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Primary School Teacher

Key Stage 1 & 2 primary teaching jobsA young person’s place of learning provides educators primary teaching jobs and support educational roles. Schools in the state and private sector provide education that is delivered around a national curriculum. Primary school teacher jobs are the most important roles along with primary teaching assistant positions where they deliver learning & development for children from 4 to 12 years old in the UK.

Pupils attend primary one to seven in Scotland and England & Wales has years one to year seven, incorporating key stage 1 & 2, in the foundation, infant, and junior stages. In the primary independent private sector, a fee paying primary is known as a preparatory school where fees are payable, child selection admission testing and attendance can be until 13.


Primary school jobs

You can find primary teacher jobs and educational roles in the UK from:

teacher,   subject leader,    head of department,    head teacher,    year 1 teacher,   assistant head teacher,  year 2 teacher,     deputy head teacher,   KS1 & 2 teacher,    year 3 teacher,  EYFS class teacher,   year 4 teacher,    primary NQT teacher,   year 5 teacher,   year 6 teacher


Primary school teacher pay scale UK & qualifications: Salary in Scotland £22, 866 -£36,480 to £54,255 head teacher, England & Wales £22,467, or £28,098 in inner London up to £115, 582 for head teachers. One of PGDE, PGCE primary & secondary, BA/ Med education qualifications are required.

Teaching jobs at primary age are for people aged 18 years and over at all levels of seniority.  Teacher training can be conducted in a school, through university & school placement and then you could secure a teacher’s job once qualified.


Locations of primary jobs: Birmingham, York,  Bristol,  Exeter,  Brighton,  Cheltenham,  London,  Cardiff,  Liverpool. Carlisle,  Stratford- upon Avon,   Nottingham.  Leicester,  Swansea,  Leeds,  Reading,  Colchester,  Manchester,  Chester.

Counties from: Norfolk, Surrey, Kent,  Oxfordshire,  Merseyside,  Wiltshire,  Devon,  Sussex,  Essex,  Cornwall, Derbyshire,  Yorkshire,  Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire,  Glamorgan,  Wessex,  Hampshire,  Northamptonshire,  Yorkshire


Jobs at a 5-12 years learning school

Primary school teacher job description involves working and collaborating with others. School receptionist job or a primary teaching assistant jobs role can be one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and challenging careers. Your daily contact with school pupils is essential because of the impact you can have on the lives and learning at a young age.

Accepting one of the many jobs as a teacher to young school children in the UK from Scotland England & Wales you teach a range of subjects in an age group from reception and Key Stages 1 and 2.  As a teacher, you can train to teach the full range of national curriculum subjects or specialise in a specific key stage.

Leadership and management positions are available at department and school level.  As a teacher you are responsible for, or part of a whole subject, or pastoral area and teaching classes with teaching assistants.

Volunteering or applying for paid work as a classroom assistant is an excellent way to get a taste of life in the classroom. Parents and other members of the community can take part in activities with a school or in conjunction with a teacher, reading for instance.

All primary teacher’s require patience, sense a humour; good health, get on with other people, imagination and creativity in lessons.


Primary vacancies

Decide if you wish a school job in your local area or other location.  Look on job boards and specialist education websites for teaching and education jobs.

A popular location in the UK for teachers is obtaining primary school jobs in London where you can teach full or part time, teaching supply or on a contract. There are many teaching jobs and other educational school jobs in London should you wish.



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