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Teaching in Europe

With a diverse mix of mainly western cultures European countries have well developed education systems to teach in Europe.  Choose to teach in a state or international school in Paris, Athens, Dublin or Helsinki. Independent and boarding schools accommodate fee paying students that attend private sector learning providers for all age students. Teaching in Europe in all sectors can be found all year round.

Countries for teaching in Europe can be in the European Union from Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany or Italy to other countries like Switzerland, Ukraine, Norway and Russia. More jobs can be obtained in Spain and especially the UK where 1000’s of lecturing and school English teaching jobs are advertised at anyone time. (more…)

Teaching in Russia

Teaching Jobs in Russia - Teach English in RussiaAs a large country you could teach English in Russia state, language or international schools. International or state school teaching in Russia, a teacher’s specialist subject, for example chemistry, physical education or history is available.

To teach in Russia, you require work and residence permits as a legal requirement. As a qualified teacher you can get sponsored from an employer and ultimately obtain permission to legally become a subject teacher at an international school fairly easily.


Teaching in Russia

State and international schools advertise jobs for teachers providing good employment opportunities for overseas teachers.

Russian schools advertise all classroom subject teaching vacancies including: science, physical education, business studies, English, information technology, mathematics to education jobs as a bursar, personal assistant and sports coaches.

Children age from 3 to 18 years where you could teach nursery, primary teaching or secondary high school students your specialist subject area.

As with state schools you must be a qualified/certified teacher.

Employers are looking for English teachers that have a language teaching certificate and with classroom experience with learners in language schools and all other types of school.


Teach English in Russia state schools

Russian state schools are actively employing good teachers of English for Russia towns, cities and in more rural areas.  You could find yourself as an English language teacher to classes of primary or secondary children depending on the age range you are qualified.

School children in Russia are the same as anywhere, most are well behaved and do not mind learning, although you will come across now and again a disruptive pupil that does not wish to be at school.


Russia salary as a qualified teacher

Depending on your experience and qualifications a state school teacher at primary and secondary level or language school you can expect to be offer around £1,400-2,300 per month teaching full time.

International school teacher jobs in Russia come with better salaries and provide accommodation as part of a salary package.  Pay levels can be from £1,800-4000 per month.

The Russian salary package for school teachers usually includes an apartment or an accommodation allowance, return flights, health insurance and possible reduced cost children school fees at international schools.


Russia visa & school teacher requirements

For a all teachers in Russia, you require a Russian work permit and an entry visa obtained from the Russian embassy in many countries worldwide, for example in London.  You actually have to go to the embassy to complete the work visa process in the UK.  You get your finger print scan as part of your visa process.

Immigration and learning providers have their own separate requirements, some the same legal and desired requirements, including appropriate education qualifications.

  • Russia embassy expects a clean criminal background
  • Possible accredited degree qualification and teaching qualification for school children
  • Native English speaker is a must for English school teachers and visa issue in schools
  • Experience teaching that age range helps to gain a post, especially top state and international schools, management positions
  • Teaching English as a second language in Russia at least requires a TEFL, CELT or TESOL certificate
  • You need to get a full medical check certificate for a work visa, residency permit to stay and work.  Full medical check with blood tests and chest x-ray for a Russian visa application
  • Signed contracts from 6 months to 2 years, also possible renewable. Think is this contract financially beneficial for me?

Summary on requirements: All documents may require to be authenticated first and legalised by the Russian Embassy, which includes qualifications, criminal record check, medical check and blood test.

People from the UK, Western Europe and North America that wish to teach English must obtain a work visa before flying to Russia, first obtaining all the documents needed before applying.


State and international school year

School pupils start the new academic year around late August and finish around the following June. You can start a job in Russia in a state or international school at the beginning of the new term in August.


Popular cities for teaching jobs

The capital of Russia Moscow and Saint Petersburg are large cities with millions of people living in both cities. Hundreds of thousands of school pupils attend free state schools, although there are a number of fee paying international schools where local children and foreign children attend from 4 years to 18 years old.

Universities in Moscow are popular as the city has some of the best universities in Russia. To teach English at a university you must have a TEFL certificate or similar and possible additional qualifications.

Foreign English teachers are actively employed in state schools to teach English to Russian school children from 5 to 16 years old.

There are a number of English language teacher programs where you can be employed and placed with a school teaching English in a state school organised through a language school.

Essentially employers with local government contracts to supply native English teachers to help children learn and improve their English.  This is not the same a full time contract as a fully qualified school teacher.


