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Teaching in Australia

Teaching in Australia A country with 8 state territories teaching in Australia schools provides a choice of 1,000’s of schools to choice from. Vast majority of students attend state school, although there are fee paying independent and international schools around Australia.

From nursery, primary, secondary high schools competent qualified teachers from the UK have a good chance finding and securing teaching jobs in Australia. Check this evidence out where one in every 17 teachers in Australian schools are qualified in the UK. (more…)

Teach in New Zealand

Teach in New Zealand - Teaching Jobs in New Zealand Overseas trained teachers are welcomed to teach in New Zealand from primary to secondary schools, should you have the right to work in the country.

The Department of Labor Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) and the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) are actively looking for teachers for certain New Zealand teaching positions.

Special education teaching jobs in New Zealand and hard to fill positions are generally only available as secondary and primary school teachers (5-12) are no longer on the skills shortage list for a visa.

Teacher jobs in schools are advertised at different times of the year. Although again you should be suitably qualified with relevant experience before applying.


Teach in New Zealand early childhood children

  • Overseas early childhood education teaching qualification must be assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to be equivalent to a Diploma of Teaching (ECE) or Bachelor of Teaching (ECE).
  • Overseas trained ECE teachers must be qualified to teach 0-5 years to obtain New Zealand equivalency and teacher registration.


Primary and secondary teachers

  • Primary teachers are required, although the first half of the year is better for job vacancies to start in late August. Shortage of teachers in key core subjects are available for teachers in New Zealand.


Special education teachers

  • Qualified, experienced teachers of children with learning or behavioral issues and those working with children with physical disabilities are in demand.


New Zealand teaching opportunities

School teachers can find employment at New Zealand international schools from nursery to 18 years old children.


Requirements to teach in New Zealand

  • Criminal background check dated with past 6 months
  • Qualifications as a teacher and degree certification
  • Should be a qualified teacher in the age range you wish to teach
  • An appropriate undergraduate degree to teach your chosen subject
  • Experience teaching that age range is an advantage to help secure a teaching post
  • For immigration purposes a full medical medical check that can cost hundreds of pounds alone
  • One year, 2 years, and permanent contracts or normal for New Zealand teachers


Teaching salary New Zealand

Teachers pay is similar to other western developed countries where you would be paid in relation to the grade of position accepted.


Visa and residency

With a confirmed offer of an education job in New Zealand a work visa and residency are available for qualifying teachers.

Check with the New Zealand embassy for the requirements and any restrictions in your country.

Overseas teachers requiring a visa, do not expect to be able to apply for many positions as there is no work visa available for the vast majority of school jobs in New Zealand.

The visa regulations changed in 2011 to reflect the availability of good New Zealand teachers to fill teaching posts at school level.


Medical Assistance

Medical insurance before you leave is always a good option until you are accepted for New Zealand state medical cover.


Country Facts

4, 200,000 approximately population in the country

270,534  Sq Km approximately in land size

Wellington is the capital city

Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Electricity:  230 AC Volts, 50 Hz

Language: English, Maori

Time: GMT + 12

Dialing code: + 64

Emergencies call:  Call 111 for Ambulance, Police and Fire

Climate:  Warm summers with cold rainy winters



State school employees, you require to supply your own accommodation, although international schools may provide an apartment or a house for certain employees according to their seniority.


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