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Teaching Jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain has a well developed education system at all levels from nursery schools to universities. Teaching in Bahrain has become more open for foreign teachers as the country has invited more overseas teachers opening up employment laws. Teaching jobs in Bahrain are available for qualified school teachers in international schools, public school advisers and government education for school education and classroom teaching roles.


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Teaching jobs in Bahrain

   English ESL Instructor Job Vacancy Manama                                            Female School Doctor General Practitioner Job Vacancy 

   Pre-School Nursery Teacher Vacancy, Manama

  School Teacher of Arabic Language Vacancy, Hamala                            English Language School Teacher Vacancy

  Bahrain English Language School Teacher Job Vacancy                         Secondary School Subject Teaching Vacancies 


Teaching in Bahrain Opportunities

International schools: US, British, Indian and other countries schools accommodate local school children and the international community of students offering a range of curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to sixth form studies.

School education jobs from Indian & Filipino nurse, accountant, driver, teaching assistant are also available in Bahrain international schools.


Public school: Schools in the country employ teachers and advisers at classroom and management level. Teacher advisers are employed in public schools, where jobs are advertised by the Bahrain education department for advising and teaching local teachers.


Language schools: Teaching English or another language. Small amount of language centres in the country providing language training for young children to adult learners.

Advertised teaching vacancies provide the opportunity to work for the local government who advertise education jobs and teaching jobs for schools, colleges and universities.


Salaries for Bahrain school teachers

Wages depend on your number of years of teaching experience and additional payments for people with a Masters or doctorate.

Each employer has their own pay scales upwards of 8,000 per month

International employment package includes: Flight, accommodation, gratuity    (Not for local hire)


Requirements for teachers in Bahrain

The countries schools have a standard requirement, which is you are qualified to teach at that age, hold appropriate degree’s and have years’ of experience.  In addition, the Ministry of Education requirement also states that foreign national teachers should be suitably qualified to teach in Bahrain.

To obtain a work visa and residency, you will require proving you are suitable for a teaching post in the country with many of the same requirements employers expect from a teacher.


Common requirements for Bahrain teaching jobs:

  • Police background clearance certificate date within the last 6 months from your home country.
  • Attested, apostilled and certified qualifications.
  • Native English speaker applying for positions delivered in English.
  • Undergraduate degree at least and a possible postgraduate degree in the subject you will teach.
  • Years of experience in teaching at that age level.
  • Qualified to teach in a school classroom
  • English as a second language certificate or a degree in English for training centres.
  • Undergo a full medical check up and submit all documents asked for to obtain a work and residency permit.


Recently foreign person can sponsor themselves for a work and residency permit.



Education employers from state and international schools provide single or shared accommodation as part of a salary package. Accommodation ranges in size and standards depending on your employer.

Good idea to ask where thee accommodation is and find out how to get to your work.

An allowance is payable from many employers if you wish to rent yourself, although this can be expensive on a teachers salary. Accommodation rent contracts are usually for 12 months at least with 2-3 months deposit in advance.


Bahrain facts

Teaching Jobs in Bahrain, Education Posts or Teach in BahrainPopulation: 680,000 approximately

Area size:  665 square kilometres approximately

Currency: Bahraini Dinar (BHD)

Language: Arabic

Time: + 3 GMT winter time

Climate: October to May warm & sunny. June to September very hot with little rain.


Getting Around

Car, taxi or bus. You can lease a car or buy and drive a car, with the proper local driving licence. Exchange your driving license from your own country could be possible without taking a theory or practical driving test. An eye test is required for the issue of a Bahrain driving license and a possible medical to check a driver’s fitness.



Employers should provide a health card for private medical facilities. Medical treatment is a very high standard, although expensive.


Teaching in Indonesia

A country providing trained teachers from many countries around the world opportunities to teach in Indonesia international schools, state education system and language centres. Teaching in Indonesia helps secure work & residency permit for suitably qualified teachers, including to teach English in Indonesia language schools.


Teaching in Indonesia opportunities

International Schools: Local and international students study curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to school leaving age.

State Schools: Local schools also employ foreign teachers for teaching Indonesia students English and stem subjects.

Language Schools: English schools in many parts of the country.


Indonesia teacher salary & benefits

International school teacher   $1,500-$4,000 month for classroom teachers

English language teachers   from 12-14,000,000 to 18,000,000 + IDR/month

(Salaries depend greatly on experience, qualifications and nationality)

Schools provide a salary package that could include accommodation, although there are many schools that do not provide accommodation or an allowance and you should check this with any potential employer.


Teacher requirements in Indonesia

Visa & residency requirements including appropriate education qualifications.

  • Police record check dated with past 6 months (Must visa)
    • Certified and attested qualifications & documents (Must visa)
    • Native English speaker
    • Undergraduate degree (Must Visa)
    • Experience teaching for many schools
    • Certificate to teach English as a second language, or a degree in English if teaching English TEFL, TESOL, CELT with class based learning (Requested visa application requirement) asked for by schools.
    • Pass a medical check up for work and residency permit (Visa)

Maximum age 50 (Very difficult to obtain residency & work visa for over 50 year old)



International schools provide single or shared accommodation, ranging in size and standards. You should of course ask if accommodation is supplied and its location. Many landlords will ask for a residency permit when signing a rental lease.


Medical Care

Employers eventually supply private medical care packages as part of your salary package; a good idea is to arrange private medical cover before you leave.

There are more than 17,500 islands and may take time to receive desired medical care. Get prepared and organised before moving to Indonesia.  Paperwork processing for a visa takes time before starting an international teaching post.


Country Facts

Teaching in Indonesia - Teach English in IndonesiaPopulation: 237, 500, 000 approximately

Area size: 735, 355 sq kms approximately

Capital: Jakarta

Language: Indonesian

Climate: Hot tropical monsoons summers and mild winters

Currency: Rupiah (IDR)

Country dialling code: + 62

Time zone: GMT + 8 hours

Electricity: 240 Volts, 50Hz

Drive: On left


Teaching Jobs in Vietnam

A South East Asia developing country with language & international schools attracting teachers from around the world.  Teaching jobs in Vietnam schools can be in government, international school or English Esl teaching jobs in language schools. Licensed teachers will find most opportunities Ho Chi Minh City or Ha noi to teach in Vietnam


Teaching jobs in Vietnam

  English Teacher Vacancies in ThaiBinh City                                                  ESL English Language School Teaching Job

  Teacher of English Job, Kindergarten Ho Chi Minh City


Teaching in Vietnam teacher requirements

To obtain a work visa and residency permit you require:

  • BA degree or above, and qualified school teacher (International school)
  • TEFL/TESL/CELT certificate teaching English (40 + hours class taught), any 3 yr + BA degree. Native English speaker (English language teacher)
  • No criminal record for any teaching post
  • Medically fit

(Fluent non native speakers have a chance of a visa, only if shortage of native speakers)


Salary & benefits Vietnam teacher

International school teachers (US$2000-$3,700) monthly                              –  Language teaching (US$1,000-2,300) monthly

Class hours around 25-28 hours with 2 days off weekly.                                –  Accommodation allowance paid by some schools

Paid flight or reimbursed after 1 year                                                                –  Annual paid holidays

Partial medical insurance cover                                                                           – Performance bonus



Teach English in Vietnam

Teaching Jobs in Vietnam - Teach English in VietnamBest chance to find school jobs are in cities and larger towns. Teaching English in Vietnam locations include:

Bien Hoa        Da Nang      Can Tho       Hai Phong      Buon Ma Thuot      Hue        Nah Trang        Vung Tau

ESL jobs in Vietnam language, international or government school can be obtained throughout the year.

You will require money to process documents and a flight to the country before you move abroad to Vietnam. Finance to rent an apartment, deposit and 5-6 weeks living expenses (minimum) is required. Most jobs for English teachers advertised do not provide accommodation.


As Vietnam develops as a country more jobs are becoming available to foreign teachers.


Before relocating to teach overseas in Vietnam get yourself medical insurance. Jobs to teach English in Vietnam seem to be offered to people aged around 21-55, visa regulations.


Teaching in Europe

With a diverse mix of mainly western cultures European countries have well developed education systems to teach in Europe.  Choose to teach in a state or international school in Paris, Athens, Dublin or Helsinki. Independent and boarding schools accommodate fee paying students that attend private sector learning providers for all age students. Teaching in Europe in all sectors can be found all year round.

Countries for teaching in Europe can be in the European Union from Ireland, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany or Italy to other countries like Switzerland, Ukraine, Norway and Russia. More jobs can be obtained in Spain and especially the UK where 1000’s of lecturing and school English teaching jobs are advertised at anyone time. (more…)

Teaching in Canada Qualifications & Teacher Requirements

Teaching in Canada Qualifications & Teacher RequirementsA country actively seeking new people, teaching in Canada could offer you a chance to settle in a new country with the vast amount of opportunities the country has to offer. Choosing teaching jobs in Canada at school provides similarities to other western countries, although may not be for everyone. 

Work visa and permission eligibility to stay permanently are granted fairly easily to teachers through a points system depending on factors including, age, qualifications, language and of teacher job offer in Canada. (more…)

Teaching in Australia

Teaching in Australia A country with 8 state territories teaching in Australia schools provides a choice of 1,000’s of schools to choice from. Vast majority of students attend state school, although there are fee paying independent and international schools around Australia.

From nursery, primary, secondary high schools competent qualified teachers from the UK have a good chance finding and securing teaching jobs in Australia. Check this evidence out where one in every 17 teachers in Australian schools are qualified in the UK. (more…)

Teach in New Zealand

Teach in New Zealand - Teaching Jobs in New Zealand Overseas trained teachers are welcomed to teach in New Zealand from primary to secondary schools, should you have the right to work in the country.

The Department of Labor Immediate Skill Shortage List (ISSL) and the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) are actively looking for teachers for certain New Zealand teaching positions.

Special education teaching jobs in New Zealand and hard to fill positions are generally only available as secondary and primary school teachers (5-12) are no longer on the skills shortage list for a visa.

Teacher jobs in schools are advertised at different times of the year. Although again you should be suitably qualified with relevant experience before applying.


Teach in New Zealand early childhood children

  • Overseas early childhood education teaching qualification must be assessed by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to be equivalent to a Diploma of Teaching (ECE) or Bachelor of Teaching (ECE).
  • Overseas trained ECE teachers must be qualified to teach 0-5 years to obtain New Zealand equivalency and teacher registration.


Primary and secondary teachers

  • Primary teachers are required, although the first half of the year is better for job vacancies to start in late August. Shortage of teachers in key core subjects are available for teachers in New Zealand.


Special education teachers

  • Qualified, experienced teachers of children with learning or behavioral issues and those working with children with physical disabilities are in demand.


New Zealand teaching opportunities

School teachers can find employment at New Zealand international schools from nursery to 18 years old children.


Requirements to teach in New Zealand

  • Criminal background check dated with past 6 months
  • Qualifications as a teacher and degree certification
  • Should be a qualified teacher in the age range you wish to teach
  • An appropriate undergraduate degree to teach your chosen subject
  • Experience teaching that age range is an advantage to help secure a teaching post
  • For immigration purposes a full medical medical check that can cost hundreds of pounds alone
  • One year, 2 years, and permanent contracts or normal for New Zealand teachers


Teaching salary New Zealand

Teachers pay is similar to other western developed countries where you would be paid in relation to the grade of position accepted.


Visa and residency

With a confirmed offer of an education job in New Zealand a work visa and residency are available for qualifying teachers.

Check with the New Zealand embassy for the requirements and any restrictions in your country.

Overseas teachers requiring a visa, do not expect to be able to apply for many positions as there is no work visa available for the vast majority of school jobs in New Zealand.

The visa regulations changed in 2011 to reflect the availability of good New Zealand teachers to fill teaching posts at school level.


Medical Assistance

Medical insurance before you leave is always a good option until you are accepted for New Zealand state medical cover.


Country Facts

4, 200,000 approximately population in the country

270,534  Sq Km approximately in land size

Wellington is the capital city

Currency: New Zealand Dollar (NZD)

Electricity:  230 AC Volts, 50 Hz

Language: English, Maori

Time: GMT + 12

Dialing code: + 64

Emergencies call:  Call 111 for Ambulance, Police and Fire

Climate:  Warm summers with cold rainy winters



State school employees, you require to supply your own accommodation, although international schools may provide an apartment or a house for certain employees according to their seniority.


Teaching in Russia

Teaching in Russia - Teach English in RussiaAs a large country you could teach English in Russia state, language or international schools. International schools teaching in Russia, a teacher’s specialist subject, for example chemistry, physical education or history is available.

