Teaching in Vietnam International Schools 2023

Popular south East Asia developing country with language & international schools attracting teachers from around the world. Licensed teachers will find most opportunities for teaching in Vietnam international schools in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to teach a specialist subject.

Teaching jobs in Vietnam international schools & nurseries or can be a government school with English ESL teaching jobs.

Teaching in Vietnam international school teacher requirements

To obtain a 2023 work visa and residency permit you require:

  • BA/BSc degree or above in a relevant subject.
  • Medical check in Vietnam, thus medically fit in Vietnam.
  • Qualified school teacher certification such as BEd, PGDE, PGCE.
  • 2-3 years plus teaching experience at the age you would be teaching.
  • 2 good teaching references.
  • Under 65 years old. (Some teachers in 2020 received work permits 61+).

All documents require to be authenticated and legalised to apply for a work permit and residency.

(Fluent non native speakers have a chance of a visa, only if shortage of native speakers).

Salary Vietnam school teacher & benefits

Vietnam international school class teachers salary (US $2000 -$4,900) month 2023 depends on experience and students age. Salary package includes:

– Accommodation or allowance paid by schools.                 

– Teaching hours around 25-28 hours with 2 days off weekly.     

– 2 days of per week, national and summers holiday’s.

– Paid flight or reimbursed.                                                     

– Annual and national and paid holidays.

– One or two free school places for children or heavily discounted.

– Medical insurance cover.                                                  

– Possible performance bonus.

International schools in Vietnam

There are a growing number of international schools in Vietnam where local and overseas expat children attend, mainly located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

School students attend nursery, elementary and high school from 3 to 18 years old from August to the following June each year.

International schools start around 07:30 – 16:30 between Monday to Friday and one hour after school extra curricula activities.

Some schools have up to 50 different nationalities in a student population of 1200 on roll.

Curriculum offered for students to learn and for you to choose to teach include: American, British, Australian where international schools teach US core or common core, international Baccalaureate, IGCSE, A level and other curricula.

Teacher day at a Vietnamese school

When arriving at the school from 7- 7.30 am students and teachers attend assembly for primary and secondary levels, although a school may have attendance first then assembly.

Teacher timetable can be 50% teaching contact time & 50% planning or 75-80% class teaching and less time lesson planning and marking depending on each school.

You are expected to be ready to deliver highly engaging lessons towards good student examination grades with prepared lesson plans and any work sheet.

Break time in the morning and generally one hour lunch break.

You may attend department meetings, form tutor and many teachers will have school duty such as playground supervisor or school bus controller.

Once the classroom academic teaching has finished you expected to run a club once a week at least from: chess, language, reading, arts & crafts, hobbies or other interest.

Extra curricula activities also extend to sports games after school or students take part in competitive sports games, including representing the school.

All teachers will require keep accurate records of class attendance, homework completion, assessment grades on tests & examinations and complete progress reports.

Teacher parent contact is more involved as international schools in Vietnam are not only fee paying, parents and students expect a better education that local public schools and parents like to be kept informed of they’re child’s progress.


Vietnam international schools attract many local Vietnamese children and also the sons and daughters of expats who live & work in the country.

School students in all age groups have similar learning challenges and focus, although a good teacher can overcome any learning challenges a students.

In you’re classes you may have 22 students from 12-14 different countries, with almost all with English as a second language. Lots of graphic pictures, charts or tables use; Why, the students English will be good, although concepts and meaning understanding may not be the same as native English speaking students.

You’ll require being mindful of different learning styles of each learner in the class, especially students from South Korea, China and Taiwan as they tend not to ask questions and instead copy everything down you write/display or say in a lesson, essentially memorising.

Nationality of teachers wanted by Vietnam schools

NationalitySchool Curriculum
US & CanadianTeachers wanted at US curriculum school
British & IrishUK curriculum schools offering A Level & IGCSE & IB
GermanSchools employ German teachers
FrenchSchools in Vietnam look to recruit experienced teachers from France
AustralianTeachers are actually teaching at Australia, British & IB curriculum schools in Vietnam

When and how to apply for teacher positions in Vietnam

The main season when jobs are advertised to start in August each year is November/December the previous year, 8 months plus before you start, so apply early.

Some teacher posts are available to start in January, usually because someone has left or expanded the school role or course offering.  Occasionally you see jobs advertised by schools midterm also, possibly they are jobs that remained unfilled and been re-advertised.

