Teaching Is a Tough Job to Gain Respect from Students

No one would dare and to name or say teaching is a tough job. But this is just a misconception. Teaching is actually very difficult.

When we talk about the toughest jobs of the world, we think of jobs that are physically strenuous, tiring and hazardous, such as that of a mining engineer or fighter pilots.

Making others understand what you already know and shaping their future is a job of the highest responsibility and difficulty. After all there would be no fighter pilots or mining engineers if there was no one to teach them. This post talks about the various aspects of a teaching job.

Why teaching is a tough job

People working in other professions are often jealous of a teacher’s job due to their long summer break, various other holidays, and for coming home at 3 pm. However, it’s not that easy a ride for teachers.

Lecturers and teachers in state and private sector take their work home. They check assignments and spend their weekends preparing lessons for the coming week. There are other reasons also why teaching is a tough job.

Takes research to understand students

Many teachers are decades older than their students and due to the age difference it takes a whole lot of research to figure out what these students already know and what they need to be taught.

Also, as a teacher you have to focus on holistic learning, i.e not only what they learn inside the school but what they learn outside. You have to keep a tab on their habits, what they watch on tv, internet and what do they read.

Its all about knowing your student and understanding his or her personality so that you can connect on a higher level and impart the best knowledge and learning from nursery to college age.

It’s hard to earn the respect of student

The most important aspect of a teacher’s job is the respect they command. However, in the current times where even students are quite smart to know everything from the internet you have to be extra smart to stay a step ahead, only then you will be able to earn their respect. Being respected for your age is one thing and being respected for your experience & knowledge is another.

If you think being old is enough to command respect which a teacher deserves, then you are in a for a rude shock, as it is simply not enough now a days. Therefore, instead of trying to ‘look’ old and experienced, try to be consistent, fair and reliable.

If you want to be the best teacher your students should take you seriously and for that physical appearance is the last thing that should be on your mind.

Being dependable and knowledgeable is what will help you. Once you earn the respect of your students, the road will be smooth and without any bumps.

Dealing with parents

A big part of a teacher’s career is dealing with the expectations of parents of the students in your classes. Parent teacher relationship is that of mutual trust and understanding and if you as a teacher are not able to invoke confidence in the parent of your student then this would not reflect well on your abilities. It is a difficult task indeed but nevertheless an indispensable part of the teacher’s life.

Sometimes you get to deal with difficult parents but you have to show composure and make them realise that you care about the progress of their child as much as they do.

Your efforts should be sincere and only then can you make them realise that you are as serious about the education of their child as they are.

You will face greater difficulties in the initial days particularly; however, setting boundaries with parents is also necessary unless you want to be stalked all the time by their worrying calls.

Continuous learning

If you are thinking that gaining one degree and teacher training is enough to become a teacher then you will be definitely disappointed in the future.

A teacher’s job is to dissipate knowledge to its students and that requires constant updating of knowledge.

Without gaining learning yourself you cannot impart it to your fellow students.

Therefore, you will have to constantly evolve as a professional and person also. Without your evolution there will be no development of students.

When you apply to a job of teacher or any other related position like assistant professor the recruiter will certainly judge your abilities to learn and interest in continuous development. It is recommended that you keep updating your education with new degrees and certification of your field so that you stay at the top of your game.

Despite all these hardships, a teacher’s role is highly rewarding and satisfying.

A professor’s role in shaping the young minds of the nation is above of everyone else and thus, it is only fair that there should be some strict disciplinary requirements to be fulfilled so that not everyone who thinks of it as an option can become one.

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