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Education Tay registered as (Education Tay Limited) in Scotland. UK values, complies and realises how important the protection of your personal information/data is and keeps such data confidential. and Education Tay Limited follows The Data Protection Act 2018 for the UK in the first instance and other laws elsewhere.

Basically, this website does not pass on any information without you’re consent.

  • Only upload you’re information if you want it seen by selected vetted people/school/organisations.

– For a short period of time basic browser and other electronic personal data is collected to help you access and the website, pages to be seen and function in a reasonable manner. Then date is deleted.

The explanation below lists how Education Tay gathers, stores, process, displays, and other, specifically applies to Education Tay website, social media platforms or online mediums, how we guard and use the data provided by you, also your rights/how you can add/delete and control any information or permission given. 

Personal information that Is collected

What does personal information and data mean in relation to this privacy policy?  Basically personal information is unique too you and information is data specifically collected or submitted to Education Tay that clearly identifies a person from the said information.

Personal information relates to a physical person or being submitting their data for display or processing on the website or offsite service.

Business or organisation entity displaying address location, name, email, website or other related data does not constitute personal information.

As with all other websites, do not submit any data or personal information that you do not wish other people to view. 

Employer/recruiter data

Signing up to register on the website a contact name is required.  First and last name is provided by you and stored in your recruiter profile and at the website hosting provider.  This data is not shared or disclosed to any other person unless for lawful means.

Website user or Jobseeker or depending on services offered information collected consists of a range of personal data that you would submit or is collected via means of computer access for user experience.

  • First and last name
  • Location address
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Years of experience
  • Education level and provider
  • Social media profiles
  • Previous employers/employment information
  • Gender
  • Possible other unique personal information that is included on your online profile and or cv/resume.

Using or accessing and interacting with the Education Tay website and social media platform profiles means we collect electronically technical information about your IP address that is temporary stored on our website hosting provider server.

Data collected on you also includes:

  • Web browser.
  • Pages visited.
  • Time on the website.
  • Referral link.
  • Third party payment processor would collect and store you information securely should you sign up and pay for a service or product.

Education Tay website is powered and runs on scripts & use of cookies, tags for delivering and displaying information for a good user experience.

The computer or device you access Education Tay with will interact electronically placing a cookie on your device or use of other connection (Opt in to allow or decline).

Should you have previously visited the website and registered for an account, previously submitting details on Education Tay website technologies used remember, match and cross match information you previously submitted to identify users, such as log in details, email for recovering of log in password or user details.

Cookies used temporary until you exit the browser and permanent cookies are used for data analytics, such as visitor numbers, location and interaction on the website. Permanent cookies are stored remotely by Education Tay website hosting provider.

Software technology used by Goggle analytics gathers information about a users interaction with Education Tay.

See what are cookies.

Your IP address is gathered and recorded by the website hosting company and Goggle analytics software to identify informational trends, with Education Tay using your IP address to administer information about you and for technical reasons such as issues with our website.

Goggle analytics and Education Tay website use data about you to basically track the interacting behaviour of your usage with our website and social or other communication means.

Assurances provided to you

The data protection officer is the company and website owner who is solely responsible to monitor and store your personal data in compliance with all data protection laws in the UK and European Union. 

Education Tay is fully committed to guarding all data provided by you and only allowing access with your consent to verified third parties. 

The privacy policy & practices are reviewed and updated on a regular base when new information is required to be added for legal requirements or to enhance the experience Education Tay is able to offer you. 

Personal information disclosure, collection and usage

Minimum amount of data collection & storage is used to operate the website efficiently and communicate between you and third parties.

Your personal information is never passed on to other parties without your consent.

No information is sold or rented to third parties.

Most sensitive information is actually provided by you if you choose and subsequently register on the Education Tay website; add profile information, including cv/resume information that will be stored on the website.  Other data of yours as stated is collected by your computer or other device or interaction on social media platforms. 

You must be at least 16 years of age to access, use, interact with Education Tay and any other communication with the company.

