PGCE Interview Presentation

5 Minute PGCE Interview Presentation for Teacher Training

Applying for and getting invited for any type of initial teacher training interview from school direct led, BA/BSC or PGCE you’ll definitely be asked to present something briefly.

PGCE age group form early years, primary, secondary, post compulsory format will be similar, although you’ll use an appropriate topic for a presentation idea of choice according to age level.

Each university decides separately on how they wish the presentation to proceed with some providing a question and others giving you the opportunity to choose a topic that interests you.

Should you be given the choice of topic stick to something that interests you, in-depth knowledge and not difficult for people to understand or learn.

PGCE 5 minute presentation

A university PGCE teacher training interview presentation of 5 minutes will be to an interview panel in a room and to other interviewees, possibly up to 6 prospective trainees. Other candidates in the room for the same interview are ideal as they’ll want to show interest and possibly be more enthusiastic than a class of school children.

Also, don’t rely on any powerpoint/smartboard, internet or other IT equipment being available as some universities don’t provide equipment while others do.

You’ll receive instructions about the topic before interview day to prepare anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks in advance.

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Teacher training interview presentation applicant assessment

The interviewer will be assessing the presentation you give for a number of criteria looking to see if you’re a candidate that will become suitable for teacher training and school teaching.

  • You can use general everyday English in a professional manner and in formal situations that’s appropriate to the age & level of the audience.
  • Show enthusiasm & confidence in your voice while presenting and during any follow up questions.
  • Prepare and use appropriate resources that benefit the presentation topic.
  • Effective use of pace and time management skills.
  • How you interact with the audience which shows capacity to build rapport and get along with people.
  • Knowledgeable about the topic you are talking about using accurate information.
  • Speak & communicate in an engaging manner that’s coherent that makes you interesting. (This is important for a teacher so lessons are not mundane for pupils).
  • You are a fluent and clear communicator in English expressing ideas or information clearly.
  • The presentation you deliver has a clear aim you state, logical structure and appropriate content for the learner/audience.
PGCE 5 minute presentation

Basically, what they look for in potential teacher trainees is people that can effectively engage school pupils and inspire them to think and learn. So, an engaging presentation is where the audience is participating in some way or you interact with them.

You don’t require being a great speaker. At interview they look to see if you have raw ability to build upon the skills you presently have to become an accomplished speaker in lessons with training & development that they provide on the PGCE course.

Always a good idea to practice the presentation you require giving:

  • State the aim or what you’ll talk about right at the start.
  • Presentation makes sense and flows from one section to the next.
  • Whole presentation is in a logical structure where you don’t repeat yourself or require going back to an earlier stage.
  • You can complete the presentation in the allotted time frame or you have enough material to present or talk about.
  • Practice the presentation you’ll deliver to build confidence in you’re speech, voice, body posture & gestures, facial expressions and covers the allocated time. (Show a positive demeanour)
  • Decide to stand mostly in one place or move around the room.
  • Think about equipment you require if it’s sufficient to teach a skill to a group of 6-9 people.

Lots of confidence for you’re presentation will come from the preparation & practice you have completed, and don’t forget to expect the interviewer to ask questions.

Presentation ideas for teacher training interview

Some universities provide the topic and others let you choice the presentation idea.

For a secondary or primary PGCE if they give a topic to present it could be an educational issue in school or talking about a specific area of the national curriculum.

Should they say to present something interesting that’s code for engaging the audience, not you being mundane.

The topic you choose doesn’t really matter as the interviewer is more focused on you as a person and how you deliver the presentation.

  • Talk about a sport using a prop such as a ruby ball, football or golf clubs.
  • Travel abroad or in UK with pictures or packed suitcase as a prop.
  • How to use a hula hoop.
  • Talk about an object or book from you’re past that’s memorable or important occasion.
  • Sign language.
  • Origami.
  • Explaining how to playing and instrument.
  • Nursery rhyme.
  • Count to 5 in a foreign language where you explain first and the audience repeats.
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