Renting accommodation in Russia

Signing a lease for an apartment or house is possible, although most landlords will ask for a residency permit, deposit when signing a rental lease.  Large cities such as Moscow are expensive in relation to a teacher’s salary for renting an apartment in the city.


Where to find a job teaching English

International jobs boards for English teachers are a good start and recruitment agencies websites.

Search for English teachers Russia and look at the job positions for a suitable vacancy.

Also, apply to language schools in Russia direct and international schools at least 3 months before the start of the new term. 

You can check for jobs on this website.


Care should you become unwell

Your employer hopefully will give you medical insurance.

Depending on your location appropriate medical care could take some time and will be expensive if not covered. Obtain international illness cover before arriving in Russia.


Russia country facts

Population: 143, 000, 000 approximately

Area size: 17,075,400 SQ km approximately

Capital: Moscow

Language: Russian

Climate: Warm summers and cold autumn and winters

Currency: Rubble

Country dialling code: + 7

Time zone: GMT + 3 or more hours in number of time zones

Drive: On right


Become a Language & Culture Assistant in Spain & Get Paid

Become a Language & Culture Assistant in Spain & Get PaidLooking for a reputable school job that provides a legal work visa for Spain? Auxiliaries de Conversación and Bilingual English Development and Assessment program (BEDA) language and cultural assistant programs in Spain could be an option for you.  As a native English speaker with a basic understanding of Spanish you can apply for language assistant jobs in Spain to work in a Spanish Ministry of Education state public school.

Cultural assistant programs in Spain for native English speakers from western countries offer you the opportunity to be directly employed by the Spanish government and placed in a government state school in cities and towns from Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia and other major population areas.


You maybe asking; can I teach in Spain without teaching experience or qualification?

Language cultural assistants are not teacher jobs, so no teaching qualification needed.


Below are the top two where you are sponsored by the Spanish government for a student visa in Spain.

There are 4 main programs.


Auxiliaries de Conversación

An option is to sign up with one of the origination’s that help with placing non qualified English language cultural assistants in state schools.

The Spanish government has a well-known program called auxiliaries de conversación organized through the Spanish Ministry of Education. Two thousand cultural assistants are employed each year from the USA and Canada alone.

As a foreign conversations, assistant in Spain on a one-year program as a native English assistant in a state school, your aim is to help Spanish teachers raise the standard of English for state school children.

This program is open to a good number of nationalities from native English speakers to teach English (Well converse in English) including Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

See information link below other citizens “for all nationalities”.  I use the word “Teach” for the absence of a better word.


North American program is aimed at USA and Canadian citizens and below for more information.


The basics of the Auxiliaries de Conversación program

Position as an English and cultural assistant placed in a state school

12-18 hours a week

Wage around 900 Euros per month for 2018

You apply and are given a one-year student visa as a cultural assistant

Pay any local taxes due

Medical cover

No TEFL certificate required as you are not a teacher

Aimed at graduates from native English speaking countries for the English program

Commit to a one academic year contract

Have enough funds to finance your visa application, flight, and accommodation and living costs until your first paycheck

No criminal record

Find and pay your own accommodation

Choice of 2 options between a city and town

There are other requirements as part of the course to interact with children effectively


Basically, the Auxiliaries de Conversación programs place you in a primary/elementary or secondary/high school. The aim is to help with children learning English from a native speaker and learn about a different culture.

You are expected to learn a sufficient amount of Spanish before or during your time on the program to be able to communicate effectively.  As a part of the orientation program, you will be taught how to plan lessons and interact with children.

You will be planning your own lessons, guidance is given before you are placed with a school.

Other times you will find yourself supporting a lesson contributing and extending learning in a classroom with a qualified teacher.  Team teaching, putting it that way.


One thought: Auxiliares de conversacion regions total 17 in Spain, although you can not pick and choose where you are placed.

English teaching assistant jobs in Spain further information for the above program:

See the program promotional brochure. Visa application guidance USA, and Spain consulate in the USA

Visa application guidance for Canada also Spain consulate in Canada, General

Information for all nationalities.



Bilingual English Development and Assessment Program (BEDA)

Another option as a language & culture assistant, and the opportunity to live for a year legally in Spain and gain valuable work experience while living and teaching English in Spain for year.

Similar to the Auxiliaries de Conversación government program teachers are placed in a school as cultural assistants delivering lessons in English about their culture.

The difference with the BEDA program is that you are placed in a catholic school that is privately funded by the Spanish government.  School placements are mainly in the capital of Spain Madrid, also Andalusia, Murcia and Canary Islands.


See here for the program details ecmadrid.org


Help and orientation are a bit different on this program as you attend Comillas University in Spain to be shown how to give and plan lessons, and about bilingual education.