You require to be 18 years old to communicate directly with any person connected with

Why collect information about me?

Simply to provide the best website user experience possible from technology based transfer of data.

Also, to provide you with the means to register an account on the website and display profile information or jobs allowing you the opportunity to interact with prospective employers or job seekers on the website or use the site to browse information without logging in. 

Other ways we could use data we hold about you

  • Process personal data or technological information provided to deliver a service.
  • Monitor and record website analytics or trends.
  • Administer account & or information, send you messages, pass data to prospective employers through cv/resume search, or send you technical or admin messages.
  • Answer any question that you may ask and provide a service to you or a prospective employer of the Education Tay website.

Your personal data will not be soled or rented to a third party as stated already without your consent in any form.

Data is shared that you provide with your consent via the Education Tay website interface where a prospective employer, school or recruiter accesses your profile & cv/resume that you have chosen to upload and make viewable.

This is where employers are pre screened by Education Tay and can access the resume database to search, view prospective candidates to employ and possibly contact you.

Pass on information to law enforcement, courts and government if illegal activity has taken place or information is enforceable requested.

Remember all and any information provided by you and subsequently displayed on social media profiles that Education Tay operates or posted on the Education Tay website will be viewable by other people.

Comments and information you provide is the choice you have made, and if you delete the data a record will possibly be kept on Education Tay website hosting provider for a specified period of time, that is not visible to other people.

Zeehosting is the current website hosting provider for Education Tay.

Accessing Education Tay website which is hosted in London. UK from another location worldwide means United Kingdom laws and European Union GDPR Compliance laws govern the use and enforcement of legal rights of personal data use.

You would be transferring your personal data to this region if you are location in another continent.

The Data Protection Act 2018 is the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Public display information you choose to be added to Education Tay social media profiles or upload to the website you give permission to use freely to deliver a service for you, prospective employers or recruiters. 

Education Tay do no endorse, represent, responsible, accuracy or provide assurances of complete information or quality of the external links that are on the Education Tay website or social media platforms. 

You are strongly advised to read the terms & conditions and policy if you choose to visit another website.

All external links listed on the website direct to another website where they have their own set terms & conditions. 

United Kingdom and European Union website users

Website visitors, employers, jobseekers and others that use the Education Tay website or social media platforms that are located in the United Kingdom or European Union countries or area all provide privacy rights & regulations, including processes of all personal data are administered and governed by the European Directive (EU) 2016/679 European Parliament and the Council on 27th April 2016. The directive provides a person full protection of acquiring and any processing of personal data, movement of such data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with all data gathering, storing or processing Education Tay conducts is in accordance with GDPR compliance.

Any form of data that is collected or submitted to the Education Tay website is ultimately stored in protected website hosting facilities provided by Zeehosting which follows full GDPR compliance procedures.

Any and all data transfer is conducted following personal data processing agreement that is in place between Education Tay and the hosting company.

Roles with GDPR also include Processor or Controller.

Education Tay website or social media platforms stores and processes personal information as Controller and Processor, specifically where you agreed voluntary to register an account, email alerts and uploaded personal information to the website in respect to offerings, service or product provided by Education Tay ant any time.

Your specific role is the controller in relation to personal information where you have created a user account and voluntary upload your personal information for display, views and storage.  You have full control to delete, hide the data at anytime or you can ask admin to delete your data.

Education Tay company and website are located in the United Kingdom and hence first governed by The Data Protection Act 2018 which is the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Personal information security

All information is protected as much as possible no matter what, where or how method you interact with Education Tay or other methods and any given worldwide location.

Data is kept up to date and as accurate as possible from a company point of view, make viewable and process to deliver a service or product to website viewers, employers and job seekers.

All and any reasonable care and attention is taken physically and electronically where attention is afforded following strict organisational procedures, security, safety check, vetting that is proportional depending on the sensitivity and format.

This allows us to protect personal data to prevent unauthorised access, deletion, change, use, accidental or intended access while storing, processing, displaying and managing all data that is collected.