To teach in Russia, you require work and residence permits as a legal requirement. As a qualified teacher you can get sponsored from an employer and ultimately obtain permission to legally become a subject teacher at an international school fairly easily.


Teaching in Russia

State and international schools advertise jobs for teachers providing good employment opportunities for overseas teachers.

Russian schools advertise all classroom subject teaching vacancies including: science, physical education, business studies, English, information technology, mathematics to education jobs as a bursar, personal assistant and sports coaches.

Children age from 3 to 18 years where you could teach nursery, primary teaching or secondary high school students your specialist subject area.

As with state schools you must be a qualified/certified teacher.

Employers are looking for English teachers that have a language teaching certificate and with classroom experience with learners in language schools and all other types of school..


Teach English in Russia state schools

Russian state schools are actively employing good teachers of English for Russia towns, cities and in more rural areas.  You could find yourself as an English language teacher to classes of primary or secondary children depending on the age range you are qualified.

School children in Russia are the same as anywhere, most are well behaved and do not mind learning, although you will come across now and again a disruptive pupil that does not wish to be at school.


Russia salary as a qualified teacher

Depending on your experience and qualifications a state school teacher at primary and secondary level or language school you can expect to be offer around £1,400-2,300 per month teaching full time.

International school teacher jobs in Russia come with better salaries and provide accommodation as part of a salary package.  Pay levels can be from £1,800-4000 per month.

The Russian salary package for school teachers usually includes an apartment or an accommodation allowance, return flights, health insurance and possible reduced cost children school fees at international schools.


Russia visa & school teacher requirements

For a all teachers in Russia, you require a Russian work permit and an entry visa obtained from the Russian embassy in many countries worldwide, for example in London.  You actually have to go to the embassy to complete the work visa process in the UK.  You get your finger print scan as part of your visa process.

Immigration and learning providers have their own separate requirements, some the same legal and desired requirements, including appropriate education qualifications.


  • Russia embassy expects a clean criminal background
  • Possible accredited degree qualification and teaching qualification for school children
  • Native English speaker is a must for English school teachers and visa issue in schools
  • Experience teaching that age range helps to gain a post, especially top state and international schools, management positions
  • Teaching English as a second language in Russia at least requires a TEFL, CELT or TESOL certificate
  • You need to get a full medical check certificate for a work visa, residency permit to stay and work.  Full medical check with blood tests and chest x-ray for a Russian visa application
  • Signed contracts from 6 months to 2 years, also possible renewable. Think is this contract financially beneficial for me?


Summary on requirements: All documents may require to be authenticated first and legalised by the Russian Embassy, which includes qualifications, criminal record check, medical check and blood test.

People from the UK, Western Europe and North America that wish to teach English must obtain a work visa before flying to Russia, first obtaining all the documents needed before applying.


State and international school year

School pupils start the new academic year around late August and finish around the following June. You can start a job in Russia in a state or international school at the beginning of the new term in August.


Popular cities for teaching jobs

The capital of Russia Moscow and Saint Petersburg are large cities with millions of people living in both cities. Hundreds of thousands of school pupils attend free state schools, although there are a number of fee paying international schools where local children and foreign children attend from 4 years to 18 years old.

Universities in Moscow are popular as the city has some of the best universities in Russia. To teach English at a university you must have a TEFL certificate or similar and possible additional qualifications.

Foreign English teachers are actively employed in state schools to teach English to Russian school children from 5 to 16 years old.

There are a number of English language teacher programs where you can be employed and placed with a school teaching English in a state school organised through a language school.

Essentially employers with local government contracts to supply native English teachers to help children learn and improve their English.  This is not the same a full time contract as a fully qualified school teacher.


Renting accommodation in Russia

Signing a lease for an apartment or house is possible, although most landlords will ask for a residency permit, deposit when signing a rental lease.  Large cities such as Moscow are expensive in relation to a teacher’s salary for renting an apartment in the city.


Where to find a job teaching English

International jobs boards for English teachers are a good start and recruitment agencies websites.

Search for English teachers Russia and look at the job positions for a suitable vacancy.

Also, apply to language schools in Russia direct and international schools at least 3 months before the start of the new term. 

You can check for jobs on this website


Care should you become unwell

Your employer hopefully will give you medical insurance.

Depending on your location appropriate medical care could take some time and will be expensive if not covered. Obtain international illness cover before arriving in Russia.


Russia country facts

Population: 143, 000, 000 approximately

Area size: 17,075,400 SQ km approximately

Capital: Moscow

Language: Russian

Climate: Warm summers and cold autumn and winters

Currency: Rubble

Country dialling code: + 7

Time zone: GMT + 3 or more hours in number of time zones

Drive: On right


Become a Language & Culture Assistant in Spain & Get Paid

Become a Language & Culture Assistant in Spain & Get PaidLooking for a reputable school job that provides a legal work visa for Spain? Auxiliaries de Conversación and Bilingual English Development and Assessment program (BEDA) language and cultural assistant programs in Spain could be an option for you.  As a native English speaker with a basic understanding of Spanish you can apply for language assistant jobs in Spain to work in a Spanish Ministry of Education state public school.

Cultural assistant programs in Spain for native English speakers from western countries offer you the opportunity to be directly employed by the Spanish government and placed in a government state school in cities and towns from Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia and other major population areas.


You maybe asking; can I teach in Spain without teaching experience or qualification?

Language cultural assistants are not teacher jobs, so no teaching qualification needed.


Below are the top two where you are sponsored by the Spanish government for a student visa in Spain.

There are 4 main programs.


Auxiliaries de Conversación

An option is to sign up with one of the origination’s that help with placing non qualified English language cultural assistants in state schools.

The Spanish government has a well-known program called auxiliaries de conversación organized through the Spanish Ministry of Education. Two thousand cultural assistants are employed each year from the USA and Canada alone.

As a foreign conversations, assistant in Spain on a one-year program as a native English assistant in a state school, your aim is to help Spanish teachers raise the standard of English for state school children.

This program is open to a good number of nationalities from native English speakers to teach English (Well converse in English) including Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

See information link below other citizens “for all nationalities”.  I use the word “Teach” for the absence of a better word.


North American program is aimed at USA and Canadian citizens and below for more information.


The basics of the Auxiliaries de Conversación program

Position as an English and cultural assistant placed in a state school

12-18 hours a week

Wage around 900 Euros per month for 2018

You apply and are given a one-year student visa as a cultural assistant

Pay any local taxes due

Medical cover

No TEFL certificate required as you are not a teacher

Aimed at graduates from native English speaking countries for the English program

Commit to a one academic year contract

Have enough funds to finance your visa application, flight, and accommodation and living costs until your first paycheck

No criminal record

Find and pay your own accommodation

Choice of 2 options between a city and town

There are other requirements as part of the course to interact with children effectively


Basically, the Auxiliaries de Conversación programs place you in a primary/elementary or secondary/high school. The aim is to help with children learning English from a native speaker and learn about a different culture.

You are expected to learn a sufficient amount of Spanish before or during your time on the program to be able to communicate effectively.  As a part of the orientation program, you will be taught how to plan lessons and interact with children.

You will be planning your own lessons, guidance is given before you are placed with a school.

Other times you will find yourself supporting a lesson contributing and extending learning in a classroom with a qualified teacher.  Team teaching, putting it that way.


One thought: Auxiliares de conversacion regions total 17 in Spain, although you can not pick and choose where you are placed.

English teaching assistant jobs in Spain further information for the above program:

See the program promotional brochure. Visa application guidance USA, and Spain consulate in the USA

Visa application guidance for Canada also Spain consulate in Canada, General

Information for all nationalities.



Bilingual English Development and Assessment Program (BEDA)

Another option as a language & culture assistant, and the opportunity to live for a year legally in Spain and gain valuable work experience while living and teaching English in Spain for year.

Similar to the Auxiliaries de Conversación government program teachers are placed in a school as cultural assistants delivering lessons in English about their culture.

The difference with the BEDA program is that you are placed in a catholic school that is privately funded by the Spanish government.  School placements are mainly in the capital of Spain Madrid, also Andalusia, Murcia and Canary Islands.


See here for the program details ecmadrid.org


Help and orientation are a bit different on this program as you attend Comillas University in Spain to be shown how to give and plan lessons, and about bilingual education.

You also must learn enough Spanish language which is also taught on the program.

Don’t worry each class is 3 hour and once a month attendance.


School placement and lessons BEDA

Classes you take are by yourself mostly delivering cultural lessons to children in English.  You must come up with different activates to simulate children that can range from 5 to 18 years old.

Lessons you should have planned for the teaching hours expected each week of around 15-24 hours.


Application process and interview BEDA Spain

An online process mainly in the USA or Canada where you apply for the program and provide all information asked.  A Skype interview is conducted and the program coordinator will ask about why you applied, Spanish language ability, age and of children teaching preference and other similar questions.


BEDA program basics

Commit to a one-year contract as a language and cultural assistant in a Spanish school

Provide all your own initial expenses for a flight visa application and accommodation in Spain

Pay is based on the number of hour in the classroom: 24 hours 1200, 22 hours 1100, 20 hours 1000, 1800 for 900 all in Euros (Actually, payment is a bot more now)

Medical insurance cover (Essential before any travel)

Expect to be placed in a school in Madrid

20 years old at least

Bachelor degree holder

Apply to renew your contract for further years if you wish

No need to be catholic

Native English speaker

Find and pay for your own accommodation

Work a 5 day week

Pay any local taxes

Application fee payment around 175 Euros

Help with residency is given including applying for a spanish NIE number

There are a number of other language and cultural assistant programs.  Search Google for the programs.


Of course you require starting finance to actually get to Spain in the first place.

Account for spending money, food, accommodation, clothing and other all before the first wage.

Good idea to research each program and ask questions to make sure this is the right choice for you and the school.


Teaching in London

Boroughs make up the inner city and Greater London where there are many state and independent schools.  Education Jobs and school teaching in London are from early years 3-5 or KS1-5  to 18 years. Schools are big and small in the 32 boroughs and City of London including: Havering, Westminster, Hackney, Kensington & Chelsea, Islington, Brent, Camden, Corydon, Redbridge, Richmond, Enfield.


Teaching in London

Teaching in London - Education Jobs London BoroughsOne of the globally recognised cities with millions of permanent and temporary residents. Many people also travel into London each day to work or for other reasons.

A London teacher allowance is paid according to the outer or inner London borough school location.  Underground tube and day & night buses you can get to school with by purchasing an Oyster Card to save on travel cost.

There is a wide choice of large and small schools in the state and independent sector. Teach at an inner city school in Walthamstow, suburb area such as Chingford or Romford.  Teachers are also attracted to London top class independent day or boarding schools in Westminster, Harrow and in the North London Area.

In mostly any school in London you would be teaching children from different ethnic backgrounds, especially in state secondary & primary schools.



London Housing & accommodation

Education Jobs in LondonAny house or flat in or near London to rent or buy is expense.  On a teachers salary an option is to live in the suburbs or outside of London and travel to work. Zones 3.4,5 on the tube or train and outlying areas such as Loughton, Barking or Brent are more affordable living areas for teachers.





Culture, Leisure and events

Culture, Leisure and events LondonYou’ll be spoilt for choice with the large number of seasonal and weekly events organised in the capital. Families and individuals can join social, leisure or sporting clubs that have set up in and around London.  Some are free to join and others require a membership fee that is paid weekly or by the year. Some galleries, museums and other attractions offer free admission to visitors.

West End theatres are popular with locals and tourists where they show popular plays.  There is also a good open air theatre in Regents Park that puts on plays in the summer months.

Festivals, concerts and bands play all year round with many of the well known singers and performers participating in shows in London.


Nursery, primary and secondary school education & teaching in London vacancies are advertised for teachers all year round as there are never enough teachers choosing to teach in greater London.


Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia

One of the more populated countries in the region where education is important, opportunities for teaching in Saudi Arabia international schools is open for many nationalities. Notice, teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia male & female positions to teach in KSA major cities and towns are advertised.

Teachers from nursery, primary and secondary school are employed to teach English in Saudi Arabia to 3 to 18 years old learners as well as school age specialist subjects including physics, P.E and mathematics. ESL English language teacher jobs are widely available at language schools.

