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Teach in South America

Teach in South AmericaTropical climate covering a vast continent educators are able to relocate to teach in South America at an international school.  You can also join one of the arranged volunteer or cultural and language programs run by a number of different companies. English Teaching jobs in South America can be obtained from Brazil, Chile, Argentina and other countries.

From Uruguay to Venezuela the South American continent has a population around 386 million people. Languages spoken in the 12 separate nations include: Portuguese in Brazil, Spanish, Quechua, Aymara in Bolivia, Dutch in Suriname and English in Guyana.  Larger land mass countries are Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru.


Opportunities for teachers

Western teachers whose language skills are not Spanish or Portuguese can educate children at a city or town international school in countries such as Columbia, Argentina, Brazil or Chile. Choose from an American, British, France or another curriculum.

You will of course need to be a qualified school teacher for classroom teaching jobs in South America state or international schools.


English language teachers can find a job teaching children at a government state or international school. For people that can speak the local language proficiently further options of teaching your specialist subject are available.

All foreigners that wish to discover South American countries must secure a work and residency permit for the country you will teach in.

Obtaining the required work permit and eventual residency permit can be a lengthy process in Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay, although you can eventually gain permission.  Brazil is one country a western person can fly to the country and be given a 3 month visitor visa, giving you time to get a job and start the work and residency process.

Once you are finally living and teaching you are in for a delight as the continent has a rich history of culture, people, traditions and landscape.

Take a boat trip down the Amazon in Brazil or attend the Rio Carnival, sun bathe on sandy beaches or go out big game fishing of shore.  You can also join other travellers that visit the Inca ruins in Peru or go on one of the jungle treks.  There is so much to do and see I would be doing the continent an injustice trying to explain in words.

Have a look at the basic requirements for lecturers and teachers in Brazil for yourself below by clicking on the flag. This is one continent that where a TEFL can help you can a job at a language school or university in a number of countries.



Requirement for a visa and teaching position in Brazil.



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