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Are Teachers in Demand in Dubai 2023 (Schools & Subjects)

Dubai is a well known city in the United Arab Emirates visited by millions of people each year and is home to a large expat community of people living & working from around the world.

According to the Dubai Government the area has around 3.4 million people that live in the city in 2022 temporary & permanently. Single & married locals & resident foreigners have children that require education, where they legally require attending school from age 5 to 15.

Nursery, primary & secondary school teachers are in high demand at private international schools in Dubai in subject’s maths, chemistry, physics, English in 2022. Dubai city private schools continue to expand student rolls keeping up with demand for good education. Qualified teachers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia can teach they’re chosen subject on a contract last 1-3, and renewable.

Teaching is in demand in Dubai

In Dubai private schools that offer a mix of local and international course curriculum international schools have on roll around 200,000 students from nursery to secondary school level. School students are made up of local UAE children and kids that are foreign resident in Dubai with their parents.

Demand for local & overseas qualified teachers has lasted for many years and looks to continue. The Government of Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is constantly looking for ways to improve school education, seeks to improve not only the quality, but develop children’s education understanding as a whole.

There are approximately 148 private schools for foreign & local children in Dubai city area and other government schools where emirates locals attend. There’s around 14 different country and international curricula offered by schools for pupils to study including UK A Level, IGCES, USA, India CBSE, French, Australia, German & International Baccalaureate.

As private fee paying education is popular with a majority of local children, and almost all expat kids have enrolled in pure international or independent schools in Dubai.

Private educational schools have continued to expand to provide places for increasing numbers of children seeking education.

Private international school teaching & learning will continue to be in high demand in the future in Dubai City as its compulsory for kids to attend school, and they wish to learn. The city continues to grow with more houses being built for an expanding population, and increased amount of companies operating in the local desirable city area.

Dubai education system

With you living in Dubai it’s compulsory for all resident local and foreign children to attend school from age 5 to 15 years old.

Parents also have the option of home schooling that is allowed & legal in the city according to KHDA with some education related support given in relation to study material, and you’re child is registered.

Dubai has a good education system for students and for you to teach, although a significant portion of the local children go to international school as parents choose overseas curriculum over Dubai national school curriculum.

Foreign qualified teachers are not only in demand, their also respected as good educators. Parents perceive private independent & international schools provide a better education standard of curriculum in English as well as the overall teaching & learning student experience.

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Does Dubai need teachers?

There’s an ever increasing demand for local and foreign teachers in Dubai schools as the population increase resulting in more children requiring education. Both male and female teachers are required for co-educational and for separate all girl or boys schools.

Specialist qualified and experienced teacher are needed in Dubai at nursery, primary and secondary school key stages.

3 stages private education schools

  • Nursery (Early childhood education (age 2–5 years)
  • Primary/elementary school (5–11/12 years)
  • Secondary school (ages 11-18 years)

A nursery school requires hiring trained teachers with appropriate skills and qualifications according to the Dubai education department rules.

You’ll be teaching young kids up to 5 years old on a full or part time contract at a nursery school or in the kindergarten department of an international school.

Teachers for primary students age 5-12 are in high demand from different countries to educate children in private school curricula specific to what a certain school offers. Advertised classroom education jobs you’ll see are for you to teach at US, UK, and Indian schools in Dubai according to you’re experience, skills & abilities.

Secondary pupil teachers for age 11-18 years old are the most in demand school educators in Dubai as you’re specialist subject knowledge is highly regarded and wanted.

Private schools hire qualified USA, Canadian, Australian, and UK experienced teachers to teach a certain subject towards students receiving good examination grades.

Dubai school teacher turn over is fairly frequent for different reasons

  • Foreign teachers are employed on short term 1-3 contracts that can be renewed.
  • Educators go to the UAE emirate to experience teaching & living there and then move to another country.
  • Find they don’t like living in Dubai and move back home to teach.
  • Personal circumstances change, such as a teachers family wants to move back home.
  • Home sick or missing out on social life not available in the city or country.
  • Better or more opportunities for career development, training or advancement.

Is it easy getting teacher job in Dubai? Yes, although you need to be fully qualified for the position you’re applying, possess skills & good teacher attributes, as well as at least 1-2 years experience delivering that certain curriculum.

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What teachers are in demand in Dubai?

School teachers that are qualified and experienced in they’re specialist subject or key stage are always in high demand, and will be in the future in Dubai private schools. Subjects and education stages include:

  • Mathematics teachers at primary & secondary school.
  • Secondary physics teachers.
  • Biology teachers.
  • Chemistry teachers.
  • Computing & information technology
  • English, French.
  • Early education teacher.
  • Primary school teacher KS1 & 2.
  • Special education teaching.
  • Head of department.
  • Head teachers for secondary & primary sections.
  • School principal.
  • Arabic & Islamic studies subjects.
  • History & geography.
  • Physical education.
  • Music.
  • Economic, management & business.

School types offering opportunities for teacher

Parents have a choice where they can enroll their child according to age and nationality. Indeed, teachers can also choose to teach at a secondary, nursery or primary school in Dubai.

International & independent school

Many fee paying international schools for school students offer 5-18 year olds to learn a range of core subjects and chosen electives toward examinations.

Each school chooses to offer a certain curricula from a country or a combination including UK, USA, IB, French, Indian, Swiss, German, and Canadian education systems & examinations.

All private school students’ parents require paying term tuition fees and other annual expenses. Pupils first take entrances examinations in the language of instruction, maths, English and sciences questions to be offered a place at the school.

Some school in Dubai are seen as better by than others by parents & teachers for private education, and not all pupils that apply will be offered a place as there’s limited spaces available each year.

Nursery school

From toddlers to kids before joining big school at 5 years old a curriculum is offered for local and expat children for a certain amount of hours per week.

Practitioners and qualified nursery teachers are in demand to deliver teaching & learning to early education kids working as a team with assistants.

Deciding to apply and teach in a Dubai nursery you’ll need to be a qualified teacher from you’re home country. You’ll also require meeting other employment criteria, and be female only according to law in Dubai and UAE as a whole.

Dubai public school

All resident children can enroll in public schools in Dubai as well as local emirate children where the Dubai government offers students a curriculum tailored to their education, cultural values, language and society.

There are less teacher jobs for foreigners in government schools as classroom roles are offered and given to local teachers that are qualified.

Local Dubai citizens get free education, although all foreign children’s parents require paying school fees.

Language school

Language centres that offer tuition in English, French, Mandarin, Spanish and others to young children to adults and business are used all year round. As a language teacher you would be delivering lessons in you’re native language at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

School children receive extra language instruction at institutes to help with English language lessons, examinations, university admission, and future study abroad at an overseas university.

Teachers in Dubai language schools are employed to teach English in groups or one to one to local business people requiring instruction for daily business communication that’s conducted also in English & Arabic.

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Times of year Dubai teachers are recruited and start

Demand for teachers at schools in Dubai is all year round, although classroom educators & management start in August/September or January for private schools.  Recruiting starts at least 6-8 months before the start of the new school year for independent & international school in December-January starting the following August.

Searching online for jobs or with recruitment companies you’ll see various vacancies at classroom level to school leadership teaching positions at other times of the year. Why, Dubai schools each year don’t attract enough teachers to fill all vacant teaching opportunities.

Nursery schools also recruit for starting in August/September although roles are available all year round. Language institutes recruit teachers when a vacancy arises anytime in the year.

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