Other teaching & non teaching jobs on front page


Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia


     English Language Academy ESL Trainer Jobs, Jeddah                                            EAP English Lecturer Vacancies 2019, University, Dhahran

     School English Class Teacher Job, Riyadh                                                              Mathematics Class School Teacher Job, Riyadh

     School ICT Teacher Job Vacancy in Riyadh                                                             School Science Teacher Job in Riyadh

      Middle, High School English, Math, Science Teacher, Riyadh                                Elementary English, Math, Science Teacher Jobs, Riyadh

   Female Marketing Faculty Lecturer, University in Jeddah                                    Adult ESL English Language Instructor Jobs, Riyadh

  Male University English Instructor Job Vacancy, Riyadh                                         U.S. English Language Instructor Jobs, Teach Riyadh

   Art Teacher Vacancy, International School                                                             Teacher of Physical Education Job, School 

  English Teaching Job, International School, Riyadh                                                معلمات تمهيدية لمعلمي المدارس ، دراسات الطفولة ، جدة ، المملكة العربية السعودية 


Teaching in Saudi Arabia opportunities

International school teacher jobs are available. Apply to teach English or teaching jobs in Riyadh school subjects, such as business, computing, chemistry. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) teachers posts are offered to suitably qualified and experienced applicants with classroom experience. Take note that job offers are advertised for male or female, which takes into consideration cultural sensitiveness.


Saudi Arabia international schools

Teaching in Saudi Arabia opportunities
Old Jeddah. Source: Scoopempire

Options include to teach from kindergarten, elementary to high school level as a classroom teacher and management responsibilities to head teacher roles. These positions in schools require that you are qualified as a teacher and have experience at that age level, for example nursery teacher. Mostly all jobs for teachers in international schools require native or near-native English speaking ability as teaching is conducted in English for most subjects.

School days generally start at 7am until 2pm following the western school year from August to the middle of summer 10 months later. You will receive 2 days off each week, Thursday and Friday.

Teachers salaries for international schools in Saudi Arabia are around 12,000 to 24,000 SAR per month depending on the role, qualifications and years of experience. No taxes are deductible for western teachers.

You will see advertised male & female teacher job vacancies offered to both Indian teachers and western native English speakers.


Requirements for Saudi Arabia international school teachers

  • Police clearance certificate dated past 6 months authenticated by KSA embassy
  • Bachelors degree and above
  • Teaching qualification appropriate for the role such as qualified teacher for schools at the appropriate age
  • Native English speaker applying for positions delivered in English is a must
  • Degree in English if teaching English as a first or second language
  • 2+ years teaching experience depending on the organisation
  • Full medical check documents, including blood tests, chest x ray for work visa and residency permit
  • Sign a contract from 6 months to 3 years that can be renewable
  • 58 years old and under for work and residency permit requirements


Obtaining the appropriate visa and medical documentation is vital for entrance into the country.

See here for work visa requirements on the embassy website for Saudi Arabia Mayfair London


Teacher jobs, subjects and roles

Vast majority of teaching will be for English speakers in international schools for full time teachers you see advertised for all topic subject areas.

Primary/elementary school teachers will be asked to teach an age group from year 1 to 7.

Female nursery and kindergarten jobs are to teach 3-5 year old children.



Teach English in Saudi Arabia

Teach English in Saudi Arabia
Asir Mountains. Source: Scoopempire

As one of the official languages in the KSA there are many ESL TEFL jobs at schools to help raise students English language ability. You would be employed as a native English speaker on a contract basis to teach English to children at the school.

The vast majority of schools advertising for English subject positions require a TEFL or CELT classroom based qualification for teachers of English as a second language. In addition 2+ years experience is normal. These type of jobs may not be on a full time contract basis.


Other English language options

ESL, TEFL jobs in Saudi Arabia can be chosen from government organisations, colleges, universities and private language training companies that employ native English speakers on a contract basis.

Visa and school requirements mean you would require for an English teaching job a TEFL or CELT classroom based qualification to teach. University and government teaching posts mostly ask for 5+ years experience and a Masters level qualification.


Government, colleges and universities

Training centres operated by the government are big ESL instructor employers from civil, local government to military English teaching jobs. Working over a 5 day week from Saturday to Wednesday your goal would be to raise the standard of proficiency in English or indeed student beginners.

University TEFL jobs require you to help students pass IELTS & TOFEL English language tests for further study and the work place.  KSA Air force and military language students are looking to be able to communicate effectively in English in their job roles.

Hours teaching in the classroom can be from 20-28 per week.

Salaries for language teachers and instructor start around 12.000 SAR to 32,000 SAR per month for classroom teachers to management level roles, depending on the employer.

In addition, salary packages included return flights, health insurance, shared or single accommodation, contract renewal option, paid holidays and possible relocation allowance.


Private training companies

Language training centres in KSA offer jobs to teach children and adults.  These type of jobs can see you teaching 24 to 30 hours a week and not always in the same location.  Salaries are generally lower from 12,000 SAR to 18,000 per month. Your salary will also be part of a package.

Trainers vacancies in commercial companies from industrial to corporate trainers across the kingdom are available all year round.  Jobs are advertised by many employers looking for native English teachers to teach corporate clients.


Country Facts

Although there are cultural similarities to the rest of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has its own culture and traditions that teachers can experience in major cities or living in one of the kingdoms smaller towns.

Area size: 2,240,000 sq km

Population: 27.6 million

Capital: Riyadh

Language: Arabic

Time: GMT + 3

Electricity: 127/220 volts AC, 60Hz

Currency: Saudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)

International dialling code: +966

Climate: Desert climate, hot and sunny with some wind

Important Date: 23rd September Saudi National Day


Cities in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh,  Jeddah,   Medina,    Hofuf,   Ta’if,    Dammam,   Khamis Mushait,    Buraidah,    Khobar


Looking to experience another culture?  Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia could be an option for you if this is the type of position and country you would be suited. This is one country overseas where you can teach for a number of years with a sustainable living, career and pension saving outlook.


Teaching in Spain

Teaching in Spain - Teach English in Spain SchoolsSpain as an old developed country in the European Union is popular for teaching in Spain schools. As a country, teachers relocate to cities, towns and rural areas to take up teaching jobs in Spain international schools in their specialist subject such as history. You can choose to teach English in Spain as a first language at an international school or English as a second language with a language school.


Teaching in Spain

Teach English in Spain at a Spanish fee paying private school if you are a native English speaker.

Don’t worry if you do not have a visa or European citizenship, schools in Spain can arrange for suitably qualified teachers to legally teach by sponsoring you for a Spanish work permit and residency.


Are you a qualified and licensed school age children teacher in your own country?

Or do you hold a CELT, TESOL or TEFL certificate that qualifies you to teach English as a second language?

You must be a trained teacher holding the right qualification for Spain teaching jobs in schools.


This page includes: Teaching job options at International school, language school English teachers as well as key points of living in Spain


Teacher in Spain international school opportunities

Fee-paying schools around Spain cater for local & the large international community of resident foreign children in cities, towns and countryside.  No two schools are the same, where students are offered to study curriculum’s from different countries from nursery at 4 years old to to sixth form at 18 years.

As an example, to become a school teacher in Spain taking up a position as a secondary teacher of English at the British School of Seville you must be a fully a qualified teacher from the UK or a certified K-12 teacher from the USA for example.


Spain teacher salary: Classroom teachers at an international school can earn in excess of 2600 Euros per month subject to local tax deductions for a full-time position.


Spain international schools teacher requirements

  • Qualified teacher status (QTS) UK or certified USA teacher
  • Bachelor degree and above in related subject
  • Experienced and enthusiastic
  • Experience teaching kS3, IGCSE, A Level
  • Criminal background check with no adverse record
  • Legal right to work in Spain or can obtain a work permit


School subjects you can teach and positions

Classroom teacher with and without additional responsibility are the most advertised.

Subject areas offered in Spain private schools at nursery, primary, secondary school age are similar to other western countries.

Primary teachers in Spain can secure jobs as a year 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 teacher.

Nursery teachers from 2 to 5 years can secure a full time teaching position in a nursery in Spain international schools.


Main population centres where private international & boarding schools in Spain are concentrated are the 50 major areas in Spain. Find international teachers jobs in Spain from:

Malaga, Valencia, Bilbao, Madrid, Murcia, Seville, Alicante, Palma, Córdoba, Gijón, Granada, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Badalona, Vigo, Cartagena, Elche, Las Palmas de Gran,,Canaria, Barcelona, Cádiz, León, Tarragona, Marbella ,Alcorcón, Logroño, Badajoz, Salamanca, Huelva, Lleida, Albacete, Getafe, Castellón de la Plana, Santander, Burgos, Donostia-San Sebastián, Leganés, Almería, Fuenlabrada, Pamplona, Alcalá de Henares, Móstoles, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Sabadell, Jerez de la Frontera, Terrassa, Cartagena, Oviedo, Vitoria-Gasteiz, A Coruña, Valladolid, Zaragoza


School education jobs in Spain

Sports coach, librarian, school nurse job, driver, bursar, full or part time nurse,  house parent, personal assistant, secretary, janitor, IT & laboratory technician, accountant, counsellor are just some of the other school roles at a Spanish international school.


Applying for a job in Spain as a teacher

The process is that you are asked to complete an application online and forward a resume/cv with a photograph and if asked to interview you would teach a class to show your ability as a teacher.

Telephone and Skype interviews are also conducted by schools or recruiters as an alternative to a mini teach.

An advantage is that the teacher is generally employed on a permanent basis and enrolled in the Spanish healthcare program.

All international schools in Spain will provide assistance to find suitable accommodation and some will provide an accommodation allowance as part of your salary package.


Summary requirements for teachers

Western teaching qualifications are mostly accepted, although you should inquire when applying for a teaching position to what qualifications are required,

Requirements for in Spain include:

  • Criminal record clearance certificate that is 6 months or less old
  • Translated and certified qualification certificates not in Spanish
  • English language teachers should be native English speakers
  • Undergraduate of postgraduate degree in the specialist subject
  • Qualified teacher qualification, for example, a BEd, PGCE or PGDE primary for teachers applying for posts at a primary school
  • Teach English at language schools, teachers should/expected to have a TEFL or CELT


Degree in English is also accepted by many employers, although not all as it does not cover classroom teaching experience.

To obtain a teaching work permit and residence you basically require what the government legally requires you to have as a school teacher.

European citizens do not require a work permit, although any person staying longer than 3 months in Spain must register the same way.


Teaching English in Spain language schools

First of all employers advertise for English language teachers that are qualified with a TEFL certificate or similar qualification that was studied in a classroom, not online.

There are employers that run programs that allow you to learn and teach giving you a wage and you gain a TEFL certificate after a certain length of time.

Language schools provide English language lessons to children and adults.  You would be teaching listening, reading, writing and speaking to different age groups.  Each learner will have ability in English from no English to people at the language school to brush up pronunciation.


Hours and wages

You can choose to work part time or full time from a few hours a week to 25 contact hours in the classroom.  Although a language school in Spain is private a sufficient wage is paid to even new teachers to allow them a reasonable living in Spain.

New teachers can expect to be paid around 1300 Euros and for teachers with experience 1800 Euros full time. Spanish taxes are deducted from your salary, although as an employee you are enrolled in the state healthcare program so that should save a lot if required.


Requirements to teach at a language school

Native or fluent English speaker

Legal right to work and live in Spain

Sign a contract

English language qualification

Criminal background check with no adverse result

Good health

Find and pay for your own accommodation

Face to face interview needed by many employers, although some will hire you via a Skype or telephone interview.


University English lecturer

Starting in late September or early October you have an option to deliver first language lectures at university level.  Here students would be studying for a degree in English.

Full and part time academic positions are available fro suitably qualifies lectures that are native English speakers.  Qualifications required included a doctorate degree, publications and experience teaching at university level English.

Salaries for university lecturer tend to be higher than teachers and expect to be offered in excess of 2700 Euros for a full time position as a faculty English lecturer.



Further education colleges are in larger cities and towns where students study until 18 years old and then attend university.  Also, students to gain work related qualification via part time and full time study.  Post compulsory lecturers from Scotland and the rest of the UK will find mostly all colleges will accept their teaching qualification and related experience.


No TEFL, CELT qualification

What if I have no teaching experience or qualification?

There are a number of programs that place native English speakers in state schools as language & cultural assistants such as the Spanish government sponsored Bilingual English Development and Assessment program (BEDA).

English is a popular language to learn in Spain and is taught in all state and international schools to a certain level.  Spain has been a popular destination for many years for teachers from English specking western countries such as USA, Australia, Canada and the UK as the high demand for children to learn English helps with a continues flow of available jobs for teachers of English in Spain.

Many of the jobs you will find are for the major cities or towns such as Valencia, Madrid, Bilbo, Zaragota, Barcelona, and Seville.


Financing starting costs

You will require providing your own accommodation and transportation to Spain.