11 attributes and traits schools look for in potential teachers

  • Experience teaching GCSEs & A-Levels, Australia school curriculum that is taught.
  • Excellent subject knowledge in the area you teach.
  • Clear and understandable communicator at all level.
  • Dress professionally and clean appearance.
  • Abundance of ideas for delivering effective lessons, including teaching methods & strategies.
  • Approachable to fellow teachers, students and parents.
  • You work easily in groups with teachers and school staff members.
  • Look to continuously develop as a person and a classroom practitioner.
  • Positive attitude and willing to share ideas and contribute to the department and school development.
  • Long term teacher that will stay at the school or work for the group for 5 or more years.
  • Outstanding classroom practitioner in the classroom.

Teach English in Vietnam

Best chance to find school jobs are in cities and larger towns. Teaching English in Vietnam locations include:

Bien Hoa        Da Nang      Can Tho       Hai Phong      Buon Ma Thuot      Hue        Nah Trang        Vung Tau

ESL jobs in Vietnam language, international or government school can be obtained throughout the year.

Vietnam school language teacher salary (US$1,000-2,300) monthly according to type of school, hours worked and contract terms.

Teaching in Vietnam

Vietnam English language teacher requirements

English language teacher requirements 2023: Native English speaker with TEFL/CELTA certificate and bachelor degree, clear criminal record check and able to pass a medical once in Vietnam. Teaching experience of 3 years maybe asked for a Vietnam work permit.

You’ll require money to process documents and a flight to the country before you move abroad to Vietnam.

Finance to rent an apartment, deposit, first and last months rent and 5-6 weeks living expenses (minimum) is required.

Almost all jobs for English teachers advertised do not provide accommodation.

Jobs to teach English in Vietnam seem to be offered to people most aged around 21-55, although visa regulations to 65 years old for work permit once in Vietnam.

Older teachers 60+ do get hired for some teaching roles as I have looked for myself in 2023.

As Vietnam develops as a country more jobs are becoming available to foreign teachers.

Before relocating to teach overseas in Vietnam get yourself medical insurance.

Vietnam work permit and residency

In 2023 you’ll require first a business visa that you enter Vietnam or obtain in the country. You with an employer then convert a business visa to a work permit within the first 3 month stay.

Teacher’s can start and continue teaching on a business visa while they wait for a Vietnam work visa to be processed.

Temporary residency card for Vietnam can then be applied with the help of an employer or certain other options although you require to have a current work permit valid for 12 months to apply, or apply for a Vietnamese spouse sponsor if meeting the requirements.

Living in Vietnam as a foreign teacher

Much cheaper cost of living compared to US, Canada, Ireland Australia and UK.

You’ll save a substantial amount of you’re salary each month as accommodation or allowance is included in salary packages and international western teachers are paid very well compared to the local cost of living.

Mild or hot weather with no snow or ice in winter season.

Public food markets where you can buy local grown produce.

Ho Chi Minh City for example population 2021   8,837,544.

According to Expatistan website Ho Chi Minh City September 2021: monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area is around 18,058,500 ₫.

Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in normal area around 8,694,160 ₫.

Single person estimated monthly costs: 30,573,328 ₫ in 2021 with a middle Class living standard.

Get around Vietnam

  • Public buses around town & cities or longer distance.
  • Train.
  • Bicycle.
  • Taxis and Grab.
  • Motorbike & car.
  • Airplane.
Driving in Vietnam

Driving in Vietnam is possible if you apply for a temporary driver’s license in Vietnam.

Apply Hanoi:  Office of Traffic and Public Works.

Apply Ho Chi Minh City: Office of Transportation.

Vietnam driving license or temporary linked to the time on your work permit or visa and you can only apply after 3 months of living in Vietnam with a work permit or valid visa.

Motor vehicle or a motorbike you require certain documents for license conversion:

Copies x 2 of your home country driving license translated and the notarized by a notary in Vietnam

2. Passport and copy of data page & valid visa.

3. Passport size photographs x 3.

4. Completed application for a motorbike or other vehicle  (Download on here).

5. Small processing fee.

Processing time of 5 days or more.

8 Vietnam beaches

Tuan Chau Beach (3 hours travel from Hanoi).

Do Son Beach (2 hours travel from Hanoi).

Vung Tau: Beach very near Ho Chi Minh City.

Can Gio: Black sand Beach.

Phú Quốc: Beaches near Ho Chi Minh City.

Long Hai: Great scenic area.

Nha Trang: Busy are for people.

Doi Duong: Scenic sand dunes area.

Vietnam Beach

Deciding to teach in Vietnam could be a great choice should plan your future career goals and choose the right school for you.

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