Teach in the UK Schools for Overseas Teachers

Did you know there are more than 30,000 primary and secondary schools to teach in the UK from islands, rural areas, villages, towns and cites. 

Majority of teaching jobs UK advertised are with government state funded schools where children compulsory attend free up to 16 years old. Support or admin school education jobs are also plentiful.

School teaching

There are management and classroom jobs in all subject areas for local and foreign teachers of certain subjects.

All lessons are taught in English except for languages and a select few primary and secondary schools deliver lessons in their respective national languages.

Teaching UK pupils in Gaelic in Wales and Scotland require native Gaelic language speaking skills.

Relax, there are very few schools in the UK for Gaelic speakers.

UK teaching jobs at state schools advertised are for local and foreign teachers at primary and secondary schools.

Teach in the UK

Teaching in London, Manchester and other parts of UK, teacher salary, qualifications, jobs, requirements information.

The UK now has a points based system and shortage occupations lists for people that qualify that can apply from around the world to come for teaching in UK schools.

Teaching positions

There are management and classroom jobs in all subject areas for local and foreign teachers of certain subjects.

All lessons are taught in English except for languages and a select few primary and secondary schools deliver lessons in their respective national languages.

Teaching UK pupils in Gaelic in Wales and Scotland require native Gaelic language speaking skills.

Relax, there are very few schools in the UK for Gaelic speakers.

UK teaching jobs at state schools advertised are for local and foreign teachers at primary and secondary schools.

Teach in the UK schools choice

Nursery school     Kindergarten (Pre school 3-5)
Primary school     Elementary school (KS1 + KS2, 5-12 years)
Middle school     10 – 14 years
Secondary school     High school (KS3, KS4, KS5 11-18 years)
Independent school    Fee paying school for 3 to 18 years

Schools in the UK start anywhere from 8.30 am to 9.15 am for primary schools and finish no later than 3.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

The academic year runs from August/Early September too late June middle July depending on Wales & England or Scotland.

Teaching jobs at a primary school in England & Wales or a secondary school in the UK can not be much different to US, Australia, Canada, Finish and western schools globally.  Children are children!

School holiday’s 6 weeks summer, 2 weeks at Christmas/new year, week of each in October and February and time off for Easter break.

Schools expect you to have planned each lesson 5/6 per day, mark children work books, give out homework, conduct assessments, tutor group, parent contact and other school and classroom teacher duties.

UK teaching jobs

There are always many jobs for teachers at UK schools at any time of the year.  A shortage of teachers in England, Scotland and Wales has resulted from not enough people training to become teachers, people moving abroad and teachers changing occupation.

Options for school teacher jobs

Employed directly by a school on a long term full time permanent basis

This would generally be the best option as you would be directly employed by a local government school, free from an agency.  A positive, is head teachers save a lot of money not paying recruitment fees and you can negotiate a slightly higher salary being directly employed.

You would require applying directly to the many UK schools looking for good qualified teachers, especially in core subjects of English, Mathematics, and Sciences.

Just about every subject there is a big shortage of teachers and if you are qualified and a good enough teacher you are hired.  Just try and escape!

Apply for jobs before the start of the academic year two or more months in advance, think about visa and paperwork gathering. You could also start in January at the start of a new tern, although this is a third of the teaching time through the academic year.

Salary is paid according to the teacher’s pay scale in England & Wales or salaries for teachers in Scotland and extra for the number of year’s experience.

With a recruitment teaching agency

How many recruitment agencies in the UK? Lost count! No idea why, but more and more people are choosing to apply for permanent teacher jobs with an agency or doing teaching supply work on a contract basis.

Wages tend to be £120-£160 per day, where you could be assigned to a school for as little as one day or for 3 terms, a full academic year.

I have personally conducted teaching supply in a number of schools, although I preferred a long term teaching contract as you get to know the children, routine, part of the school community and properly plan lessons.

Teaching supply is a good option if you would like to test out a school first before applying for a full time position.  You will find schools offering you a long term or permanent position if you are seen delivery lessons effectively and getting on with the children.

Teaching salary UK

salary UK teacher

A teacher’s salary is taxed with schools paying monthly.  UK teaching agencies pay a teachers wage anything from weekly to monthly depending on the recruitment agency.

Main pay scale for UK teachers is different in Scotland to England and Wales, although all teachers are paid according to experience, responsibility and location.

Specialist mathematics, science and information technology teachers can negotiate a better salary as they are in short supply.

Teachers salaries in and around London are greater to the rest of the country, as London is a more expensive to live.

Teachers pay scale England

Scotland’s school teacher salary scale

Qualifications to teach in UK

You must be a qualified/certified school teacher with a minimum of an undergraduate degree and teacher qualification from your country, such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and Finland.  Also, 2 teaching references and a full criminal record check from your country.

You can teach at primary and secondary schools if you are an overseas trained teacher for a maximum of 4 years.  After that you require to complete an newly qualified teacher (NQT) year to continue teaching in UK schools run by the government.

Overseas teaching qualifications require to be assessed by UK teaching councils

Also you require to register with:

General teaching Council for English & Wales for teaching in Welsh or English state schools.

General teaching Council Scotland for Scottish state schools.

Visa requirements for teaching in UK schools

Shortage occupation list:

Teach in Gaelic language in nursery, primary or secondary school (Scotland only2314/5 .

Secondary school teacher subjects: Computer science, mathematics, science with physics, Mandarin, physics.