A number of international schools do provide accommodation as part of a salary package, although you may wish to find a house or apartment that is more suitable for your needs.  Suitable clothing for interview and funds available until your first wage is essential.  Think about the costs before school teaching abroad:

  • Flight
  • Visa
  • New clothing
  • Equipment
  • Rent & deposit and any furniture, utensils and appliances
  • Living expenses before your first wage, food, travel
  • Emergency fund


Teaching starting dates

State and international schools in Spain start the academic year in September or early October and finish in June the following year.

Teaching English in Spain job positions is advertised in the previous months online or through agencies. January is another time that you could start at a school although this is midway through a school year and the children’s learning program.

Language school teachers are in high demand from the hundreds of  schools in Spain providing children and adult English learning classes at all levels.

You as a prospective teacher may require attending an interview for a school position and possible mini presentation as part of your interview.  Don’t expect to be hired just with a telephone or Skype conversation, although some schools do employ teachers without a formal face to face interview such as international or language schools.


Process of applying for residency permit includes

  • Spain rental or property sales agreement photocopy
  • Passport or identity card and copies
  • A copy of your work contract copy
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Evidence of sufficient funds at the social security level. This is a bank statement or a letter from your Spanish bank
  • Other documents depending on your citizenship
  • Medical insurance certificate
  • Tax registration number
  • Form EX18 application form completed in Spanish
  • Proof of the application has been paid at a local bank stamped Modelo 790 payment form

Apply for residency as a non-EU citizen requires additional documentation depending on individual circumstances.

Mostly you apply for residency at the local town hall.  Check with your employer for guidance.


Spanish bank account

A non-resident account can be opened with your existing documents, although there are advantages of getting a resident bank account, such as better banking facilities.  Apply online are go into a bank branch.

To open a Spanish account at a bank, the following documents are required.

  • Passport or identity card
  • Proof of employment. Will be your contract of employment
  • Foreign identification number if registered as a resident. (NIE Number) You can apply separately for the number and receive your NIE during applying for Spanish residency
  • Proof of address such as your rental contract or sale paperwork



As an employee, your salary is taxed at a progressive rate and deductions are taken off to cover such things as sickness, unemployment, pregnancy and health care.

Employees are taxed on employment income in Spain.  A progressive rate of income tax, social security, and other deductions is payable.


Income tax rates approximate for 2018

€0 – €12,450:                   19%

€12,451 – €20,200:         24%

€20,200 – €34,000:         30%

€34,000 – €60,000:         37%

Over €60,000:                 45%


A portion of your wage is also deducted for social security payment that covers illness, pension, pregnancy and unemployment.  Once you pay a certain amount of year social security in Spain a pension is payable, although the exact amount of year periodically changes.

Resident in Spain for 183 day’s you become liable of tax on worldwide income. Double taxation treaties are in force with many countries and Spain, so you may be able to offset tax and only pay once.


Spain country facts

Population: 58 million plus approximately

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

+ 1 GMT winter time in Spain

Dialing international code: + 9

May to September very hot with little rain climate, although winter season tends to be cooler


Spain transport

Full selection of modern fast trains from towns to cities.

Drivers with European driving licenses can drive for with their own countries license for as long as it is valid.  You can exchange your license for a Spanish driving license should you wish at any time.


Health care

Some employers provide private health care for private medical facilities, although a European health card is valid until you become a Spanish resident.

Medical treatment is expensive if you need to pay for it going private. Being employed in Spain entitles you to be enrolled in the state health system and allows you to many free health care treatments, although no all.



You should not expect to be offered accommodation as part of your salary package in Spain, although some international school offer shared or single accommodation.

All employers generally help in providing assistance with finding a suitable rental property, and some provide temporary accommodation while you find a place of your own.


Renting property in Spain

Spain has a lot to offer anyone renting for the short or long term. Houses, apartments/flats/condo, detached rural and townhouses for all budgets.

Except the major cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga you can find a good apartment, Finca or villa on a lecturers or teachers salary.

Property agents, accommodation website, local newspapers all have a good selection of properties to rent in each town and city all year round.

On a teacher salary, you can rent a property or share with a friend.

What about living with a host family for a year?  Could be fun and may be easier to integrate into the community better.  This option could reduce rental and living costs.


Where to find teaching jobs

The best option is to start online on job board if you are not already in Spain.

Search for teaching jobs in Spain opportunities: Check out this website, recruitment agencies for a list of jobs to teach in schools in Espana.


Teaching in Taiwan Language & Government Public Schools

Teaching jobs in Taiwan as a classroom teacher in state elementary & high schools, you must have trained teacher status for the primary or secondary school level in your own country k12 level. Schools look at experience for teaching in Taiwan at that certain age range, especially kindergarten.

English teacher jobs at government or language schools in Taiwan can be found with or without Esl qualifications. Some of the larger language schools have training programs in place allowing salary package and Tefl certificate after qualification for new teachers.


Taiwan school teacher salary

Teaching in Taiwan Language & Government Public SchoolsKindergarten, elementary and high schools pay teachers a salary package that includes an end of year bonus. A classroom teacher in 2018 can expect to be offered around 65,000 to 70,000 Taiwan dollars per month for nursery to high school teaching posts depending on experience and student age.

Also, your salary includes accommodation or allowance, paid flight, holiday pay, medical insurance and visa assistance. You would be working for a stable government employer, a major benefit to think about.



Teaching in Taiwan school qualifications requirement basics

Undergraduate BA/BSC degree such as BA Education and or qualified/certified trained teacher status from you home country


Subject degree and qualified teacher status for state school children

One year plus full time teaching experience, which you would have being qualified


School teachers secure a job before or flying to Taiwan island

Taiwan (Part of China) at present is a place where you can secure a firm offer from a school and turn up and start, although, government public schools in Taiwan generally require you to attend an interview and give a mini presentation.

Teachers continue to arrive in Taiwan on tourist visas and then go through the process of obtaining an ARC residency and a work permit. This is still possible in 2018 for many nationalities, although allow plenty of time to find a job and processing of all paperwork for your residency and work permit.


Other options to teach in Taiwan

International school jobs in Taiwan are advertised to teach at all age levels from 4 to 18 years old.

Similar to state public schools a teacher of children at a private school must also be qualified in their home country as a school teacher. Education jobs in Taiwan schools also include, coaches, religious education, accountant, classroom teaching assistants, nurse and management positions.


Public school & international school teacher requirements

Visa requirements show that for prospective teachers you should have appropriate education qualifications for the position for a work permit.

Taiwan tends to be easier to obtain the right to work in the education field compared to other countries.

From your home country, a police criminal record check dated within the past 6 months

Qualification for public & international school teaching, you require an appropriate teaching qualification for the age or be a qualified teacher for school age children, k12

Employers recruit native English speakers and are easier to obtain a work and ARC residence permit

Undergraduate degree in a related subject

One year plus experience teaching that age range

Medical testing for residency and a working permit conducted in Taiwan

Sign a contract from 6 months to 2 years


Best time to go to Taiwan

Schools start late August or early September, although you should leave at least 6 weeks before term time starts to apply for jobs, interviews and work/residence applications.



State and international school providers supply an apartment, although no always. You should expect to find and pay your own living accommodation.

In Taiwan renting houses or apartments is much cheaper than in western countries, and rental agreements are much the same as in your country.

You will find that you require at least 1 months rent as a deposit and two months rent in advance.

Apartments come furnished or unfurnished.


Health Care

Always a good idea before leaving obtaining year round medical insurance, before getting on the plane, at least until you can access Taiwan state medical care. By law in Taiwan employers must provide medical care insurance to some level.


Cities in Taiwan

New Taipei         Kaohsiung         Taichung        Taipei       Tainan         Hsinchu

Taoyuan             Keelung             Zhongli           Chiayi        Changhua     Pingtung

Pingzhen          Bade              Yangmei         Zhubei        Hualien         Taitung

Douliu              Nantou         Yilan      Miaoli City        Magong       Puzi      Taibao

Magong Night.JPG,          Magong



Country Facts

Population:  24,000,000 approximately

Area size: 13902.8 SQ km approximately

Capital: Taipei

Language: Mandarin

Climate: Humid in the summers and not cold in the winter

Taiwan dollar as the local currency

Dialing code: + 886 for overseas callers

GMT + 8 hours for Taiwan local time

Part of China offically


Teaching Jobs in Korea

Elementary & high school teaching jobs in Korea are wide ranging from independent private to ESL jobs at public state run schools. Each year there are in excess of 10,000 job opportunities for international educators to teach in Korea. The country is always looking for good teachers, making the location a viable option for teaching English in Korea or your subject.


Teaching jobs in Korea

  English Language School Teacher Full Time Job, Seoul                              Head of Senior School Vacancy, August 2019 Seoul 

     English Teaching Adults Vacancies in Seoul                                            Adult English ESL Teaching Jobs in South Korea


Teaching in Korea options

Private or public school for me?

As a qualified/certified teacher from your own country (3-18 years) you can choose.  Hagwons (private schools) are for additional learning.  Younger children around 5-12 out number older high school learners, so many jobs at private school are for young students.  A government public school is similar to western school and more formal in education.

Private independent and International school jobs in Korea are also for qualified teachers where you would teach a specific subject or grade. Yes, in English.  There a a good few schools in south Korea offering boarding or an international school education.


Public school jobs in Korea

This type of school is for teachers that are looking for set hours, structure during the day with nights and weekends not teaching.  Korea public school’s offer ESL teacher jobs, and to teach elementary, middle, high school subjects. You’ll be directly employed by the government, with a contract and salary from the Korean Ministry of Education.

A popular country to teach English abroad for native English speakers, as school’s offer good salaries and other employment benefits to teachers.


Private school in Korea

Language schools (Hagwons) jobs are available in Korea and these employers recruit direct or through a recruitment company. Many of the jobs you will see advertised are in the private sector.  Salaries tend to be higher, although some organisations provide less structure for your working day.

Yes, you would be teaching English.

One advantage is materials, lesson plan and curriculum to follow is provided, less planning and grading than international or public schools.

Teaching schedules and lessons provided to learners are delivered morning, afternoon and evenings to accommodate students who pay for tuition.

  • Elementary/kindergarten:  Morning, afternoon, early evening
  • Middle high school students: Afternoon and evenings
  • Adult learners: Afternoons, although more at night

You’re teaching timetable may just be for young learners or a mix of age groups, depending on experience.  Expect to be teaching for 5/6 days from 7 and different times of the day.



Teachers salary and benefits in Korea


Benefits                                                                    Korea private school jobs                                                                   Korea public school jobs


Class size                                                                              24-30 student in class                                                                                             12-15 in class


Teaching hours                                                                   24-26 per week                                                                                                         30 per week


Holidays                                                                               18 days + 15                                                                                                              Up to  15 + 15


Overseas teacher                                                               One each school                                                                                                       1-15+ per school


Salary                                                                                   1.8-2.7   million Krw                                                                                                  2-3   million Krw


Health insurance                                                               Provided                                                                                                                     Provided (Check)


Airfare                                                                                  Return                                                                                                                        Return


Accommodation                                                               Single apartment                                                                                                       Single apartment


School location                                                                Cities, town, rural                                                                                                       Cities, town, rural


Start dates                                                                       August/September.  February/March                                                                      Anytime


Teaching in Korea will enable you to save for the future for when you eventually return home.  Taxes are deducted for most foreign teachers.

Teaching Jobs in Korea - Teach English in Korea Public Schools

Korea teaching job requirements

– Appropriate bachelor’s degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university
– Citizenship of an English speaking country
– Native/Fluent English speaker
– Obtain and meet the requirements for an E2 or F4 visa
– Appropriate teaching certificate for the age group and school
– Two or more signed and sealed university transcripts
– Criminal record check
– Medical check


People are employed with and without experience, all depends on the position and school.

Getting all the required paperwork together takes time, although could be a rewarding life experience. The visa and immigration requirements, such as the medical check are comprehensive and deciding to take up job should be well planned and researched.


School teaching year

South Korea school teaching jobs start in March and later in the year, although you could also start when lessons have already started.


Teaching Jobs in Oman

Location offering teaching jobs in Oman at international schools to qualified teachers. Nursery, primary and high school teachers benefit from Oman’s rich cultural, social, activities, and by posts for school teacher opportunities in Oman to further their social, teaching & academic career. Teach in Oman your specialist subject to school children from 4 upwards.

Oman education jobs search also front page

Teaching jobs in Oman

    Secondary School UK PE Teacher Vacancy, Muscat                                   Nursery School Teacher Vacancy in Muscat

    School Mathematics Teacher Vacancy in Sohar                                         Government Technical Colleges ESL English Lecturer

    Female Science School Teacher Job Vacancy, Muscat                                Indian School Kindergarten Teacher Jobs, CBSE Curriculum 


Teaching in Oman

All year round there are full-time jobs to teach in Oman at kindergarten/nursery, primary/elementary, secondary/high schools. Teaching school year starts in mid August and finishes around the second week in June the next year.  Apply for a Oman teacher’s job well in advance bearing in mind paperwork gathering and visa requirement rules.

