MBA at 40 Worth it? & Full-Time MBA at 40

Already with 15-25 years past working life you have build up a lot of industry experience that is beneficial for you’re future career.

Studying and earning an advanced business management degree from a UK or American university provides the holder with a wealth of knowledge they can apply in a chosen job role in a wide range of industry sectors.

When an MBA at 37, 38, 40 is worth it

Getting an MBA at 40, 37, 38 you still have up to 25 years working life ahead. As long as a person can meet set personal objectives for attaining the qualification a MBA is worth it to achieve career & personal growth goals.

I was about 40 years old when I completed my business management degree part time. Being single I had no commitments or distractions other than work and my own personal life to contend with.

Being in you’re late 30s or 40 years old with a partner and children juggling work, study and family life may result in a few time constraint challenges.

Starting and completing an MBA online or part time at 40 is achievable with a full time job & family commitments, only if committed and organized.

You’re daily schedule will take a lot of time management and self sacrifices over the course duration to keep the same work productivity, and uninterrupted as possible family life,

MBA course qualification provides

You’ll acquire additional soft skills, such as people management to enhance existing skills or attain more understanding how to manage organizational employees effectively.
Up date or enhance academic knowledge & specialist work skills level.
Opportunity for specialist continued professional development (CPD) that benefits you personally, career and you’re company.
A general management MBA provides a wide range of knowledge & skills that you could be lacking in effective general or specific business management skills.
During and finally completing an MBA you’ll have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities at work by adding skills & knowledge the course provides.
Combine & apply business management & skills acumen to practical work experience.
Enhance efficiency in you’re own job role.
Re-organize work patterns & tasks in business functional departments.
Manage teams more effectively.
Understand complex general business information from forecasting, accounts to make decisive decisions to save cost, increase work production or acquire additional high paying clients.

Business qualification return on investment

Each individual person requires ascertaining return on investment seeing if an MBA is worth the money or not to them.  Opportunity cost of lost time studying when you could have been earning money working or a lot of time away from family are important factors to consider.

An increased salary package is highly possible with a few years industry work experience as an MBA graduate in USA or UK. You can expect a comfortable wage around $100,000 + with benefits in a managerial role working full time for a medium sized business.

Should I do an MBA at 40, 38 or 37 years old?

Each individual person has reasons to get an MBA degree at 40, 38 or 37 years old. Important factors to think about:

  • Why you want an MBA.
  • Will it fulfil you’re aspirations.
  • What you want from the qualification.
  • Can I make use of an MBA after completion by gaining promotion, start a business, change career or pay rise.
  • Can the business degree, skills & knowledge help you achieve you’re career goals.

Knowledge accumulation & MBA qualification

People that are 37-45 years old can be highly productive & efficient in they’re present job role, although can be passed over for additional responsibilities or promotion as they lack the knowledge or qualification.

Getting an MBA at 37, 38 or 40 means you’re not being held back in you’re existing job or company you work for. You will have unlimited career prospects with a postgraduate business management qualification that’s internationally recognized and wanted by employers.

Career advancement

With many years of industry experience & transferable skills an MBA graduate at 40 or 38 is more credible. Highly possible you can gain promotion to senior management, leadership of an organization.

At the very least you may gain additional responsibilities at you’re present work place that usually leads to an increased salary & benefits package, although not always.

A general management MBA is worth it after 30 years old as it can be applied in a wide range of industry sectors, and job roles in a managerial capacity.

Thinking of changing employers an MBA and knowledge makes it easier to secure a new job, as long as you have the desired soft skills & or industry experience employers require.

Operate a business yourself

Starting a business an MBA graduate can take on higher paying or more diversified clients, including project work with the wide variety of business management acumen they have acquired on the course.

Part & full-time MBA at 40 years old

Starting a full time MBA course at 40, 45 years old is only beneficial if you have a part time job, secure income or are financially comfortable.

Which type of masters of business administration and program is right for you depend on an individuals circumstances, including goals, career stage & path, industry and personal profile.

Course study mode

You can choose to do an MBA online or part or full time in class face to face studying for a general or specialist management qualification.

A part time during evenings or weekends executive MBA is highly viable & worth it at 40 or 38 years of age. To gain admission onto an executive course university providers expect you to be at senior management or leadership level with significant work history.

Even for an average student an MBA is not difficult as you’ll easier understand course work material, lectures and participate more utilizing years of industry experience while studying through academic learning.

Course cost

Not all courses are equal, or indeed providers in United States or United Kingdom.  A cheap MBA is only worth it if you are starting your own business, work for local government or career & job change to a small or medium sized company for a middle manager role.

Seeking a career move to private equity or investment management or work for a leading accounting firm in a managerial capacity? Choose a more expensive MBA from a university with a high reputation in USA or UK.

Top employers in the consulting, finance or IT industries expect a certain standard of business course qualification you obtained, usually from a leading business school.

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