Tips How to Manage Time While Balancing Work and Study

In United States, work and study is fast becoming a phenomenon. People choose to combine work with university or college study or work part time in a job and look for how to manage time while balancing work and study   One of the reasons could be to reduce the reliance on student borrowing for course study, such as an MBA or save for studying abroad on an advance degree course.  A manage time survey in 2013, a Citigroup and Seventeen magazine conducted survey revealed that 80% of US students combine work and school, with the average work hours being 19 a week. Manage time study while working here’s 5 effective tips to ensure that you can perform an excellent balancing act:


Tips to Manage Time

Communicate with others

Both on the work as well as school side, be relentless in communicating. If you are involved in college or university projects, let your project mates know that you are balancing work and studies and seek their understanding on accommodating your time.

When you begin communicating, you will realise that most people are really kind. At the same time, let your boss know that you may not be as active during certain peak periods, and offer to help out more when you are not tied down by exams and projects.

Why not offer to work over Easter break if you have caught up with written assignments, although remember you should have started your revision for up and coming examinations.

Another option that can work for both you and your boss is to work more over vacation time in the summer, this will enhance your resume, experience and help out the company during busy times.


Organize your life better

Google tools free online can help with organisational task for the day, week and coming month.  Use the list of tasks for scheduled meetings & deadlines, travel and organizing between uncompleted tasks.

For ease and organisation a student can use Google tools for separate lists centered on a singular aspect of their life. Common examples include: Schoolwork, Home and work.


Some of the items you can have listed:

  • Mathematics algebra completed assignments
  • Email list to send to sponsors to conduct research in relation to a project management report you wish to complete

A common saying helps here “It has been said that nothing gets done if it is not on your to-do list”. Start making lists now if you have not already started and keep them up to date.  I remember it was always a great feeling when I completed individual assignments at university and received the written receipts when handing them in to be graded.  Each time I would click and tick off the assignment that was completed on my list.


Delegate to friends and colleagues

John C Maxwell Study Tips

In the book How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life author John C. Maxwell (2009) suggests that if 80% of an activity can be carried out by another person, delegation is the best solution.

John C Maxwell Study Tips



So, when you are working and studying try to keep yourself free from unnecessary activities. Letting go is sometimes the hardest thing to do but in order to achieve your goals, you must prioritise your commitments and act accordingly. You will definitely find certain daily or regular tasks that can be comfortable done by others.


Block out distractions

Online social media and especially Facebook is said to be the biggest nemesis of all students during the exam period. Can’t control yourself, well you should be to maximise your chances of achieving good grades.

Do not be tempted to login to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media websites when you have important revision and examinations that are imminent.

You do not have to go totally without (Cold Turkey) Facebook not using it as others did, why not simply use Focal Filter. As a free tool Focal Filter production tool enables a user to block any distracting websites on a temporary basis, where by you can focus on important examination work.

The blocking filter can be used to restrict access to websites for a certain length of time, it is your choice.


Once you enable the blocking feature for a website you won’t be able to access that particular website.  You could save 2-3 hours a day using the blocking tool for social media.  Other options are to use the timer feature, batch processing as well as other time saving methods.


Focus your attention

When you are managing your studies and working simultaneously, the focus should be on completion of one class at a time. After completion of a couple of courses, the motivation will automatically come to go for another. Hence do not excessively pressurise yourself to complete the degree within a pre-decided timeline.

It is true that success is the most significant motivator and when you can successfully balance work and studies, an urge develops to move one step further. However, if something does not work accordingly, do not be distracted. Follow these tips and concentrate on your goal.


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Having been a beneficiary, April believes that education has the ability to transform one’s life. She manages a blog for peer-to-peer learning Digitalsenior where everyone shares their university experience in Singapore.


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