Classroom teachers can also gain employment throughout the year, although teaching normally starts around August to September.


Education jobs in Oman international schools

Teaching in Oman to school age learners English or your subject requires formal teaching experience and subject specific qualifications. Teacher’s can find jobs at international schools in Oman cities from Muscat, Sohar, Salalah, Sur and towns from classroom teaching to management positions.

You can secure a job as a teacher to children from 3-18 years teaching local & international students.


Oman teacher salary

Salaries for school teachers in Oman: (Pay package also includes other benefits) from 800-1200 Omani Riyal per month, depending on experience and qualifications.

All international employed teachers’ packages include free flights to Oman, accommodation/allowance, free medical insurance cover, most utilities and holiday pay.  Senior post holders receive more benefits and allowances.  Salaries are tax free. Contracts are typically 2 years renewable.

Teachers contracted hours are round 35-40 hours per week with 2 days off.


International school teacher requirements Oman

You require be a qualified school age teacher with a recognised teaching qualification and or undergraduate degree.  English teacher jobs in schools require you to be a native English speaker, or fluency in the language.  A school will ask for 2 + years teaching experience for their and visa requirements.


Residence, work permit and via requirements are general for all teachers for the following:


  • Request that you are no older than 60    (Work and residency requirements)
  • Qualification and certification documents attested by your home country and Omani embassy
  • No criminal police record, dated not older than 6 months
  • BA/BSc and above for international schools and teaching qualification) BEd, PGDE, PGCE for UK qualified with QT or QTS. Certified teacher for USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, other.  Teaching qualification should be at the age you wish to teach
  • 2 years + classroom teaching experience in the subject and age level
  • Degree in the subject you will teach
  • Native English speaker for employer and visa requirements
  • Medically fit with test certificate


School teacher documentation

When you state to an employer or agent you wish to proceed you will be asked for a copy of: Resume/CV, scanned colour copy data page of your passport, sign a provisional agreement possibly, references, copies of qualifications and the usual photo of yourself.

This is standard international teacher recruitment practice.  The school uses these documents to first confirm your identity and if you are qualified for the job, also to apply formerly for your work visa as an employer.


Teacher subject positions

International school teacher positions as:  Classroom teacher        head teacher            Head of department


All the usual curriculum subject areas are covered in Oman schools at primary/elementary, high school/secondary age for you to become a teacher.

Male and female school jobs in Oman can be to teach high school secondary students, primary/elementary or nursery/kindergarten children.

Primary/elementary Oman school teachers can gain a job as a grade/year 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

Early years teachers jobs offering part and full-time roles are advertised for international school kindergartens at various times of the year, generally January to June each year..


Living and activities in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman (Official Arabic name for Oman) is a relatively crime free country.  During your free time, well not preparing lessons, you can experience humpback whales of the coast at Dhofar, desert safari’s and possibly sight an Oryx or a Leopard in the wild.


Country Facts

Population:  3,630,000 approximately        Area size:  309, 501 SQ km        GMT + 4 hours during standard time    Capital: Muscat           Language: Arabic

Climate: Hot and humid summers mild in the winter           Currency: Omani Riyal            Dialing code: + 968 for overseas callers


Cities & towns in Oman

  • Adam     As Sib      Al Ashkharah     Al Buraimi      Al Hamra       Al Jazer    Al Madina A’Zarqa    Al Suwaiq      Bahla      Barka      Bidbid         Bidiya
  • Dibba Al-Baya      Duqm     Haima       Ibra     Ibri      Izki      Jabrin     Jalan Bani Bu Hassan     Khasab
  • Mad’ha       Mahooth      Manah      Masirah     Matrah          Mudhaybi     Mudhaireb      Muscat     Nizwa   Quriyat
  • Raysut      Rustaq        Ruwi      Saham       Shinas        Saiq         Salalah        Samail      Sohar      Sur      Tan`am       Thumrait


Where to find available in Oman schools?

See the front page and search for teaching jobs in Oman.  Also, check other job boards, recruiter websites.


Teaching Jobs in Egypt

Qualified teachers from countries around the world are in demand. Teaching jobs in Egypt include early years/kindergarten, elementary/primary and secondary/high school level at internationals schools. Teaching in Egypt is open for you to teach a specialist subject or English to local children and international pupils.


Teaching jobs in Egypt

  Teacher of Music/English ESL Job, School in Cairo



Teaching in Egypt

Teaching Jobs in Egypt - Teaching in EgyptInternational school teacher jobs can be found in larger cities of: Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor and towns. Term and holidays for schools follow western dates with the school year starting August to the following June. Egypt school jobs as a classroom teacher are full time with a complete list of duties in the classroom, parent contact, meetings, marking, grading and assessments.

Work and residency permits are arranged for suitably qualified teachers sponsored by your international school in Egypt.

Obtaining the correct paperwork to live and work in the country is essential. Many schools provide a salary package including accommodation, although there are some schools that do not provide an apartment or allowance if you are locally hired.

Schools in Egypt vacancies are not just open to native English speaking western teachers.  Middle East, African and Asian countries qualified teachers can also be found teaching science, physical education, mathematics, computer studies, business and other subjects.


Subject teacher

Egypt schools positions are for teachers, and all the way up to principal of the school.

Female and male international school jobs in Egypt are at all age levels from 2 to 18 years.

Primary/elementary school teachers in Egypt can gain a job teaching a certain grade

Kindergarten jobs for teacher


International school teaching

Schools: Opened to accommodate local and international students offering curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to school leaving age. Choosing to teach in Egypt at an international school you could be delivering a US, Australian, Canadian, British or IB baccalaureate curriculum, depending on the school.


Salary and benefits package for teachers in Egypt

£21,000 – 29,000 per year for classroom teachers depending on years of experience and qualifications.  Management responsibility attracts a higher wage.

Fee return flight, medical insurance, furnished apartment, holiday pay.

Packages for school teacher’s in Egypt also depend if you are locally or internationally recruited.  Contracts being offered at Egypt international schools are normally 2 years renewable, although some schools are offering one year contracts. School hours are around 35-40 hours each week with the usual preparation outside of school.


Requirements for teachers in Egypt

Some of the legal and international schools in Egypt requirements are the same including appropriate education qualifications.

  • Undergraduate degree at least
  • Qualified and licensed teacher
  • Up to date skills and knowledge of teaching practice and your subject
  • Native English speaker for an English teacher
  • 2 + years of successful classroom relevant experience
  • Clean police back ground check for the school, work and residency permit
  • Medically fit  to pass a medical for your work permit
  • Experience teaching children of that age you wish to teach
  • 2 school teaching references will be asked for by the school


Accommodation in Egypt

Shared or single accommodation is mainly offered, ranging in size and standards, although no always. In Egypt renting houses or apartments can take time to arrange after you acquire work and residency documentation.


Medical care insurance

Good idea to check with the school if the private medical care package as part of your salary benefits is full coverage before you leave for Egypt.


Where to find jobs for teachers in Egypt

Search school jobs Egypt on the internet, front page of this website at times also.  Advertised jobs in Egypt are months in advance before the start of the new academic year.  You can also find jobs throughout the year as it is not always easy for the international schools in the country to recruit a suitably qualified teacher by the start of term.

Remember it can take a number of weeks to gather all the required documentation and processing to obtain a work visa before leaving for Egypt.


Living in Egypt

Not been to the country myself, although I know from films and pictures you are in for a treat with cultural, scientific, cities and places to visit.  Take a look for yourself the Egypt official tourist website and other sources of information on the internet.


Country Facts

Population: 84,000,000 approximately           Area size: 387,048           Capital: Cairo            Language: Arabic        Climate: Summers hot and mild winters       Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP)          Country dialling code: + 20      Time zone: GMT + 3 hours


Teaching Jobs in Malaysia

Western trained teachers and educators from other regions can experience teaching in Malaysia private international schools. Teaching jobs in Malaysia help teachers to secure work and residency permits. You should be a suitably qualified teacher and obtain the correct paperwork to work & reside legally.


Teaching jobs in Malaysia

  Head of Physical Education School Job, Aug 2019 in Kuala Lumpur             Primary School PE Teacher Job, August 2019.Kuala Lumpur 

  Primary School Counsellor Job, Aug 2019, Kuala Lumpur                               EYFS/KS 1/2 Teacher Job (Possible Year Leader)

    Early Childhood Educator Job, Kindergarten, Ampang                                      Playschool Teacher Job in Kuala Lumpur


Teaching in Malaysia

Teaching Jobs in Malaysia - Teaching in MalaysiaGood English language teachers are in high demand with private international schools advertising the opportunity to teach English in Malaysia from young children to 18 years.

You can also apply for jobs in you’re specialist subject, such as teacher of mathematics, history, business, science and other subject areas at international schools. Nursery, primary and secondary high school teachers work as classroom teachers with or with additional responsibilities.

Also, securing a job teaching nursery/kindergarten children from 2-5 years old is popular.

Looking to advance you’re teaching career in Malaysia?  Management positions as a head of department or head teacher become available each year for qualified and experienced candidates.



Teacher salary Malaysia

Classroom teachers can be offered 12,000 – 18,000 ringgit depending on experience, age level taught and qualification.  Obviously, as a teacher with many years of experience and additional responsibility you can secure a top level salary.

Good schools (Most) provide a salary package including accommodation, return flights, medical care insurance and holiday pay. Option to renew a contract is also offered.  Tax is deductible from your salary.

Better paying schools in Malaysia are mainly in Kuala Lumpur where students pay higher tuition fees.



Malaysia international schools

Teaching in Malaysia Private SchoolsQualified school teachers looking to teach in Malaysia have a choice. Teach nursery children from 2 years to young adults up to 19 years old in secondary high school.

Schools separate nursery, primary and high school teaching areas providing an appropriate curriculum to pupils at each age range, You as a classroom teacher would teach children at one age level, such as 11-19 year old in high school.

Teachers must be fully prepared for each day’s lessons and materials ready for students entering your class.  School day’s are longer than western countries as you’ll become involved in extra curricular activities.

School teachers receive 2 days off per week.



Requirements teachers in Malaysia

Malaysia visa requirements for teacher’s at international schools and the government sector are that you must be a qualified teacher of school age children from your own country.

To obtain a teaching job and qualify for a work visa in Malaysia the following is standard

  • Criminal record check from within the past 6 months
  • Attested and certified genuine undergraduate degree and above
  • Qualified teacher status for school children between 4-18 years
  • Native English speaker for English teachers, also for via requirements
  • Teaching qualification appropriate for the school age children
  • 2 years plus successful experience teaching that age level
  • Medical exam check for a work visa
  • Age 27 years old plus (Work visa regulation)


Teaching contracts can be from one year upwards with a possible renewable


Taxation in Malaysia for teachers

Taxes are deducted from your salary each month at a progressive rate, depending on how much is earned.

After living in Malaysia for over 180 days you’re eligible for reduced tax payable from your salary, around 20%.

Yes, you must pay higher income taxes for the first 6 months in the country.  Taxes are no straight forward in Malaysia.

The tax year ends on December 31st. Tax returns are generally due between March and May, depending on the official announcement by the Ministry of Finance. Income tax can be paid in three equal instalments.


Cities in Malaysia

Cities in Malaysia                             

20 of the biggest Malaysian cities out of 150 in the country


Subang Jaya Cheras
Kuala Lumpur Sandakan
Klang Kajang
Johor Bahru Seremban
Ampang Kuantan
Ipoh Tawau
Shah Alam Kuala Terengganu
Kuching Miri
Petaling Jaya Kota Bahru
Kota Kinabalu Selayang Baru


Malaysia country and facts

With a tropical climate and sunshine most of the year the islands of Malaysia attracts visitors to top class beaches, city living and rural treks in the countryside.

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur where there is a good mix of international schools for all ages of children.

Teacher’s salaries pay level in Malaysia allows you to live comfortably in the country.

Should you wish to travel and sight see bordering countries include; Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam all within a short plane trip.


Population: 25, 347, 000 approximately

Area size: 329, 750 sq kms approximately

Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Language: Bahasa Melayu

Climate: Hot tropical monsoons summers and mild winters

Currency: Ringgit (MYR)

Country dialling code: + 60

Time zone: GMT + 8 hours

Electricity: 240 Volts, 50Hz

Emergencies: 994 fire, Ambulance and Police 999


Teaching Jobs in United Arab Emirates

Opportunities for teaching in Abu Dhabi, UAE from Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman and other areas in the Emirates. Discover diverse education & school teaching jobs in United Arab Emirates at one of the many public government or private international schools.