You also must learn enough Spanish language which is also taught on the program.

Don’t worry each class is 3 hour and once a month attendance.


School placement and lessons BEDA

Classes you take are by yourself mostly delivering cultural lessons to children in English.  You must come up with different activates to simulate children that can range from 5 to 18 years old.

Lessons you should have planned for the teaching hours expected each week of around 15-24 hours.


Application process and interview BEDA Spain

An online process mainly in the USA or Canada where you apply for the program and provide all information asked.  A Skype interview is conducted and the program coordinator will ask about why you applied, Spanish language ability, age and of children teaching preference and other similar questions.


BEDA program basics

Commit to a one-year contract as a language and cultural assistant in a Spanish school

Provide all your own initial expenses for a flight visa application and accommodation in Spain

Pay is based on the number of hour in the classroom: 24 hours 1200, 22 hours 1100, 20 hours 1000, 1800 for 900 all in Euros (Actually, payment is a bot more now)

Medical insurance cover (Essential before any travel)

Expect to be placed in a school in Madrid

20 years old at least

Bachelor degree holder

Apply to renew your contract for further years if you wish

No need to be catholic

Native English speaker

Find and pay for your own accommodation

Work a 5 day week

Pay any local taxes

Application fee payment around 175 Euros

Help with residency is given including applying for a spanish NIE number

There are a number of other language and cultural assistant programs.  Search Google for the programs.


Of course you require starting finance to actually get to Spain in the first place.

Account for spending money, food, accommodation, clothing and other all before the first wage.

Good idea to research each program and ask questions to make sure this is the right choice for you and the school.


Teaching in Spain

Teaching in Spain - Teach English in Spain SchoolsSpain as an old developed country in the European Union is popular for teaching in Spain schools. As a country, teachers relocate to cities, towns and rural areas to take up teaching jobs in Spain international schools in their specialist subject such as history. You can choose to teach English in Spain as a first language at an international school or English as a second language with a language school.


Teaching in Spain

Teach English in Spain at a Spanish fee paying private school if you are a native English speaker.

Don’t worry if you do not have a visa or European citizenship, schools in Spain can arrange for suitably qualified teachers to legally teach by sponsoring you for a Spanish work permit and residency.


Are you a qualified and licensed school age children teacher in your own country?

Or do you hold a CELT, TESOL or TEFL certificate that qualifies you to teach English as a second language?

You must be a trained teacher holding the right qualification for Spain teaching jobs in schools.


This page includes: Teaching job options at International school, language school English teachers as well as key points of living in Spain


Teacher in Spain international school opportunities

Fee-paying schools around Spain cater for local & the large international community of resident foreign children in cities, towns and countryside.  No two schools are the same, where students are offered to study curriculum’s from different countries from nursery at 4 years old to to sixth form at 18 years.

As an example, to become a school teacher in Spain taking up a position as a secondary teacher of English at the British School of Seville you must be a fully a qualified teacher from the UK or a certified K-12 teacher from the USA for example.


Spain teacher salary: Classroom teachers at an international school can earn in excess of 2600 Euros per month subject to local tax deductions for a full-time position.


Spain international schools teacher requirements

  • Qualified teacher status (QTS) UK or certified USA teacher
  • Bachelor degree and above in related subject
  • Experienced and enthusiastic
  • Experience teaching kS3, IGCSE, A Level
  • Criminal background check with no adverse record
  • Legal right to work in Spain or can obtain a work permit


School subjects you can teach and positions

Classroom teacher with and without additional responsibility are the most advertised.

Subject areas offered in Spain private schools at nursery, primary, secondary school age are similar to other western countries.

Primary teachers in Spain can secure jobs as a year 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 teacher.

Nursery teachers from 2 to 5 years can secure a full time teaching position in a nursery in Spain international schools.


Main population centres where private international & boarding schools in Spain are concentrated are the 50 major areas in Spain. Find international teachers jobs in Spain from:

Malaga, Valencia, Bilbao, Madrid, Murcia, Seville, Alicante, Palma, Córdoba, Gijón, Granada, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, Vigo, Cartagena, Elche, Las Palmas de Gran,,Canaria, Barcelona, Cádiz, León, Tarragona, Marbella ,Alcorcón, Logroño, Badajoz, Salamanca, Huelva, Lleida, Albacete, Getafe, Castellón de la Plana, Santander, Burgos, Donostia-San Sebastián, Leganés, Almería, Fuenlabrada, Pamplona, Alcalá de Henares, Móstoles, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Sabadell, Jerez de la Frontera, Terrassa, Cartagena, Oviedo, Vitoria-Gasteiz, A Coruña, Valladolid, Zaragoza


School education jobs in Spain

Sports coach, librarian, school nurse job, driver, bursar, full or part time nurse,  house parent, personal assistant, secretary, janitor, IT & laboratory technician, accountant, counsellor are just some of the other school roles at a Spanish international school.


