Teacher in Dubai school

Teaching in Dubai International School

Dubai is a popular destination for tourists, sports fans and teaching in Dubai international schools from UK, US, Canada.  Situated in the gulf, United Arab Emirates (UAE) the city is a well-developed cosmopolitan fairly large area with good public transport.

Education and teaching jobs in Dubai school careers are available from nursery, primary and secondary school. You’ll need the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience to teach at one of the many private schools.

To teach in Dubai you require being a qualified teacher with a 3-4 year bachelor degree in the subject and or BEd, MEd, PGDE, PGCE qualification. International school salary is 8.500-20,000 AED per month + benefits and you should be aged under 60 years old.

Teach in Dubai international school

Dubai coast line

Dubai fee paying international schools provide an education to local school pupils and expatriate children. Education in Dubai at private schools is good with curriculums from different countries from nursery to sixth form offered including American, British or international Baccalaureate (IB) curricula.

How competitive is teaching in Dubai? Fair amount, as parents & schools expectations are high looking for excellent teaching & learning from all teachers.

Dubai private education provides very good teaching & education where they have well equipped classrooms & facilities, and experienced & excellent qualified teachers are hired. American schools recruit US teachers or Canadians, where British schools hire UK teachers that have experience with teaching the UK national curriculum.

One or more IGSE, AS, A level, USA American common/core, IB Baccalaureate is offered to students to study and for you to teach.

Teachers from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa are also teaching nursery, primary and secondary subjects in Dubai, although schools will try to employ teachers that are specialist in the curricula delivered first.

Exam board and papers from Edexcel, & AQA, IB in British schools are followed for teaching content & topics for students to learn and gain final grades at 16, 17 or 18 years old.

Schools where foreign teachers work start classes in late August or early September for students, although you’ll arrive 1-2 weeks before to settle in and induction.

School teachers in Dubai receive two days off Friday and Saturday each week. Classes start early and you’re expected in school before 7 am and continue to 2-30 pm. Holidays for students & teachers are around 7 weeks in summer 2 weeks at Easter and 2 weeks off for new year.

Dubai teacher required qualifications

Foreign school teacher requirements to teach in Dubai require a 4 year BEd, MEd or 3-4 year degree in the subject to teach and qualified teacher status with PGDE or PGCE teacher training qualification with 1-2 years teaching experience. Also teachers require:

  • Full medical check up.
  • Police clearance background from your home country dated within the last 6 months.
  • Qualified teacher certification for the age of students you’ll teach.
  • Undergraduate degree in the teaching subject that was studied face to face.
  • Senior leadership teacher positions require a master in education or above or school leader qualification.
  • Native English speaker or English at level 6-7 for American and British schools.
  • All qualifications and documents require to be authenticated and legilised.
  • Eligible for the right to work & live in Dubai.

Document process and time taken can be from 6-10 week to gather a criminal police check, full medical and get all documents authenticated and legalised for the school to start the process of sponsorship in Dubai. Once in UAE it will take you and the school 6 weeks for issue of work & residency permits & medical insurance card.

See: Dubai international school teacher requirements

  Qualification for nursery teacher in Dubai

School teacher salary Dubai

International school teachers are paid in 2022 a salary from 8,500 to 20,000 AED per month + benefits depending on years of teaching experience, qualifications and Dubai school.

Teacher’s wages are tax free and you also receive as part of you’re salary package free accommodation or allowance, flights, utilities paid, gratuity and 1-2 free tuition place for children. Dubai schools pay teacher salaries in local AED currency into you’re nominated bank in UAE each month.

Majority of private schools have a fixed wage amount they’ll pay teachers according to they’re salary scale. For stem English, physics, chemistry, biology shortage subject teachers or senior management it’s possible to negotiate a little as you’re a valuable in demand teacher.

No pension contribution payments are given, so teachers require saving money for their latter life from they’re yearly teacher wages.

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School teacher opportunities

Secondary high school and elementary/primary teaching jobs to 5-18 year old students are available each year. Nursery/Kindergarten schools jobs: As a nursery teacher you’ll be looking after and help develop the speech & learning of children from 3-5 years old.