Qualified state school teachers looking for a position in the (UAE) can teach in Dubai or other parts of the country. The UAE is made up of several different areas with Dubai and Abu Dhabi being more well-known cities internationally.

Other education jobs on the homepage

Teaching jobs in United Arab Emirates


        High School Male English Teacher Job, Sharjah 

          Teacher Job Vacancy, Nursery School                                                               School Computer Studies Teacher Job, Sharjah  

         Secondary English Teacher Job in United Arab Emirates                            Manager Sponsor Programs, University, Ras al-Khaimah 

         SEN Teacher Job, School in Sharjah                                                                   Social Studies/Geography Teacher Job Vacancy 

    SEN School Teacher Job Opening in Abu Dhabi                                          Accountancy School Teacher Job, Ras Al Khaimah

   Kindergarten Teacher Job Vacancy, International School                       Kindergarten Teacher/Coordinator Job Vacancy

    School English Teacher Job, Al Ain                                                                 School English Teacher Job, Al Ain

    Art Teacher Vacancy, School in Ras Al Khaimah                                          Head of Mathematics Job, India C.B.S.E School, Sharjah 

  English Teacher Job Vacancy in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi                                    Biology Teacher Job Vacancy, School in Abu Dhabi

   Female Mathematics School Teacher Job, Abu Dhabi                               School Counsellor Job Vacancy, Al Ain

   Head of Languages Job, C.B.S.E Indian School, Sharjah                            Head of Science Job, C.B.S.E Indian School, Sharjah


Other education jobs on the homepage


Teaching in Abu Dhabi, UAE schools

teaching jobs in United Arab EmiratesPrivate fee paying schools in the UAE is where many teachers look to teach. International school jobs can be secured to educate local Emirate, and the large expat community of foreign children.

UAE school teacher jobs at nursery,/kindergarten, primary/elementary and secondary/high school level are advertised throughout the year to attract qualified teachers to the country. The school year starting mid August to June the next year.

Each school is split into different age groups from nursery, primary and secondary sections. Teaching and education jobs cater for children from a mixed background of nationalities.

Although each school is fee paying, they choose a certain curriculum they teach from USA, England, Australian or indeed an India. School age levels are kindergarten, elementary and high school from teacher year/grade 1 to 13.

Choose a teacher job from head of department, curriculum leader and deputy head teacher.


Abu Dhabi, UAE private school teacher salary

Salaries for a classroom teacher at an international school in Abu Dhabi, UAE start around 9,500 up to 18.000 AED per month tax free depending on qualifications and experience. In addition a salary package is payable including, gratuity, one return fight, health insurance and free accommodation.

Heads of department in the top schools are on around 20,000 AED per month basic wage.  There is no teacher or leadership pay scale in the UAE, all depends on each schools salary structure.


Qualifications to teach in Abu Dhabi for classroom teachers

Teachers require appropriate qualifications to teach, and depending on the position you apply for will ascertain the level of qualification required.

To teach 3 to 18 years old’s at a school you must have a degree in that subject. Also you need to be qualified to teach at that age level. A teachers license/qualified teacher such as PGDE, PGCE, BEd, BA Education is a minimum.  This is a requirement of meeting work permit & residency regulations in the UAE.

In addition, the following is common for international school jobs positions:

  • Police clearance from Scotland or a DBA Check England & Wales or USA FBi certificate or a background check from your home country. Must also be certified and apostatised required for legalisation process at the UAE embassy or immigration
  • You must have all qualifications certified, apostatized and legalized to obtain a working visa and residency. Some employers will advertise this with people that have qualifications ready, takes time and money to arrange.  You pay for the documents yourself
  • Masters in education and above or a school leadership qualification for head of secondary/primary or school leadership positions
  • Native English speaker applying for positions delivered in English. This is another requirement that many international schools ask
  • 2+ years experience teaching at that level
  • Full medical check
  • Good references

No older than 65, this is the maximum age the UAE will issue a residency and work permit.


Documents and processing

Securing a work visa before relocating abroad ,means you require to submit documents and undergo a full medical also.

Teaching contracts from 1 to 3 years that you sign in Arabic, as this is the only legal contract.

Your employer will inform you of the documents they require and request you to bring.  Just remember, when you inform an employer the date you can start. Some documents such as the police clearance takes time to process. Apply for the right criminal record check.

When you arrive in the UAE to teach you can arrange certain documents to be processed at your embassy.  Much easier and better to have your documents required ready before flying out. Good idea to start document processing 2-3 months before leaving.



Abu Dhabi, UAE public school teaching

Teaching in Abu DhabiUAE & Abu Dhabi government public schools for the coming years are actively employing experienced and qualified primary and secondary teachers as well as management to work in state public schools.

Education in the UAE is developing and schools are implementing innovative plans, educational policies, running various programmes aiming to enhance education for school children.

There is an ongoing 10 year initiative plan currently in place from the education department where good western trained teachers are helping with change.


Emirates government school salary & benefits

Public school basic salaries in Abu Dhabi and UAE start at around 12,300 up to 20,400 AED per month.  So, what will I get you ask?  All depends on the number of years teaching experience you have and you can get extra each month for a master’s or doctorate degree holder.

  • Do I pay tax and is there any deductions? No
  • Do I get a pay rise after one year of a two-year contract? Most likely not. The contract you sign will clearly state the benefits and salary for the duration
  • Is holiday pay included?  Yes


A typical public school teacher salary package includes:

  • Salary start at around 12,300 up to 20,400 AED per month or more
  • Monthly salary payment into a local bank of your choice
  • One return flight home per year, plus dependent children (Up to 3)
  • Furnished apartment or villa depending on your position. Not shared
  • Full medical coverage card for the UAE
  • 5 day working week with Friday and Saturday off
  • Initial flight to the UAE, visa and medical process while in the country paid

Abu Dhabi/UAE salary and benefits for teachers in public schools are one of the most generous for a school teacher in the region.

Yes, you pay out of your own pocket for all document and medical tests in your own country.

The work visa in your passport will cost you $1.200 + before you step on a plane.


Teaching contract

As a qualified teacher, they wish to make you feel welcome as a teacher in Abu Dhabi. They ask you to sign a 2-3 year full-time teaching contract and in return, they provide a good selection of benefits as part of your salary package. Contracts can be renewed by mutual consent.

1961 is the cut off date of how old a teacher should be for government school teaching positions. This is stated as one of the requirements for prospective teachers in public school on the Abu Dhabi Education Council website.  (See also for a list of vacant job positions)  (For reference only)


Teacher requirements for public school jobs

  • Bachelor degree or above in the subject you will teach (Must match the subject, eg; Degree in English to teach English)
  • Native English language speaker ability
  • 2 good good teaching references
  • Medical clearance document check
  • 2 + years teaching experience at the age level proposing to teach
  • Qualified/certified teacher status for the age range from your home country
  • A citizen of either Australia, Canada, South Africa, UK, USA. Ireland or New Zealand
  • No evidence of a criminal background
  • Driving license

This is also the requirements for work + residency permit for UAE teaching jobs.


Public schools in Abu Dhabi

public schools in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Abu Dhabi Emirates Hotel

Teaching in public schools in Abu Dhabi, UAE surrounding areas is possible for foreign qualified teachers where they are recruited to teach core subjects of English, Sciences and Mathematics each year.

Two government school employers:

  1. Abu Dhabi schools  (In the emirate area)
  2. United Arab Emirates Government Schools (Employed in a public school in UAE)

Accepting a teacher’s job you would be in the UAE teaching local Emirati school children mainly in a nursery, primary or secondary school.  The organisation who would employ you: UAE government for their schools in the region or education department in Abu Dhabi or for the United Arab Emirates.

School locations are spread around Abu Dhabi areas, which makes up around 60% of the UAE emirate.  As a teacher you would be placed in a school of their choosing although new teachers generally will see other western teachers in the same school.

In 2018, there are 296+ schools where you could be placed as a teacher from a city, local town or a smaller rural school teaching local Emirati children.

The larger Abu Dhabi City, to Al Ain or a school in Al Gharbia. is where you could be placed.


School age level

Nursery:    Teach basic science, maths and English with a local Arabic speaking teacher

Cycle 1   Primary:  Maths, science and English lessons

Cycle 2   Secondary: Teaching your specialist subject of English, math or science

Cycle 3    Secondary:   English specialist subject teacher


Think to yourself, do I have any issues with classroom management, getting on with others or do my examination results show low grades?  Do yourself a favour and do not apply for a state school teacher job in UAE.



Living, accommodation & renting in UAE

Visit Abu Dhabi
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu-Dhabi. Visit Abu Dhabi

International schools provide single or shared accommodation, with state schools providing single accommodation. Your employer also could pay an apartment allowance if asked for, although is generally not adequate to cover rental costs in any part of the emirate.

The UAE can be expensive with villas attracting some of the highest rents per month.  Finding and paying for an apartment yourself could set you back in excess of 8000+ AED per months rental for a one bedroom apartment with 12 months rent payment in advance.

You’ll not be far from sandy beaches to swim or relax, and then head back to your apartment for dinner after stopping at local supermarkets for fresh food.  Western driving licenses are generally exchangeable, although you need to pass an eye test first.

UAE people are friendly and accommodating and the country has a very low crime rate.  Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the British Embassy in the region reminds people that they are in a foreign country where they should respect others, culture, beliefs, laws and religion acting appropriately at all times.


United Arab Emirates facts

Facts Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi Mosque

Population: 3.4 million

Area size: 83,600 SQ km

UAE Currency: Dirham

Arabic is the main language

+ 3 GMT winter time and summer is +2

Dialing code for international callers: +971

October to May climate is hot & sunny. Rest of the year is hot in the day and not much rain


Useful numbers & city codes

Abu Dhabi: 2, Ajman: 6, Al Ain: 3, Aweer: 58, Dhayd: 6, Dibba: 9, Dubai: 4, Tarif: 88

Police: 999,           Ambulance: 998/999,         Fire: 997,              Electricity and Water: 991        General Information::101,            Telephone Directory: 180 or 181,               Emergency (Abu Dhabi): 344 663,         Municipality Emergency Number: Abu Dhabi: 02 777 929 – Dubai: 04 2232323


Health care in the Emirates

Private medical facilities are of a very high quality but can be expensive.  Your employer should provide a medical card for free medical care.



So where can I find a list of jobs available?

Should you decide on one of the teaching jobs in United Arab Emirates is for you, then the first place to look is on job boards from the Middle East, UK, USA, Canada and Australia.  You’ll see a good number of international schools, teaching vacancies in UAE.

This website has jobs at times

Another obvious place is on school websites in the UAE advertising for certain subject teachers.

Always conduct a lot of research for the actual job role requirements, school, area, contract and ask questions.



Teaching Jobs in Qatar

Education & teaching jobs in Qatar international schools to educate Qatari & foreign children. Teaching in Qatar schools offer nursery, primary, secondary jobs and specialist education roles  Kindergarten, primary/elementary and high school jobs in Qatar from classroom teacher to management positions can be obtained with appropriate experience and qualifications.

Front page search, other education jobs in Qatar

Teaching jobs in Qatar


        KG School Teacher Job Vacancy in Doha                                                        Arabic Support Teacher Job, School in Doha

         Primary Early Years/KS1 Teacher Job Jan 2019, Doha                              Arabic Supervisor/Teacher Job, Nursery in Doha


         Primary KS2 Teacher Job January 2019                                                           PE School Teacher (Female) Job Jan 2019, Doha

      School PE Teacher Vacancy in Mesaieed                                                     Primary EYFS Teacher Job Vacancy in Mesaieed

      Primary School Progress Leader Job Vacancy Mesaieed                          Physics School Teacher Job Opening in Dukhan

  Preschool Teacher Job Vacancy, Doha                                                       Primary Homeroom G1,3 & K2 Teacher Jobs, School, Doha 

   MHS Humanties/Psychology School Teacher Job, Doha                       Maths Teacher Vacancy, International School in Doha 

  Primary Class School Teacher Vacancy 2019, Al Khor                             Primary School Year Leader Job Vacancy, Sept 2019

  Learning Support Teacher/SENCO Job, CBSE/British Curriculum’s

   Music Teacher Vacancy, International School. Al Khor                          Head of Arabic Job Vacancy, Intermational School in Qatar

   Male Year 4 School Teacher Job Vacancy, Doha                                     Art Teacher Vacancy, International School, Doha 

   Preparatory Teacher Jobs, Native English, School in Doha                   Elementary International School Principal Vacancy, Doha

   Arabic & Islamic Studies Teacher Job, International School                  PE/Sports Teacher Job, M/F, International School, Doha,


Some schools listed are part of a group of schools with thousands of students


Teaching in Qatar international schools

Teaching Jobs in Qatar – Teaching in Qatar International Schools There are international schools from Al Khor, Doha and other areas where students come from different cultures and nationalities.