No 100% guarantee is given in relation to online data as computer systems are not fully secure to store, process and transmit any data over the internet from any computer or device.

Of course Education Tay will notify you as soon as possible and any relevant body of any such personal data breach.

  • One person at Education Tay has access to your data any in form.
  • Admin password and access is one person  (Same person as above).
  • Very restrictive access to the location and computer for access.
  • Firewall, malaise software, hacking and other security systems are used to protect data. 

Storage and removal of personal data

You have full control of any data that you upload or are transmitted that can be deleted or displayed for view at anytime.

Your personal data is only kept as long as required to administer your account with us or to display any information for website users.

Basically, your data is used to provide you with a service or product and other website users in relation to cv/resume search, contact and other similar processes.

Education Tay when instructed by you will delete any data stored on the website, although you first have full responsibility to provide, delete any personal data or account information at any time.

Again, the data you provide is retained for a period of time that you have chosen to have an active account on Education Tay website.

Deleting or closing your account can be your choice by accessing your account and pressing delete. 

16-18 years old children privacy policy

No data of any kind is knowingly or intentionally collected on any person under the age of 16 in the United Kingdom in any form.

Education Tay does no provide a service or any product to any person that is not at least 16 years old.  Any data collected from any person under 16 will instantly be deleted when noticed or informed.

All services and products are only available to people that are 18 years old and over, that can legally enter into a formal contract without consent. 

Personal data access

Signing up and keeping an active user account with Education Tay you have the ability to add, delete, update and constant review of data in your user account area through logging in.

Viewing the data in you account is also through logging in or you can write/contact Education Tay about information that is kept.  A response will be given when requested in less that 5 days where noticed.

Any request for personal data will follow identity checks to ascertain who you are and have the right to see or access such data.

A small fee may be charged for full data when you request this allowable by law.

United Kingdom and European residents have rights under GDPR or Data Protection Act with use and storage and process of your data, also able to ask for all information we currently hold about you.

Should you believe the information we have on you to be incorrect you have a right to amend, restrict access or inform us to delete or change the data.

Changing access to your data or withdrawing rights to personal data use is your choice at anytime, where data is stored with your user profile Education Tay will explain and inform you the procedure, timing and limitation of data deletion in any other formats.

Education Tay will also follow GDPR and United Kingdom laws Data Protection Act concerning personal data use and hence we will also follow your requests.

Ultimately you are the person that is responsible for any data that is provided to Education Tay via all methods online or electronics methods or offline means.

You are agreeing to not reveal the password or log in details for the user account profile (except Education Tay admin) that you choose to register for on Education Tay. Further you also agree to not use an account that is of another person for any reason. 

You’re acceptance of the privacy policy

It is taken that all and any website visitors to Education Tay that continue to use the website have read & agreed the disclaimer, privacy policy and terms and conditions.

This agreement further extends to any person or entity that purchase services or products have read and agreed to the content of the privacy policy.

Should you not wish to agree to this policy or the terms & condition then do not continue using the website or access products or services.

The privacy policy and terms & condition are jointly operated together and form an important part of the services, products and your use of the Education Tay website. 

Contact details of Education Tay

Should you wish to contact Education Tay in relation to the privacy policy or your personal information held the following details can be used:

Email: info   @    (First instance) for a quicker response

Address: Data Protection Officer, Education Tay, 3 Cross Street, Bankfoot. Perthshire. Scotland. UK. 

Take further action

Complaints, concerns or issues can be taken up about your personal information in relation to storage, processing or access by contacting the data protection officer at Education Tay.

Once the notification is received we will contact you to verify your identity, process and investigate then respond to your request within 60 days.

Should all or any information, process, storage and display of your data be incorrect we will rectify the data held about you.

You will also be notified should we ascertain that all information, storage or process are correct and the reason for our decision.

A complaint or further action can be lodged at

Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Wycliffe House Water Lane

The Data Protection Act 2018 is the UK’s implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

European Union

Updated on 30th January 2021

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