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Nursery Nurse Salary, Role, Training & Description    

Nursery Nurse Salary, Role, Training & Description    Do you like active in and outdoor play, reading and supervising other activities with young children?  Pre school early years nursery nurse role can provide salary and a full or part time job at a primary or nursery school using your knowledge, life and social skills.

Nursery assistant jobs at nurseries are for people age 16 and above tasked with a general role with assisting the nursery teacher & nurse with meals, play, educational activities and tidying up.


Nursery nurse role

A nursery nurse is a qualified person who’s role is to supervise, lead individual & group play and activates, such as sand castle, building block, reading and developing children’s personal & social skills, up to age 7.  Employers: Infant, primary school role or nursery schools.

In contrast a nursery assistant is generally less qualified where they help with children’s learning & activates, record keeping and ensuring a clean & safe environment for young learners to develop.


Salary of a nursery school nurse

Nursery nurse salary for an experienced & qualified person is around £18,500 to £25,000 plus per year.  Additional payments are earned working in London, private schools and extra responsibility with specialist skills up to £26,000, such as room leader. 

£28,000 approximately progressing to deputy manager.

When you first start with no experience remuneration is not a lot. Nursery assistants get paid around £7.07 to £9.50 per hour depending on location and experience. Some London employers pay employees around £11-£12 per hour due to higher living cost.

You will find early years wages and salaries are better working at an infant or pre school, where many nurseries would like to pay more, but are unable to restrictive budgets.

Contracts can be part or full time, temporary or permanent employment terms with an employer or an agency.


Nursery nurse job description         

Every day at a nursery or infant school is action packed with eager children willing to learn, although one or more will not be happy to take part in learning or activities. 

You’ll be challenged by children falling sick, tantrums from children (and manager).

Any setting with early years learners will follow strict guideline on health & safety, paperwork administration for record keeping, as well as continued learning and development. 

Daily task follow set procedures and a plan to deliver learning in a fun way so to encourage a child’s natural development.


Role, some duties and tasks as nursery school

  • Organise and lead active indoor and wet play such as cooking making arts & crafts and building
  • Reading, writing through story telling, fun use of game & play for children to learn numeracy and English language skills
  • Develop social interaction between young learners empathising right and wrong
  • Arrange and supervise children on trips and outings
  • Liaising and providing feedback to parents and nursery teacher
  • Keep accurate records of every child’s educational progress and health & safety
  • Supervise and work with other staff members such as assistants
  • Help with training of new staff members and nursery assistants


What you will ultimately be doing as a nursery nurse role daily is striking a balance between fun play, relaxing instruction and standing backing watch & observing how a child is learning and progressing. 

This way you will be able to implement required learning and changes for individual and group learning.

With experience, you could become a key early years educator for one or more children. You’ll monitor their progress and share information about their development with parents or carers.


Early years qualifications required

Nursery nurse qualifications are required for all employers.  You must have one of the following:

  • CACHE level 3 award for early year’s practitioner/educator
  • Minimum Level 3 qualification for childcare or it’s, NVQ/SVQ or HNC
  • HNC or SVQ in Child Care and Education (Scottish jobs)
  • NNEB
  • SVQ Social Services, Children & Young People (Qualification Scotland jobs)


In Scotland you must also be Registered with the Scottish Social Services Council to work in the role.

Nursery apprenticeships are also accepted for a nursery assistant job.

Nursery assistant qualifications expected:  Starting English & mathematics at level 2 in England/Wales is a good foundation.  You can then train while working towards an apprenticeship or an NVQ.

We all require to start somewhere!



NVQ nursery jobs

National Vocational Qualifications from level 1-3 for jobs working at a nursery can be studied. These qualifications are completed when you are in a job, or through college. Other qualifications for jobs in nurseries can be studied.

For experienced nursery nurse and assistant jobs employers will expect experience in a previous role as well as an industry qualification.



Skills as an early years worker include:

Excellent communication skills use to working effectively as a team

Strong knowledge & understanding of early learning (EYFS)

Good time keeper

Keeping, planner, keep calm, recognise & defuse conflict

Health & safety awareness

Fun outgoing personality certainly will help

Imaginative with thinking about games, play ideas and how to use them for effective learning


The entire early learning sector for nursery jobs, infant and attached to a primary school will require a full criminal record check conducted by your employer or agency.



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