Education jobs and non teaching opportunities are offered to classroom teaching assistants or nursery nurse post or early years teaching role at international schools. Admin jobs, business manager, reception posts and IT technician jobs are also possible in schools for people with the skills and right to work in Dubai.

Subjects you can teach at schools in Dubai

MathematicsEnglishChemistryBiologyArt & design
Physical education (PE)GeographyMusic
Business & economicsDramaSpanishFrenchItalian
ArabicInformation technologySocial studiesDesign & technologyIslamic studies
School subjects for Dubai teachers

Leadership teacher job roles in Dubai schools

Head of departmentAssistant head teacher
Pre school leaderHead of year
Curriculum leaderDeputy head teacher
Head of secondaryHead of primary
Principal/headteacherSchool director
School management teaching positions

Outstanding and very good KHDA International school ratings

  • Repton School: Independent & day boarding school in Nad Al Sheba.  The good facilities, teaching & leadership are based on their school in Derbyshire England.  A British school curriculum is offered to international students.
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School: Located in Al Safa providing an England & Wales education. Foundation stage classes run from 7.30 am -12.30 pm.
  • Kings Schools: Located in Umm Suqeim & Nad Al Sheba with a good reputation in the city among parents and students. British curricula with male & female students from 3-11 and 3-18 years.
  • Dubai College: Situated in Al Sufouh . Provide an education from the English National Curriculum.  Secondary school pupils from year 7 to 13.
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School: Part of the Gems Group of schools. Children from the start of their education at foundation to last year of school at 18 years places are offered.
  • GEMS Wellington International School: Another one of the well run schools in the city respected by students, parents and teachers in Al Sufouh area

KHDA is a government run school inspection that provides reports to a school and for parent access. KHDA stand for Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

Not all schools in the city of Dubai are the same.

Some have recently opening and others are developing. Each place of learning are inspected for quality of learning, management, grades, facilities and other standards that a school must meet before being awarded a certain grade.

Of course, other good schools offering education based on British, Canadian, USA and India are in the city. Conduct you’re own research.

Dubai teacher day at an international school

Experienced teachers, with family and younger newly qualified educators will be in the staff room or school subject departments. Teach in Dubai as black teacher, male or female like others are doing with other ethnicity teacher backgrounds as it makes no difference if you’re a good teacher.

You should expect to get up around 05.30 on school days (Sunday-Thursday) to get ready, travel to school and arrive before assembly around 07.00.

Dubai male & female teachers are expected to dress in western smart casual clothing: shirt, trousers & tie or suit for men and woman blouse, & shirt or suit with dress shoes polished at international schools.

Dubai teacher day at school

Getting to the school at least 20 minutes early gives a teacher time to setup the classroom before students arrive for registration, prepare teaching, print work sheets and check any mail for new messages.

07.00 Assembly or class registration

07.30-07.40 first lesson starts

Second lesson

Morning break

Third lesson

Fourth lesson

Lunch break

Fifth lesson

Sixth lesson

14.00-14.30 school academic study finishes

Nursery & primary teachers in Dubai are given they’re own class of students where you teach subjects English, maths, history and science, with specialist teachers taking music and Arabic language. Teaching assistants will also be in each class, especially for younger pupils.

Students are mainly well behaved and motivated; although you’ll require different teaching strategies to keep their attention span so they stay motivated.

Nationality of school students will come from over 30 countries at international school with you having 10-15 pupils from Europe, Asia and Middle East and locals all in the same lesson.

You’ll have plenty time during school days for lesson preparation and use the latest classroom teaching technology, including smart board and other visual equipment.

As a high school secondary teacher you’ll teach a range of students from age 11-18 in you’re specialist subject area. Expect to teach between 23-29 classes per week with less prep, marking homework, and a school duty, such as playground monitor or supervising bus duty. Working hours are at least 35-40 per week at school and you prepare test, marking and CPD.

Dubai primary and secondary international school students are taught co-educational male/female in the same class for all years or all girls or all boys’ segregation with girls and boys sections.

All teachers are required to attend parent evenings, school social events and open days working at an international school.

You’re school day will involve 1-2 days a week participating in extra curricula activities from clubs, games or sports.

As a foreign teacher you don’t require being able to know Arabic or speak the language in British & American curricula school as language of instruction & all school communication is in English.