See https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/skilled-worker-visa-shortage-occupations

Skilled worker visa

Another option is under Skilled Worker Visa for a teacher in a school education job.

Nursery primary & secondary school teacher (2314 & 2315)

Special education teacher (2016)

See here  UK Government education work visa  

Job in independent school or government run & funded school are eligible.

Requirements include for the 2 options above:

  • Good knowledge of English language.
  • Verified education and other documents.
  • Application fee.
  • Healthcare surcharge payment.
  • Financial means to support yourself  for 4 weeks plus before you’re first salary payment.

Did you know head teachers fly out to places like Australia, Canada and USA to interview and recruit teacher’s

UK school curriculum

Like it or not all school children under 16 years old require to compulsory study certain subjects in UK school at primary and secondary level.

Oh do we have to sir!  Why do we need to learn this sir!

Primary school children in the UK study a broad curriculum, everything from arithmetic, English, physical education/games, science, language, history and other subjects.

Secondary schools deliver compulsory core subject lessons in mathematics, English, Physical education, information technology up to 16 years old.

Pupils also study history, geography, music, language, design & technology, art & design and citizenship.  Last 2 years from 14-16 years pupils can school selection options from this list, although they must study the core options also.

Where do I find teaching jobs

From jobs in London and other parts of the UK search for terms on line such as teaching jobs in England, Scotland or school jobs UK..

Official government website listing education jobs for England.

Scotland education school jobs official website.

Check on UK council (local government) websites.

Teaching agency school jobs.

More information about teaching and to teach in UK schools see the official government website for getting into teaching.  The website provides information for overseas qualified teachers wanted and local teachers for schools.

There are many websites in the UK that list school jobs for teachers.

Wherever you choose to teach in England and at what age level teachers are always in demand

See also    Primary school teaching for a classroom role guide and other early years teacher.

Teaching jobs in London primary & secondary schools

London boroughs make up the inner city and Greater London where there are many state and independent schools. Teaching jobs in London secondary & primary schools for Qualified & NQT teacher’s.

Education jobs and school teaching in London are from nursery early years 3-5 or KS1-5 to 18 years old.

London 32 boroughs and City of London

Schools are big and small in the 32 boroughs and City of London including: Havering, Westminster, Hackney, Kensington & Chelsea, Islington, Brent, Camden, Corydon, Redbridge, Richmond, Enfield, Richmond, Clapham.

One of the globally recognised cities with millions of permanent and temporary residents. Many people also travel into London each day to work or for other reasons.

A London teacher allowance is paid according to the outer or inner London borough school location.  Underground tube and day & night buses you can get to school with by purchasing an Oyster Card to save on travel cost.

There is a wide choice of large and small schools in the state and independent sector. Teach at an inner city school in Walthamstow, suburb area such as Chingford or Romford. 

Teachers are also attracted to London top class independent day or boarding schools in Westminster, Harrow and in the North London Area.

In mostly any school in London you would be teaching children from different ethnic backgrounds, especially in state secondary & primary schools role.

London housing & accommodation

Any house or flat in or near London to rent or buy is expense. 

On a teachers salary an option is to live in the suburbs or outside of London and travel to work. Zones 3.4,5 on the tube or train and outlying areas such as Loughton, Barking or Brent are more affordable living areas for teachers.

Culture, leisure and events London

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the large number of seasonal and weekly events organised in the capital. Families and individuals can join social, leisure or sporting clubs that have set up in and around London. 

Some are free to join and others require a membership fee that is paid weekly or by the year. Some galleries, museums and other attractions offer free admission to visitors.

West End theatres are popular with locals and tourists where they show popular plays.  There is also a good open air theatre in Regents Park that puts on plays in the summer months.

Festivals, concerts and bands play all year round with many of the well known singers and performers participating in shows in London.

Nursery, primary and secondary school education & teaching in London vacancies are advertised for teachers all year round as there are never enough teachers choosing to teach in greater London.

Teaching in Manchester Schools

Find Manchester secondary & primary teacher positions at early years teaching and KS1 & 2 in cities and rural areas. All levels of teaching jobs Manchester are available from classroom to senior leadership.

Schools in greater Manchester boroughs comprise of ten areas including Wigan, Oldham, Bolton, Trafford, Bury, Stockport, Tameside and Rochdale.

Living in Greater Manchester area

Teacher in Manchester

As one of the largest cities in the UK there is no shortage of modern facilities you would expect of a popular city.  Buses run too late at night and travel from the centre to suburbs, outlying villages and nearby towns.

Manchester is a large cosmopolitan city area that hosts many people from different ethnic backgrounds and people from Europe that have come to live and work.

Housing & accommodation in Manchester

Central Manchester houses and flats are more expensive to rent or purchase.  Many older and new blocks of flats are available in the City of Manchester and Salford Keys.

More affordable 1,2,3 bedroom flats and houses for rent are located in Bolton, Oldham, Wigan, Trafford, Bury and Tameside. You could join other people who commute into Manchester by train, bus or car from these areas.

Leisure and events

Cricket fans can visit Trafford cricket ground where test and international matches are played.  Go on walking trails near Bolton and Oldham or Worsley Village.  Recognised cycling and off-road trails in and around Manchester follow waterside, park and hill routes.

Throughout the year there are plays, consorts, gigs and festivals to attend. Sport and other clubs you can join and take part yourself or with a family.

Secondary and primary school jobs for teachers in Manchester are mainly advertised from December to the following May for you to start in September or January. Other jobs at schools in the Manchester area do come throughout the year.

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