartments or houses for teachers with families in Dubai City.

Housing for a teacher can be 30 minutes commute each day to the school, although you can travel by Metro Rail, bus or drive if getting a car.

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