Is teaching in Dubai stressful? For new teachers it can be as you are learning the skills and knowledge of teaching and learning students effectively. International schools have high expectations in Dubai for students to get good examination grades, as parents pay a lot of money to receive quality education instruction from you as a qualified teacher.

You’re working and living in Dubai as a foreigner having to settle, new surroundings, culture difference, no family & friends from home and meeting expectations of the schools & employer.

Primary school teacher job in Dubai

Pros & cons of teaching living in Dubai

Pros of Teaching in DubaiCons of Teaching in Dubai
Salaries paid in local currency each month tax freeSchools vastly differ in wage & benefits paid
Contracts are renewable so you can teach for many yearsEmployer can cancel contract & sponsorship short notice
Dubai has may culture, leisure and shopping facilitiesClothing, food, utilities are fairly expensive
Cosmopolitan city open to single people and familiesCulture, rules & laws not so open as western countries
Children in class are mainly well-behaved and work & studyChildren challenge normal encouragement & behaviour strategies
Good schools with structured learning and managementTeacher support below expectations or autocratic
Good schools run training and enhancement programmesNo CPD or low quality, no develop as a teacher
Benefits & disadvantages for Dubai teachers

Where to find school teacher vacancies in Dubai

Find teaching jobs in Dubai

Dubai needs teachers as there are hundreds of nursery, primary & secondary school vacancies available all year round as demand for good teachers in Dubai continues with more students attending schools in the city area. It’s fairly easy to get a teaching job in Dubai if you’re fully qualified and a good teacher, especially August/September or in January each year

Search online for teaching & education vacancies on actual Dubai school websites.

Should you wish a job in Dubai Metro, Nad Al Sheba, Al Safa, Umm Suqeim or other locations search on the internet or TES, Guardian, Indeed.ae or through a recruitment agency.

Before accepting one of the many Dubai teaching jobs, educators moving abroad should conduct a lot of research including UAE laws, culture, school rating. Ask yourself; is this the right move for me & family now, and for my personal future & teaching career?

Dubai schools are looking for good educators that will commit to completing they’re contract. Experienced teachers and with family is a benefit to a school as they are seen as more stable.

Disadvantage for you is that some schools see you as too expensive to recruit and sponsor against a single teacher with less teaching experience.

Teach English in Dubai

English as a second language jobs are available if you’re qualified with at least a CELTA or TEFL certificate for nursery schools in Dubai, where as a woman you’ll teach & practice English to 3-5 year olds.

International schools do also recruit ESL teachers to help improve the English language ability of students aged 3-18 years old. ESL teachers can get full time jobs at language schools in Dubai teaching teenagers primary, secondary students after school or teaching adults business English for work purposes.

See Teaching English in Dubai as a woman

Teacher interview

School teacher interview for you will be

  • Face to face at a recruitment event in USA, Canada, Australia or UK.
  • At the school with formal one to one interview and mini teach or in a class.
  • Zoom or Skype interview with the recruiter and or school principal.

Work visa & residency school sponsor

You as a foreigner require a sponsor for a work permit & residency in Dubai and the school employer does this. Benefit is its quick and easy, although a disadvantage is you’re employer cancel the visa anytime, you loss the teaching job and school accommodation.

Another option is sponsorship on husband or wives visa which enables you’re partner to sponsor you in UAE to work legally as a teacher. The advantages are you’re not tied to one school, not asking for permission and more security to work & live in UAE.

A teacher signs a contract with the school for 1-3 years in Arabic and English translation, as this is the only legal contract for employment in United Arab Emirates.


Can I teach in Dubai as a single parent?  Yes, other single mothers & fathers are employed as teachers from overseas by schools that have a child. You’re chances to secure a teacher job is limited as a school see you as more expensive to employ & sponsor. The school will ask “what happens if you’re child is ill” as they don’t allow many days off for this type of issue.

Think also about additional school fees you’ll pay out of you’re teacher’s salary each month if the school only covers 50% reduction, and medical insurance coverage.

Be prepared to be given a one bedroom apartment for you & child to share as Dubai school supplied accommodation as they don’t require paying for up keep of family dependents of teachers, or ask for a housing allowance.