Applying for a job in Spain as a teacher

The process is that you are asked to complete an application online and forward a resume/cv with a photograph and if asked to interview you would teach a class to show your ability as a teacher.

Telephone and Skype interviews are also conducted by schools or recruiters as an alternative to a mini teach.

An advantage is that the teacher is generally employed on a permanent basis and enrolled in the Spanish healthcare program.

All international schools in Spain will provide assistance to find suitable accommodation and some will provide an accommodation allowance as part of your salary package.


Summary requirements for teachers

Western teaching qualifications are mostly accepted, although you should inquire when applying for a teaching position to what qualifications are required,

Requirements for in Spain include:

  • Criminal record clearance certificate that is 6 months or less old
  • Translated and certified qualification certificates not in Spanish
  • English language teachers should be native English speakers
  • Undergraduate of postgraduate degree in the specialist subject
  • Qualified teacher qualification, for example, a BEd, PGCE or PGDE primary for teachers applying for posts at a primary school
  • Teach English at language schools, teachers should/expected to have a TEFL or CELT


Degree in English is also accepted by many employers, although not all as it does not cover classroom teaching experience.

To obtain a teaching work permit and residence you basically require what the government legally requires you to have as a school teacher.

European citizens do not require a work permit, although any person staying longer than 3 months in Spain must register the same way.


Teaching English in Spain language schools

First of all employers advertise for English language teachers that are qualified with a TEFL certificate or similar qualification that was studied in a classroom, not online.

There are employers that run programs that allow you to learn and teach giving you a wage and you gain a TEFL certificate after a certain length of time.

Language schools provide English language lessons to children and adults.  You would be teaching listening, reading, writing and speaking to different age groups.  Each learner will have ability in English from no English to people at the language school to brush up pronunciation.


Hours and wages

You can choose to work part time or full time from a few hours a week to 25 contact hours in the classroom.  Although a language school in Spain is private a sufficient wage is paid to even new teachers to allow them a reasonable living in Spain.

New teachers can expect to be paid around 1300 Euros and for teachers with experience 1800 Euros full time. Spanish taxes are deducted from your salary, although as an employee you are enrolled in the state healthcare program so that should save a lot if required.


Requirements to teach at a language school

Native or fluent English speaker

Legal right to work and live in Spain

Sign a contract

English language qualification

Criminal background check with no adverse result

Good health

Find and pay for your own accommodation

Face to face interview needed by many employers, although some will hire you via a Skype or telephone interview.


University English lecturer

Starting in late September or early October you have an option to deliver first language lectures at university level.  Here students would be studying for a degree in English.

Full and part time academic positions are available fro suitably qualifies lectures that are native English speakers.  Qualifications required included a doctorate degree, publications and experience teaching at university level English.

Salaries for university lecturer tend to be higher than teachers and expect to be offered in excess of 2700 Euros for a full time position as a faculty English lecturer.



Further education colleges are in larger cities and towns where students study until 18 years old and then attend university.  Also, students to gain work related qualification via part time and full time study.  Post compulsory lecturers from Scotland and the rest of the UK will find mostly all colleges will accept their teaching qualification and related experience.


No TEFL, CELT qualification

What if I have no teaching experience or qualification?

There are a number of programs that place native English speakers in state schools as language & cultural assistants such as the Spanish government sponsored Bilingual English Development and Assessment program (BEDA).

English is a popular language to learn in Spain and is taught in all state and international schools to a certain level.  Spain has been a popular destination for many years for teachers from English specking western countries such as USA, Australia, Canada and the UK as the high demand for children to learn English helps with a continues flow of available jobs for teachers of English in Spain.

Many of the jobs you will find are for the major cities or towns such as Valencia, Madrid, Bilbo, Zaragota, Barcelona, and Seville.


Financing starting costs

You will require providing your own accommodation and transportation to Spain.

A number of international schools do provide accommodation as part of a salary package, although you may wish to find a house or apartment that is more suitable for your needs.  Suitable clothing for interview and funds available until your first wage is essential.  Think about the costs before school teaching abroad:

  • Flight
  • Visa
  • New clothing
  • Equipment
  • Rent & deposit and any furniture, utensils and appliances
  • Living expenses before your first wage, food, travel
  • Emergency fund


Teaching starting dates

State and international schools in Spain start the academic year in September or early October and finish in June the following year.

