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School Business Manager Jobs

Non teaching state & independent school business manager jobs play a leading role in the efficient allocation of financial resources of the school. Also known as school bursars or finance managers, you would be completing tasks from data analysis, accounting, financial projections and contact with external agencies & government organisations.  School finance bursar jobs in UK schools at state primary, secondary, and all through academies and also for boarding & independent schools are mainly full time roles.

Bursar and business manager school salaries range from £20,000 to £53,000 depending on location and the type of school. Qualifications required include being an accountant or business manager school bursar formal training.


All school finance job vacancies on this page are currently open for applications.

Job titles vary from school to school and from state to the independent boarding sector where very similar roles can have a different title. In smaller schools you would be completing all tasked involved with a financial manager role.

In contract at well resourced bigger schools a financial assistant or even an assistant bursar could work alongside side you,


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