Is Dubai good for teaching?  US & UK international curriculum schools where overseas teachers work deliver a good education, generally well managed, and only hire specialist teachers for each subject. Salaries are tax free with free accommodation & flights, although schools don’t pay any teachers pension contributions that you have in the UK & USA.

Only you can answer this depending on your experience, what type of teaching job you’re looking for and future career goals.

How long do teachers stay in Dubai? A classroom teacher signs a contract between 2-3 years that’s extendable by mutual consent. At least 27-30% teachers leave the school or Dubai moving to another country or school. Some people like the city and others don’t or see their future teaching career somewhere else and resulting in a higher turnover rate of teachers.

Some teachers stay in Dubai for 5, 10, 15 years, especially if they’re promoted to head of department, head of primary or secondary.

School teacher housing

dubai high buildings and road

Teachers live in Dubai apartments, townhouse or villa provided by almost all international schools and other state education providers, single or shared for overseas hired teachers. School housing will be owned by them or where they’ll rent properties and you’re allocated one when you first arrive.

  • Single teachers will receive a one bedroom apartment usually alone, although a few schools only offer shared school housing with another teacher.
  • Families are allocated a 2-3 bedroom apartment or villa depending on family size.
  • Married teacher couples get a one bedroom apartment in Dubai as school provided accommodation.
  • Couples that are unmarried receive separate accommodation, an apartment according to Dubai/UAE co-habiting laws, as couples that aren’t married can’t share the same living space.
  • Single parent teachers in Dubai will be given a 1-2 bedroom apartment depending on the school employer.

Dubai teacher accommodation ranges in size & standard depending on your employer, and many places for teachers are a distance away from your school, up to 45 minute travel each way.

An accommodation allowance is also payable instead from some schools, although renting is expensive in Dubai city and the yearly payment might not cover all monthly expenses.

Did you know that several months rent is paid in advance, which is normal practice with many agents & landlords requesting post dated cheques and 1-2 months house or apartment rental deposit.

See: Teacher accommodation in Dubai

Living in Dubai

The city of Dubai is fairly expensive to live in full time as a teacher; although you can save at least 50- 65% of you’re international school salary each month as you don’t require paying rent, utilities or accommodation service fees. You’re savings will depend if being single, life style budget, and if you have family spending more on food, clothing and schools fees.

For residents and you to live and teach in Dubai it’s safe with next to no crime in the city although sensible precisions should be taken, especially for woman.

Living in Dubai

Dubai culture

Visit during school days off the scenic beauty of the mountains outside of Dubai or experience traditional singing & dancing at events in the city. You as a foreign visitor living and working in UAE should be mindful the country is Muslim with different social ways & customs to western countries.

Alcohol is not allowed to be consumed in public places and woman should cover themselves discreetly walking around in built up & crowded areas. Follow the local laws and respect others and you should have no issues.

Getting around Dubai daily                                        

Working & living in Dubai as a teacher means moving around the city, especially you’re commute to work that could be a 20 drive or 10 minutes by train. City transport available:

  • Dubai Metro over ground rail network to central and some other parts of the city.
  • Modern air-conditioned regular public buses run frequently.
  • Car lease: Hire long term or you can buy a vehicle as a resident once you receive a residency card and get a local Dubai drivers license.
  • Boat pleasure trips and a small boat for leisure you’ll see out in the bay and you can go aboard some that take paying customers.

Health care system Dubai

Employers give a health card for private medical facilities. Medical treatment can be very high quality, but expensive.

Check with your employer if it is full benefits or standard, or even lower coverage. 

You’re medical care needs or provided, well mostly all if you need care and help, through insurance.

Dubai city area facts

  • Population: 1,942,032 million, estimate.
  • Area size: Metro area about 1,287.4 km² (497.1 sq mi).
  • Currency: Dirham.
  • Language: Arabic.
  • Time: + 3 GMT winter time.
  • International dialing code: + 971.
  • Climate: October to May hot & sunny. June to September very hot up to 41C/105F with little rain.
  • Dubai City Code: 4

Should you choose Dubai as your next teaching and living destination short or long term the cities schools and amenities should keep you very well entertained.

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