Getting an MBA at 32, 35 Years Old

In America today and United Kingdom popularity is undiminished for gaining business management skills & knowledge that comes with a graduate qualification that can be useful for you and employer alike.

At 32, or 35 getting an MBA is a good career move as a consultant, middle manager job promotion or start your own business after gaining management skills from the course.

Doing an MBA at 32 to 35 years old

A good age doing an MBA degree is 32, 33 to 35 years as you’ll possibly have 8-13 years work experience, accepted onto a course, prior understanding of course content, and be able to successfully complete the award.

You can certainly get an MBA degree at 32 to 35 years old from a branded and respected university in United States or United Kingdom. Full time top business schools general management MBA courses are very popular, and many people over 32 will not get offered a place to study.

Wall Street companies in USA recruit graduates that are late 20s age (Under 30) for junior roles in private equity, consulting or investment banker positions.  Yes, the same finance companies will employer older graduates in they’re 30s, but mainly for more senior roles with more requirements to be hired.

Young graduates with 3+ years of work experience can get onto a general or specialist MBA course full or part time, online & distance learning or a combination as blended learning study mode.

Many 32 & 35 year olds study part time

Much fewer people aged 32, 33 & 35 year old study full time, although choose to study part time or online on a masters of business administration course, reasons include:

  • Financial commitments paying rent, mortgage for a home, undergraduate loan payments or outgoing monthly living expenses.
  • Work full time with limited time commitment for study.
  • Spread the cost of the course tuition fees over 3 or more years.
  • Not wish to leave a current job to study full time.

My past experience as a college lecturer was that older students were more focused and committed on they’re studies, possibly due to time constraints employer paying tuition fees or being more responsible.

Average students will not find a part time or online MBA difficult in USA or UK. With the right thinking & mindset you can successfully gain a good course grade spreading study over 4 or more years, so you’re able to commit to studying and retain a full time job at the same time.

Online MBA option

Known as a cheaper option an online MBA could work it if you are looking to attain the knowledge & skills the course offers students, and you’re employer company receives MBA benefits including knowledge enhancement.

Equally, completing an online MBA may not look bad on a resume to employers if you’re staying within the same company, government jobs and a good number of companies big & small in America or UK today.

Business school MBA admission

Many, not all admission requirements for university masters of business administration courses in USA or UK require students with a good GMAT score in addition to work experience and a good undergraduate degree.

Older prospective students on they’re application can state a number of years past work experience or a startup business involvement you created to help stand out & differentiate you from other applicants.

With you possibly at the junior to middle management career stage empathizing professional & work experience is more of a focus of business schools to see you as a good candidate for an MBA course

Universities offering MBA’s may expect a 32 to 35 year old student on a world leading course to provide something that younger students can’t contribute, basically you’ll be teaching something.

Additionally, being older with first hand business knowledge & skills you can provide a unique perspective how a company operates successfully, all from you’re personal working career experiences.

Student age range

A number of the top American business schools offering MBA’s have 23 to 29 age range graduates as the majority of students on the full time course; although students aged over 30 are represented.

In United States older applicants that are 31, 32 or 35 will find it harder gaining admission into a top business school MBA course F/T, as they tend to offer places to graduates under 30 years old, although not always.

There are many USA and UK business schools with an accredited course offering a MBA as a qualification with less strict admission criteria, all depends on what you’re looking, mode of study, cost and career goals.

My past experience as a college lecturer was that older students were more focused and committed on they’re studies, possibly due to time constraints employer paying tuition fees or more responsible.

Is it worth doing an MBA at 32 or 35?

An MBA when you’re 32 to 35 years old is well worth it, although depends on reasons you pursue an MBA, goals or aspiration for a future career.

32 & 35 is not too old for full-time MBA, and it’s a good option as the qualification only enhances you’re employability and promotion prospects working for an existing company, and skills stay with you for life,

Still early enough in you’re professional working career 32 or 35 in not too old starting or finishing an MBA qualification. As a more employable worker you’re career prospects will be enhanced gaining the skills & qualification that are desired by employer companies hiring middle or senior managers.

Basically, getting an MBA at 32 or 35 years old you still have a good 25 years working life ahead. The time & expense makes sense as it can progress you’re career by being promoted from middle or senior management to leadership level.

Making a career move to work in another industry can mean a significant increase in annual salary & employees benefits. As a result you become more qualified, and of benefit to an employer of combined MBA and years of industry experience.

Choosing the right course

Applying for, and completing the right MBA for you’re work & career requirements defines if it’s worth it or not. Ask yourself will I be able to use the qualification in my current or future job role, salary increase or is it the right MBA to secure a new job.

A specialist MBA in marketing, healthcare or finance is beneficial for managers or leadership, although may not be worth it for career advancement in a specialist job role where another qualification is more useful.

People starting they’re own business can choose an online or part time qualification as you don’t need meeting company requirements of the qualification prestige or not or study mode.

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