Pass Your Course With Flying Colors In College

Even if you have always been a star student during your school days, college life has its own sets of challenges to encounter and can be quite an intimidating task. Often students who reach this stage either get overconfident and complacent of their success or they adopt a careless attitude, not caring about their grade which ultimately affects their transcripts which then leaves them with no option but to regret.

So if you want your college years to be as productive and fruitful as possible you should work relentlessly towards your goal and do not waver in your purpose.

Here are some surefire proven tricks to help you graduate with decent grades and make the best of your college years.

Make people feel your presence

Pass Your Course With Flying Colors

There are two types of students, one who just attend classes and go home, while the second type makes sure that they leave an impression wherever they go.

Be the second type and make a consciously determined effort to get to know college staff and personnel across the campus and even familiarize yourself with the nitty gritty details of how everything functions such as the council, student body, extra-curricular activities and the like.

Always stay alert to intercept any kind of information in the surroundings as it is central to your studies and success in college.

Make it a point to have 100% attendance

Bunkers usually miss out on important stuff that the teacher tells during the lecture.

At that point in time, you do not realize that the gravity of the situation because you have most likely bunked your class to attend a social event or party with your friends. However, keep one thing in mind that there is no comparison of the information that is disseminated to you in class and is priceless.

You can’t assume to cover up by reading the course book. It does help you but it cannot fully equip you with the way the teacher will guide you.

The habit of taking notes

The habit of penning down the important points during the lecture is an art of its own. Not everybody can concentrate on listening and writing at the same time.

The main essence of taking down notes is to consolidate what has been taught in class without having to go through lengthy and monotonous textbook pages.

It is also highly important that you do not put down unnecessary information that will only waste your time. You can always raise your hand and ask your professor if you seemed to have missed out on anything.

Organization is key

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If you intend to maintain a standard of your work you need to be organized from day one.

You need to take responsibility for your actions and make sure that you do not compromise on your daily challenges along the way and juggle your coursework, any part-time work that you do and your social life as well.

Inculcate the habit to meet deadlines and organize all your work in an academic calendar so that you know the due date of you short-term and long-term projects, assignments, quizzes, and examinations for that matter.

Know where your study notes are and keep your study table organized and well-lit. Seeing visual mess can also distract you from studying.

Do not make yourself accustomed to cramming up at the last minute because it does more harm than good. Procrastination is human nature and we often tend to delay things until the last minute.

However, you need to realize the importance of timely self-study to make sure you are preparing for the finals on a regular basis. This will prevent build up of stress at the last moment.

Work within your comfort zone and do not go overboard!

Success is destined to those who work hard. However, you need to realize your limits and do not push yourself so hard that you end up having a nervous breakdown.

Often the mental pressure of getting through a course can wreak havoc inside you and make you set targets for yourself that are not practical. Moreover, you need to realize what works best for you. Some people can pull off an all-nighter and survive the exam but some people are just not tuned to going against the natural decorum.

Do not follow the herd when it comes to choosing your study habits and work out a routine for yourself.

Keep in mind that you are not a robot and you need to have your fair share of breathing time.

Take proper breaks throughout your study time and take out time for activities that helps de-stress you and helps you operate at your maximum potential.

It’s useless just feeding your brain stuff which it is not going to absorb or retain. Concentrate on your academics as your future is in your own hands.

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Sherley Alaba is an undergraduate student. She loves to write about the top trends in finance and lifestyle. Follow @SherleyAlaba for more updates.

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