Teaching English in Spain job positions is advertised in the previous months online or through agencies. January is another time that you could start at a school although this is midway through a school year and the children’s learning program.

Language school teachers are in high demand from the hundreds of  schools in Spain providing children and adult English learning classes at all levels.

You as a prospective teacher may require attending an interview for a school position and possible mini presentation as part of your interview.  Don’t expect to be hired just with a telephone or Skype conversation, although some schools do employ teachers without a formal face to face interview such as international or language schools.


Process of applying for residency permit includes

  • Spain rental or property sales agreement photocopy
  • Passport or identity card and copies
  • A copy of your work contract copy
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Evidence of sufficient funds at the social security level. This is a bank statement or a letter from your Spanish bank
  • Other documents depending on your citizenship
  • Medical insurance certificate
  • Tax registration number
  • Form EX18 application form completed in Spanish
  • Proof of the application has been paid at a local bank stamped Modelo 790 payment form

Apply for residency as a non-EU citizen requires additional documentation depending on individual circumstances.

Mostly you apply for residency at the local town hall.  Check with your employer for guidance.


Spanish bank account

A non-resident account can be opened with your existing documents, although there are advantages of getting a resident bank account, such as better banking facilities.  Apply online are go into a bank branch.

To open a Spanish account at a bank, the following documents are required.

  • Passport or identity card
  • Proof of employment. Will be your contract of employment
  • Foreign identification number if registered as a resident. (NIE Number) You can apply separately for the number and receive your NIE during applying for Spanish residency
  • Proof of address such as your rental contract or sale paperwork



As an employee, your salary is taxed at a progressive rate and deductions are taken off to cover such things as sickness, unemployment, pregnancy and health care.

Employees are taxed on employment income in Spain.  A progressive rate of income tax, social security, and other deductions is payable.


Income tax rates approximate for 2018

€0 – €12,450:                   19%

€12,451 – €20,200:         24%

€20,200 – €34,000:         30%

€34,000 – €60,000:         37%

Over €60,000:                 45%


A portion of your wage is also deducted for social security payment that covers illness, pension, pregnancy and unemployment.  Once you pay a certain amount of year social security in Spain a pension is payable, although the exact amount of year periodically changes.

Resident in Spain for 183 day’s you become liable of tax on worldwide income. Double taxation treaties are in force with many countries and Spain, so you may be able to offset tax and only pay once.


Spain country facts

Population: 58 million plus approximately

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

+ 1 GMT winter time in Spain

Dialing international code: + 9

May to September very hot with little rain climate, although winter season tends to be cooler


Spain transport

Full selection of modern fast trains from towns to cities.

Drivers with European driving licenses can drive for with their own countries license for as long as it is valid.  You can exchange your license for a Spanish driving license should you wish at any time.


Health care

Some employers provide private health care for private medical facilities, although a European health card is valid until you become a Spanish resident.

Medical treatment is expensive if you need to pay for it going private. Being employed in Spain entitles you to be enrolled in the state health system and allows you to many free health care treatments, although no all.



You should not expect to be offered accommodation as part of your salary package in Spain, although some international school offer shared or single accommodation.

All employers generally help in providing assistance with finding a suitable rental property, and some provide temporary accommodation while you find a place of your own.


Renting property in Spain

Spain has a lot to offer anyone renting for the short or long term. Houses, apartments/flats/condo, detached rural and townhouses for all budgets.

Except the major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga you can find a good apartment, Finca or villa on a lecturers or teachers salary.

Property agents, accommodation website, local newspapers all have a good selection of properties to rent in each town and city all year round.

On a teacher salary, you can rent a property or share with a friend.

What about living with a host family for a year?  Could be fun and may be easier to integrate into the community better.  This option could reduce rental and living costs.


Where to find teaching jobs

The best option is to start online on job board if you are not already in Spain.

Search for teaching jobs in Spain opportunities: Check out this website, recruitment agencies for a list of jobs to teach in schools in Espana.


Teaching in Scotland

Teaching in Scotland, Salary, Primary, Secondary EducationOpportunities exist for teaching in Scotland to school age children from the islands, highlands and central areas. Management & classroom school teaching jobs Scotland vacancies are offered full and part time.

See below how to become a teacher, salary, education jobs Scotland, with nursery, primary & secondary school teaching jobs Edinburgh, Aberdeen to Glasgow in state schools. (more…)

Job Search

Main job search box on the front page.  Jobs added daily.

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