Children attend nursery school from age of 4 or 5 years old, then progress to primary, and then secondary level. School leaving age in Qatar is 16.

Private schools choose to deliver a curriculum from a certain country. You’ll find a number of global curriculum’s being taught to students. School children must be taught certain subjects including: Arabic, Islamic studies, Mathematics, Physical education.

In a British curriculum school, for example, students take their final examinations at 16 years old if they have studied International General Certificate in Education (IGCSE) qualifications or A levels at 18.

Popular schools cater to Indian, American (US) & British students. Further more, a general international curriculum based on IGCSE & baccalaureate (IB) studies qualifications is offered in a few schools.

The language of teaching is mostly English at international schools in the country.


Qualified school teacher Qatar salary package key benefits

School teaching jobs salary packages offered are around 9000-16000 QR tax free per month. You’re pay depends on experience, qualifications and level as a classroom teacher. A leadership role as a school principal means you’ll be paid a similar wage, tax free, to western school packages.

Qatar salaries for teachers also include:

  • Free return flight
  • Accommodation
  • Health care insurance plan (Not all schools)
  • Paid utilities


Leadership positions attract greater benefits.

Be aware that some schools do not offer a full salary package if locally recruited, as with being hired from you’re home country.


Teacher requirements for schools in Qatar

Qatar school teacher vacancies at times are available to newly qualified teachers. Schools are also in a competition to attract suitable classroom teachers, hence jobs are offered to new educators. As long as you are fully qualified from your home country, such as primary teachers, an international or British school is an option.

You’ll need as a teacher:

  • Qualified teacher for nursery, primary or secondary age
  • Police clearance certificate from your home country with no criminal record
  • Good general health to pass a medical in Qatar, and to get a work visa
  • 2 or more years of teaching experience, some schools like you to have 5 years plus experience
  • Sign a contract to teach between 1 to 3 years
  • At least a BA, BSc undergraduate degree in any subject that you’ll teach


Online and distance learning qualifications are generally not now accepted for work and residency permit in Qatar as a school teacher.

Under the age of 60 to meet visa regulation requirements.

As a western trained teacher and citizenship, the above requirements are standard.  Al documents must be legalised  and authenticated for school, work permit, visa and residency requirements.



Visa, residency and work permit

Teacher requirements for schools in QatarBest way, if you have the time is to apply for, and obtain a work visa from the embassy in your home country. Allow at least 2-3 months before moving overseas.

Read for yourself what the Embassy requires for each document from their official embassy services website.

Everything including criminal check, medical (£270 +), document processing, postage before apply for a Qatari work visa at the embassy will cost you £780 + doing it yourself as a single person.


When you are in Qatar to teach

  • Hand over all documents required including teaching & qualification certificates, birth certificate, marriage license if applicable and copies
  • You’re employer takes your passport and gains permission from the labour department for you to teach in Qatar schools
  • You are taken for a medical including blood tests and chest x-ray
  • Also, you go for your fingerprints to be taken by the police

Finally, after a lot of paperwork between 5-8 weeks you’ll get you’re passport back with a residency permit stuck on one page. You also receive an id card with you’re details on it. Carry the id card everywhere you go; it is a requirement by law.  You’re employer should also issue you with a medical insurance card.


Accommodation in Qatar

International teachers in Qatar are given a furnished apartment or villa that is single, shared or a living allowance depending on the employer, and contract.

Private rented accommodation in Qatar can be expensive.

A single apartment in a reasonable area costs from 9000 Riyals rental per month.

Apartment blocks usually have a service maintenance man that can assist with bottle gas, furniture removal and rubbish disposal.  Basically, the person is there should you have any service issues with you’re apartment, including any electrical faults.

Schools assembly starts early at 7 am, and public transport can be difficult to access at this time.


About Qatar

Located near Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates, Qatar attracts almost 3 million visitors per year.

Sporting, business and cultural events, as well as many tourists are attracted by what the country offers.

Teachers obs in Qatar benefit from knowing English is widely spoken by locals and some of the expat community, although workers making a living in Qatar from the Asian continent generally speak their own languages.

The country is a safe place and welcoming to many nationalities.  As one of the liberal countries in the region, Qatar laws allow people a lot of freedom, although be respectful to local culture and customs.


Country facts

Capital: Doha

Area size: 11, 437 sq km

Population: 813,000

Currency: Qatari Riyal (QAR)

Languages: Arabic, although English widely spoken

Climate: hot, humid summers, mild winters

International dialing code: 974

Time zone: GMT +3

Electricity: 220V 50Hz 2 pin round plug or 3 pin plugs

3rd September Independence Day   18th December National Day.


Exit permit

Educators in Qatar that are issued a work permit sponsored by their employer are required by immigration to obtain an exit permit before leaving the country.  My own experience was easy. I handed the sheet of paper to the customs officer when leaving Qatar that my Qatari sponsor arranged.

You’re sponsoring school will either issue you with a multiple exit permit or single one.  Not all schools issue multiple permits for some reason. Foreign teachers/person that has been sponsored can not leave Qatar without this permit.



You can drive on your own countries license for the first two weeks after arriving.

Driving licenses are exchangeable for many countries. You can drive obtaining a Qatar license by passing an eyesight test.

Once you receive you’re residency permit you must obtain a Qatari license to legally drive, as you are now a resident in the country.

You’ll require all the documents you processed in your home country, license, degree and a host of other bits of paper.

A modern fleet of air-conditioned buses travel around many parts of Doha, and other areas, such as out to Al Khor.

There are many private taxis in Qatar between white cars or limousines (Basically a car).  Taxis are one of the main sources of public transport within Doha.

What you’ll find is that if you stand at the side of the street, or indeed the road, a taxi will stop and ask if you wish to go shopping, work or another place.


Leisure and facilities

As a teacher, it is not just about lesson planning and marking. The country has good sporting, leisure and cultural attractions.

Qatar sponsor and hosts major sporting events including:

  • Tennis
  • Badminton and squash
  • Horse racing and endurance
  • Motorcycle and bike races


Excellent facilities for leisure sports fans will find the following:

  • Full-size golf course
  • Good quality thoroughbred horse racing at Racing and Equestrian Club (REC)
  • Good selection of private exercise and gyms
  • Horse riding stables
  • Yacht club and pleasure boat ride in the bay
  • A range of clubs to join or to go along as a spectator


Cultural attractions include Qatar museum, old town streets, buildings & modern art exhibitions.

What about shopping malls and shops?  Yes, there are good shopping malls in Doha and around Qatar that have high-class shops for luxury items and people on a working person budget.

Visit the Souq Waqif in the downtown area of Doha for an authentic experience of what Qatar offers.  The smell of the fresh fish, dates, spices, and food items is a great experience for a first time visitor.  You’ll find a selection of good quality cafes and shops side by side with market traders.


Qatar jobs for teachers

Looking to teach overseas? The busy hiring time is 5-6 months before you start in August. Teaching jobs in Qatar are listed on this page throughout the year. Almost all schools will advertise directly themselves, and possibly use recruitment agents.


Image credit: Abdulla Almesleh, Jameel Riaz


Teaching Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is a popular destination for tourists, sports fans and teaching in Dubai schools.  Situated in the gulf, United Arab Emirates (UAE) the city is a well-developed cosmopolitan fairly large area with good public transport. Education and teaching jobs in Dubai international schools are available from nursery, primary and secondary school. You’ll need the right skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience.

                                                                                                                                 Find more jobs on the frontpage


Teaching Jobs in Dubai

      School Principal Vacancy in Dubai

        Dubai Nursery School Manager Vacancy                                                      KG School Teacher Job (American Curriculum) 

      CACHE Trainer Job Vacancy                                                                           Grade 5-8 School English Teacher Vacancy

        Nursery Class Teacher Vacancy                                                                     School Teacher of ICT/Computer

          Primary School Teacher Vacancy, Dubai                                                        School Principal Job Vacancy, International School

     Chemistry School Teacher Job, British Curriculum                                     Primary Teacher Job Vacancy, School in Dubai 

     School Counselor Job Vacancy, Indian Academy CBSE                              International School Science Teacher Job Vacancy 

     Teaching Assistant Vacancy, Middle School                                                IB Science Teacher Job, International School 

     English Teacher Vacancy, International School                                          Arabic A School Teacher Job Opening 

     HVAC Lecturer Job Opening, Technical Institute                                        Children Learning Centre Primary Teacher Job

       International School Mathematics Teacher Job                                           School Music Teacher Job Vacancy- January 2019 Start

         School Outreach Manager Job, University                                                        Indian School Admissions Officer Job

      Registered Nurse Job Vacancy, Nursery School


See front page for other Dubai jobs in education


Teaching in Dubai at an international school

Teaching Jobs in Dubai Schools - Teaching in Dubai SalaryDubai international schools provide an education to local school pupils and expatriate children. Education curriculum’s from different countries from nursery to sixth form are offered. Just about all schools start in late August or early September for students attending classes.

Secondary high school and elementary/primary teaching jobs to 5-18 year old’s students.

Nursery/Kindergarten schools jobs: As a nursery teacher you’ll be looking after and help develop the speech & learning of children from 3-5 years old.

Dubai has international fee paying schools set up for USA, British and India curricula. Indian teachers find school teacher jobs delivery lessons you have taught back home. One or more of IGSE, A level, USA American common/core, IB Baccalaureate are offered to students.

Education jobs and non teaching job opportunities are available to teaching assistants, nursery nurse at early years pre-schools and international schools. Admin jobs, business manager, reception posts and IT technician jobs are also possible in schools.

School teachers in Dubai receive two days off Friday and Saturday each week. Classes start early and you’re expected in school before 7 am and continue to 2-30 pm.


International school teacher salary Dubai

Classroom teachers are offered around 9,000-19,000 AED per month in 2018

No tax or social security deductions from your wages each month

Depends on your years of experience and qualifications.

Additional payment awarded for responsibility, such as head of department or leadership role.

All schools have their own salary structure, although they will try to match your salary from your own country.

For UK or North American teachers; a classroom teacher with 10 years experience teaching mathematics, science or English will receive between 14,000-20000 AED per month. Additionally, salaries are also dependent on qualifications, such as a masters or PhD you hold.

Salary you’ll receive each month is part of a package that will included flights, accommodation, health insurance, 1-2 children reduced or free school fees, possible car and other benefits.

Teachers pension contributions also by employer.

Head of department teachers positions in 2018 between 14000-20500 AED per month.


Good schools have salary and benefits listed on their website.  Yes, also others schools. Notice the difference between overseas and locally hired?

You may have an option to negotiate an accommodation allowance enabling you to find an apartment or villa that you rent.

This is only a good option if you wish to share, have a larger family or on a work visa sponsored by your partner. Why, renting in Dubai is expensive, and the rent allowance offered is always well short leaving you to pay at least 25% of your month’s salary towards rental & utilities payments.


Dubai classroom teacher requirements

Classroom and senior leadership positions requirements are the same for education & teaching jobs UAE including education qualifications for the post and obtaining a work permit/residency visa.

Also, depends on the school job and level of responsibility.

  • Recent in the past 6 months criminal clearance document from home country, FBi for USA, Disclosure Scotland or DBA for UK
  • 2+ years teaching experience, also newly qualified teachers considered
  • Must have certified, attested and legalized qualifications for visa and work permit regulations
  • Medical check document that has beeen authenticated
  • A legal need for Dubai classroom teachers is a degree in the subject you’ll teach, and teaching qualification at that age
  • Management and leadership positions requires you to have a masters or doctorate in education or school leadership qualification


Looking to teach in Dubai age 60 +?

Work/residency permit could be obtained on a case by case basis, as there is a shortage of teachers.  You’re perceived as too old and retired at 65.


Subjects you can teach & teacher roles at school

mathematics,    English,    biology,    physics,    chemistry,    art & design,    physical education,     geography,     history,    music,    business & economics,    accounting,   information technology.    french,    Spanish,     Italian,     Arabic,     drama,    design & technology

Teacher jobs role:

head of department,        classroom teacher,        headteacher/principal,         assistant head teacher,         pre school leader,       deputy head teacher,           head of year,        curriculum leader,      school director


Outstanding and very good KHDA school rating

Not all schools in the city of Dubai are the same.

