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Looking for your CV to be viewed by schools or recruiters?  Employers view your profile and contact you free.


Email  info  @   educationtay.com


Send a 2 page document, and basic requirements of what you are looking for. For example; Teacher key stage 2 looking for job in Birmingham.



What will happen to my CV?

 Sent to schools or displayed on this website for employers to view and contact for free

Live for 9 months. Email to delete

Your CV is blocked from being listed on internet search results. (Page no indexed)

Some of the personal data will not be displayed, such as:

Surname, street address, door number. city


Enough of your CV can be viewed by an employer without providing full details.  Employers can request a full details after they contact you.

Good idea to provide your personal data to schools and recruiters that have an email address that matches their website address.  No yahoo, gmail or other free account.


I do not find jobs for teachers. You are sending in your work and education background to be displayed for schools and education recruitment agencies that may be interested for a possible school or teaching position.


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