Student Loan to Study in the UK

Student Loan to Study in the UK - University & College LoansStudents can apply for a student loan to study in the UK for the course and study level you propose. Student Loans Company (SLC) organisation provides loans to students in relation study at higher education in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Loans assistance can help full-time students although the assistance you receive depends on the course, where you reside while studying and when applying, and your individual and families circumstances.

Student Loan UK to Study

See here for information and apply. Choose where you live

England        Resident information and application

Wales           Here if you live in Wales

N Ireland    Information and to apply if you live in Northern Ireland

Scotland     Scottish residents you apply through SAAS

In general, you can receive 4 years of student loan to study in the UK and further financial assistance:

-Tuition fee loans to cover the cost of tuition fees
-Maintenance loans to cover the cost of living expenses to a certain amount
-Grants for living costs to cover the cost of living expenses to a certain amount
-Bursaries and scholarships from universities and colleges in the UK
-Students that qualify could receive additional help if they have children or adult dependants, have a disability or learning difficulty

Most loans issued to students will be for the tuition fee loan plus a maintenance loan, and this will be paid directly at the start of each academic term, each year of study.

Students on eligible courses qualify for 72% of the maximum loan, no matter regardless their income, and the rest is income assessed.

All student loans accrue compound interest at the rate of inflation.

Repayment of loans are through PAYE through the tax system, and only after you have completed or left your course and earning over £19,000+.

You can also make lump sum payments.

Should you earn under £19,000 per year a student can defer all loan repayment for 12 months. Subject to change yearly.

Additional Student Loans

Tuition fees for part-time students for a course designated as part-time lasting one year or more, and leads to an HE qualification, and it requires no longer than twice the time required to study the course full time.

The loans for part time are subject to income and intensity of study.


Studying in Scotland: Students looking for loans that live in Scotland should visit

Apply for tuition fees loans, grants and travel expenses for a higher education course such as a Higher National Diploma or a degree.

Students apply through the Students Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) if they live in Scotland and intend to student anywhere in the UK.

Loans for students and grants available are the same as England Wales and N Ireland.

Eligible to apply for Support

Students to be eligible to apply for support through (SAAS) you must meet residence conditions when applying.

To meet the residence conditions. you require to have lived in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man for the three years immediately before the first day of the first academic year. Other people may qualify according to residency.

As with all the student loans to study in the UK, they are only payable for 4 to 5 years depending on your courses of study.

Loans you can receive are the same amounts as with all UK applicant and condition of status for financial and family assistance.

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