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Teaching in Korea

Teaching in Korea - Teach English in KoreaElementary & high school jobs teaching in Korea are wide ranging from public, private schools to ESL teaching jobs at language centres. Each year there are in excess of 10,000 job opportunities for international educators to teach in Korea. The country is always looking for good teachers, making the location a viable option for teaching English in Korea or your subject.

A popular country to teach English abroad for native English speakers, as school’s offer good salaries and other employment benefits to teachers. Korea ESL teaching jobs require commitment to a contract that is renewable. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Teaching Jobs in Thailand - Teaching in Thailand SchoolsJet away to a tropical climate teaching in Thailand long term or a contract for 2 years. Teaching jobs in Thailand international schools or state public school are at all levels from elementary and high schools.  You can also experience the country for 12 months while teaching English in Thailand at one of the government 2nd tier schools. (more…)

Teaching in Taiwan

Before you think about teaching in Taiwan as a classroom teacher of children in state elementary & high schools, you must have trained teacher status for the primary or secondary school level in your own country k12 level. Government public schools, and for teaching jobs in Taiwan international schools look at experience teaching at that certain age range, especially for teaching younger children, such as kindergarten. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia Schools - Teaching in MalaysiaWestern trained teachers and educators from other regions can experience teaching in Malaysia government & private international schools providing you with an opportunity to live in the country. Teaching jobs in Malaysia international help teachers to secure work and residency permits. You should be a suitably qualified teacher and obtain the correct paperwork to work and reside legally in the country.

With a tropical climate and sunshine most of the year the islands of Malaysia attracts visitors to top class beaches, city living and rural treks in the countryside. (more…)

Teaching Jobs in China

Teaching Jobs in China - Teach English in China - Teach in ChinaA vast country offering you the opportunity to teach in China with a population over 1 billion. The country provides many thousands of Esl English language and subject teaching jobs in China from major cities of ShanghaiChengdu, (Giant panda city) Beijing to smaller cities and towns in provincial China.  Chinese people like to learn, also know the benefit of a good education that will help personally and for future career prospects.

China schools cover the entire age range from 2-18 years in public and fee paying international schools. Teachers can opt to teach English in China from nursery, primary, middle and high school, this is your main sources of teacher jobs in the country other than being a subject specialist, for example an economics or music educator. (more…)

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