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Primary Teaching Jobs, KS1 & 2, Role and Salary

Primary Teaching Jobs, KS1 & 2, Role and SalaryA young person’s place of learning provides primary teaching jobs and support educational roles. Schools in the state and private sector provide education that is delivered around a national curriculum. Primary school teacher jobs are the most important roles along with primary teaching assistant positions where they deliver learning & development for children from 4 to 12 years old in the UK.

Pupils attend primary one to seven in Scotland and England & Wales has years one to year seven, incorporating key stage 1 & 2, in the foundation, infant, and junior stages. In the primary independent private sector, a fee paying primary is known as a preparatory school where fees are payable, child selection admission testing and attendance can be until 13.


Primary school teacher salary

Pay scale for primary teacher salary UK: Salary in Scotland £22, 866 -£36,480 to £54,255 head teacher.

England & Wales £22,467, or £28,098 in inner London up to £115, 582 for head teachers.

Pension contributions from your salary each month are deducted and the school contributes also to your pension retirement pot.

A county council or local city hall are your employers and you work at school in that county. For example, teaching in a school in Maidstone Kent, you would be employed and be paid by Kent County Council each month.


Qualifications & training as primary teacher

One of PGDE, PGCE primary & secondary, BA/Med education or BEd qualification are required.

Teacher training can be conducted in a school, through university & school placement and then you could secure a teacher’s job once qualified.

Fees funding and training bursary available for primary job training. England & Wales: See Department of Education for routes including general teacher, specialists in mathematics, physical education or English.  Scotland visit the official government teacher website.

Alternative route for graduates is through school direct training in England & Wales leading to qualified teacher with QTS after one year.

You must be a qualified teacher and be registered with the General Teaching Council in England & Wales or in Scotland to teaching in UK schools for all most all teacher posts.

Do you require a degree to become a teacher?  Essentially yes, as there are limited options.  Very few schools will appoint a person as a class teacher without QTS and formal teacher training:

Free schools recruit the best teachers they can and seldom employ unqualified teachers

Boarding & independent school:  Not required to hold QTS in England & Wales, Scotland is not an option as you must be qualified to teach.

Selection of academies: You would be lucky, certainly you would have substantial experience and some sort of level 5 qualification in the subject area.

In a Scottish primary school all teachers must have a teaching qualification and training for 5-12 year old. General teaching council Scotland regulations for registration. England & Wales you registrar as a teacher with GTC.

Teaching jobs at primary age are for people aged 18 years plus.


Roles as a primary teacher

You can find a primary teacher job and educational roles in the UK from:

subject leader,       head of department,       head teacher,       year 1 to 7 teacher,       assistant head teacher,       deputy head teacher,       KS1 & 2 teacher,       EYFS class teacher,       primary NQT teacher,       phase leader


Popular locations of primary jobs in schools

Birmingham, York,  Bristol,  Exeter,  Brighton,  Cheltenham,  London,  Cardiff,  Liverpool. Carlisle,  Stratford- upon Avon,   Nottingham.  Leicester,  Swansea,  Leeds,  Reading,  Colchester,  Manchester,  Chester

Counties from: Norfolk, Surrey, Kent,  Oxfordshire,  Merseyside,  Wiltshire,  Devon,  Sussex,  Essex,  Cornwall, Derbyshire,  Yorkshire,  Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire,  Glamorgan,  Wessex,  Hampshire,  Northamptonshire,  Yorkshire


Jobs at a 5-12 years learning school

Primary school teacher job description involves working and collaborating with others. School receptionist job or a primary teaching assistant jobs role can be one of the most rewarding, fulfilling and challenging careers. Your daily contact with school pupils is essential because of the impact you can have on the lives and learning at a young age.

Accepting one of the many jobs as a teacher to young school children in the UK from Scotland England & Wales you teach a range of subjects in an age group from reception and Key Stages 1 and 2.  As a teacher, you can train to teach the full range of national curriculum subjects or specialise in a specific key stage. Balancing your workload, assessments, record keeping, parent evenings, observations and stress level to meet set targets are everyday tasks.

Leadership and management positions are available at department and school level.  As a teacher you are responsible for, or part of a whole subject, or pastoral area teaching classes with teaching assistants and leaning support colleagues.

Volunteering or applying for paid work as a classroom assistant is an excellent way to get a taste of life in the classroom. Parents and other members of the community can take part in activities with a school or in conjunction with a teacher, reading for instance.

All primary teacher’s require patience, sense a humour; good health, get on with other people, imagination and creativity in lessons.


Supply teaching

Large choose of schools, although may not be in your local area.  Sign up with 2 recruitment agencies and or local councils.  Two good references, current police check DBS or PVG scheme and originals of your teaching certificate, undergraduate degree, with qualified teacher status.

Good option if trying out schools to find out what the culture, discipline and strength of the current management team.  Many school supply teachers are offered long term or permanent positions when a school can see you are an effective teacher.  Pay can be from £90 – £160 a day depending on the location, London and home counties recruiters offering the most.


Career progression & advancement

Highly possible, as there are so many schools and a shortage of qualified teachers.  Normally, a teacher would expect to be promoted to phase leader after 5 + years teaching experience.  You would have well developed teaching skills, good observation records, pupils progressing and overall test scores on target.

Continued professional development (CPD) is an ongoing process with all teachers.  Mandatory hours and optional time per year is expected to be spent on developing as a teacher as well as enhancing, teaching & learning, education technology and strategies.

Help yourself be attending courses and acquiring additional training and qualifications required to be appointed for a head of department or senior leadership role. Which courses?  Depends on the role you desire and if you are teaching in Scotland, England or Wales.


Holidays and time off from the classroom

Teachers receive what looks like a lot of time off, they are working at home marking and preparing lessons.

  • 2 weeks Christmas & new year
  • 1 week mid February
  • 2 weeks for Easter in April
  • 6 weeks in summer from end of June Scotland, and from mid July for England & Wales
  • 1 week in mid October

New academic year starts and term time runs from mid August to end of June in Scotland and first week in September to mid July in England & Wales.


Where, how and when to apply for primary jobs

Best time to start looking for jobs is around eight months before the start of a new academic year is the answer for a full time permanent position. Schools start advertising in December for the next August or September start in teacher recruitment, local council and increasingly via social media. Teachers can and do start at anything in the academic year.

Schools also at times may use recruitment agencies for harder to fill posts such as stem mathematics and senior leadership teacher’s vacancies throughout the year.

Update your CV and then start looking around for the type of position you are looking for. Could be that you need to start travelling out with the area you live or relocate if you are seeking a promotion.

As a good teacher with references to match you should have no problem in finding a job in schools as a primary teacher at key stage one or two, or indeed an NQT job.  Don’t forget to check your criminal record check expiry date, although the next school you teach at can apply for a new one.

Schools are looking for teachers with experience, track record of success in the classroom and around the school. Detail in the job application you fill in what traits, qualities and skills you use to bring out the best in students to learn.  What can you offer outside of the classroom, such as school wide involvement?

Look to apply to 3-4 primary schools for your next post as you never know what type of teacher they are looking to replace.  Skills and qualifications may not be enough, think about training, personality and hours they may offer.  Full and part time primary teacher job vacancies can accommodate someone that is looking to get back into teaching or just looking for a reduced teaching schedule.


Should I apply to a school or through an agency?  Vast majority of teachers should only need to apply to a school job advertisement. Your skills, training and qualifications are in short supply.  All about matching the skills you have to a one of the primary teaching jobs that will suit you as a teacher.  Choose a local council school in a town or village or you maybe suited to a boarding or independent school key stage two or one role.



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