Some have recently opening and others are developing. Each place of learning are inspected for quality of learning, management, grades, facilities and other standards that a school must meet before being awarded a certain grade.

KHDA is a government run school inspection that provides reports to a school and for parent access. Some top schools in Dubai:

  • Repton School: Independent & day boarding school in Nad Al Sheba.  The good facilities, teaching & leadership are based on their school in Derbyshire England.  A British school curriculum is offered to international students
  • GEMS Jumeirah Primary School: Located in Al Safa providing an England & Wales education. Foundation stage classes run from 7.30 am -12.30 pm
  • Kings Schools: Located in Umm Suqeim & Nad Al Sheba with a good reputation in the city among parents and students. British curricula with male & female students from 3-11 and 3-18 years
  • Dubai College: Situated in Al Sufouh . Provide an education from the English National Curriculum.  Secondary school pupils from year 7 to 13
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School: Part of the Gems Group of schools. Children from the start of their education at foundation to last year of school at 18 years places are offered
  • GEMS Wellington International School: Another one of the well run schools in the city respected by students, parents and teachers in Al Sufouh area

Of course, other good schools offering education based on British, Canadian, USA and India are in the city. Conduct you’re own research.


Pros & cons for teachers working and living in Dubai

Good                                                                                                                                  Not so good

Salaries paid in local currency each month tax free                                                  Schools vastly differ in wage & benefits paid

Contracts are renewable enabling you to teach for many years                             An employer can cancel your contract & sponsorship at very short notice

City of Dubai has may culture, leisure and shopping facilities                                 Clothing, food, utilities are expensive similar to other world leading cities

Cosmopolitan city open to single people and families                                              Culture, rules & laws not so open as western countries, such as dating

Children in class are mainly well-behaved and work & study                                   A few children challenge normal encouragement & behaviour strategies

Many good schools with structured learning and management                             Teacher support could be below expectations, that could be autocratic

Good schools run training and enhancement programmes                                    No CPD or low quality that could mean you do not develop as a teacher


Teaching English in Dubai

Esl and English teacher jobs in Dubai at international schools spread out around the city are sometimes advertised.

Working 25 hours class time plus you would be teaching 3-18 years beginner to advanced English classes to children at a school.

Qualifications required for language teachers of English are native English speaker, CELT or at least a Tefl certificate.  Employers may also ask for a master’s degree in English or linguistics, they can pick whom to employ.


Benefits and salaries for English teachers in Dubai

All schools should help with medical insurance, basic wage per month and possible accommodation.

Between 8000 to 15000 AED paid per month depending on experience and qualifications. Being locally hired where you’re already sponsored by a partner is beneficial to you and you’re employer as it cost less to employ you.


Accommodation and transport in Dubai

An apartment or villa is provided by almost all international schools and other state education providers, single or shared. Dubai teacher accommodation ranges in size and standards depending on your employer, and many places for teachers are a distance away from schools.

An accommodation allowance is also payable instead, although renting is expensive in the city. Did you know that 12 months rent paid in advance is normal practice. Working & living in Dubai as a teacher means moving around the city include:

Metro over ground rail network

Modern air-conditioned regular public buses

Car lease. Hire or you can buy a vehicle as a resident

Boat as a pleasure trip and a small boat for leisure



Dubai health care system

Employers give a health card for private medical facilities. Medical treatment can be very high quality, but expensive. Check with your employer if it is full benefits or standard, or even lower coverage.  You’re medical care needs or provided, well mostly all if you need care and help, through insurance.


Dubai area facts

Population: 1,942,032 million, estimate
Area size: Metro area about 1,287.4 km² (497.1 sq mi)
Currency: Dirham
Language: Arabic
Time: + 3 GMT winter time
International dialing code: + 971
Climate: October to May hot & sunny. June to September very hot with little rain
Dubai City Code: 4


Where to find school teacher vacancies in Dubai    

Vacancies are available all year round at present as demand for good teachers continues with more students attending schools in the city area.

Should you wish a job in Dubai Metro, Nad Al Sheba, Al Safa, Umm Suqeim or other locations search on the internet or jobs on this website.


Before accepting one of the many teaching jobs in Dubai, educators moving abroad should conduct a lot of research.

Ask yourself, is this the right move for me now, and for my future.


Teaching Jobs in Kuwait International Schools

Kuwait education system continues to attract new and experienced educators. Teaching in Kuwait you can build a career as a classroom teacher to leadership positions. Teaching jobs in Kuwait are for international school educators who teach children between 3-18 years.

Nursery/kindergarten through to secondary school places are offered to students. As a teacher you’ll find yourself teaching a class of students from many countries, as well as local Kuwaiti children.


Teaching jobs in Kuwait

     School Mathematics Teacher Job Opening                                          Secondary Chemistry Teacher Job, School in Kuwait

   EYFS/Primary Teacher Job Vacacny for a Kuwait School                 Secondary School Physics Teacher Vacancy

   Female Chemistry Teacher Job Opening, High School                    Female Preschool/Nursery English Language Teacher Job

   English Language Kindergarten Teacher Job, P/T                             Arabic Preschool Teacher Job, Nursery School


School teaching in Kuwait 

Teaching Jobs in Kuwait International SchoolsInternational schools jobs are available each year starting in middle to late August.  School’s offer places for students from 3 years. Curricula from India, USA, UK, Canada and other countries for students are delivered. Teacher’s from Canada, South Africa, USA, India, UK and other countries will be your colleagues.

I accepted one of the many Kuwait international school jobs, taught at a British school, and enjoyed the time I spent in the country.

You’ll arrive at school each morning before students with morning assembly at 6.30 – 7 am.  Schools finish at 2 pm, with a few continuing until 2.30 pm.

Pupils at international schools are the son’s and daughters of local people and international expat community, where most pupils are keen to learn.

As a classroom teacher in Kuwait you can not just say anything.

Also, you can’t give the same reading & classroom learning resources as in a UK, Australia or other western school.  Why? you must respect cultural, beliefs and teach in an appropriate way to the class of students and Ministry of Education expectations.


Kuwait teaching jobs salary package

Give you an idea of a job I accepted. In 2006 I signed a 2 year contract as a high school teacher with 5 years experience on a basic salary of 800 KWD plus other benefits.

1000-1200 KWD with 5 + years experience is good in 2018.  700 KWD is for new teachers.

Higher salaries for management and leadership roles are paid. Salaries offered in Kuwait are according to you’re country of origin.  Masters and PhD holders receive a bit extra, and you also receive more for each year of teaching experience, up to 20 years.

Your salary includes an international teacher hiring package:

  • Free return flight to Kuwait
  • End of contract gratuity bonus, one month’s basic wage for each year of completed contract
  • Medical insurance cover
  • Utilities paid possibility
  • Discount or free child tuition
  • Free furnished apartment or villa depending on position employed, or allowance  (Most single, some employers provide shared)


What about jobs for school teachers?

Good time to see and apply for jobs is in January to April each year to start in August.  Positions from

  • Newly qualified teacher
  • Teacher with experience
  • Head of year teaching role
  • Head of department
  • Curriculum leader
  • Assistant head teacher
  • Head of primary or secondary
  • Head teacher or principal position

You can get a job for high school students or primary/elementary students if you are a male/female qualified western teacher.  Certified school teacher’s from India and Arab countries also teach at schools in the country.


Classroom teacher requirements Kuwait

  • Undergraduate bachelor degree and above in the subject to teach (Maths to teach maths, business for business teacher)
  • Nursery/primary teacher must have appropriate degree, and or a teaching qualification for early or elementary learners
  • Teaching certificate for the age of pupil to be taught
  • Native English speaker applying for teachers of English
  • Pass a medical, obtain a work and residency permit to stay and work
  • Criminal record check from your country, such as a FBI check for USA citizens
  • One or more years of teaching experience
  • Management & leadership positions mandate that you hold a masters in education, and or leadership in school management qualification

Age 60 or less for new hire.  Up to 65 if you already work and living in Kuwait


All medical, degree, police, teacher certificates need authenticated and then legalised by the Kuwait Embassy. £65-£80 per document.

Medical check, blood test also to apply for a work visa in your home country.

Total cost will be £750 (US $1150) + to apply and process your documents, criminal record check and doctors medical check just to apply for your work visa at the embassy.  Worth it once you are in Kuwait and teaching.

You require applying from where you are a citizen, i.e. the UK for UK citizens   The Kuwait Embassy in the UK is in Knightsbridge, London.  My experience: All you do is walk in with your relevant paperwork to apply for a work visa before arriving in Kuwait.  They will complete relevant checks and stick a work visa in your passport, all in about 10 minutes.


Paperwork to take to the embassy for your work visa:

  • Invitation letter from your employer, aka school
  • Basic summary contract from the school is sent to you (This is not the official contract you sign in Kuwait)
  • Reference letter/s from your last employer
  • Medical check document  (You pay)
  • Criminal record check      (You pay)
  • Teaching certificate and degree qualifications, yes originals they wanted to see
  • Passport


You can fly out to Kuwait and go through the process there, although the process is a bit more complicated and time consuming.  30 day tourist visa on arrival is obtainable.

When arriving in Kuwait it takes between 4-6 weeks to process your residency permit, medical card and civil id.  Your school will take you for a finger prints check by the police, blood test and 30 second chest x-ray.


Living in Kuwait

I would say the country is the safest place I have ever been. Woman will have no issue other than curiosity. Remember where you are, dress moderately, and ladies leave your shorts at home as dress code restrictions apply. Good idea to get transport for getting around as Kuwait City is well spread out.

Some students will have their own maid & driver to take them to school and around the city.

Normal lines at checkouts and slow moving traffic to and from work you will experience.

English is widely spoken in government agencies, banks, major shops and shopping centres.


What you can do in Kuwait for leisure

School teaching in Kuwait Clubs from sailing, ruby, riding, driving, and cultural & social activities to take part with.  Walk along the corniche or relax on the beach near the Kuwait Towers.  There are amusement parks big & small, and the famous Marina Mall frequented by many of the school pupils.

People are friendly when you are out and about in your free time.  The malls around Kuwait are a welcome attraction in the middle of the day for shopping and air conditioning to get away from the heat of the day.  There is generally a breeze relieving some of the heat wave.

Sitting in an outside café watching the world go by or meeting with friends is a national pastime.


Sightseeing and travel in Kuwait

Aquarium where you can visit, although you must paying for entrance.

Buses are very cheap for getting around, safe and reliable.

Teachers can apply for a Kuwaiti driving license swap.  You’ll need a fixer and a number of documents attested including your degree and teachers license.  Visiting several ministry buildings during weekday while you are teaching and an eye test will gain you a local driving license.

Cost £280 (US $425) + for documents and for someone to run around to get them processed.


About Kuwait

A small country in the northern area of the gulf, Kuwait has a rich culture of social and architectural history that co-exists with modern life.  With an area size of 17,818 sq km the country is one of the smallest in the world, and with an abundance of oil & natural gas. Although Arabic is the countries official language street signs & many shop displays are also in English.

Rain fall is seldom whereby 5-6 months can pass between down pours, with the majority of rain in September and the end of the calendar year.

Kuwaiti dinars (such as £15,000+) can easily be exchanged at banks and in currency exchange Street. No one asked for any id or where the money came from, my teacher’s salary that I saved.  In Kuwait City a street with a line of currency changers have official shops where you can change almost any bank note.

Western dancing in public and places with music/live bands is not permitted.

Frequent spot checks on bus passengers & drivers to check residency and other regularly checks are carried out.


Facts and important telephone numbers

Expatriates outnumber locals 3:1                                    Key dates: 25th February National Day, 26th February Liberation Day

Population: 3.5 million approximately                              Capital: Kuwait City                   Time: GMT + 3                   Dial Code: +965

Electricity: 240 volts AC, 50Hz                                        Currency: Kuwait Dinar (KWD)                       Climate: Hot and sunny, winter cool


Teaching in China & Hong Kong

A vast country offering opportunities for teaching in China with thousands of Esl English language and subject teaching jobs in China/Hong Kong. School teacher posts cover age from 2-18 years. Also, nursery, primary, middle and high school subject teachers, such as business, mathematics, music, accounting and chemistry are in high demand.


Teaching in China/Hong Kong public & international schools

Teaching in China - Hong Kong School Teaching JobsMany jobs in China for English speakers are available with an honours degree and or TEFL certificate in towns & cities in China. Vast majority of educator jobs in subjects, such as mathematics, PE, art and business for foreign teachers are at bilingual, sino or international schools. Teachers can opt to teach English in China at one of the many public or language schools.

A good time to start a job is around August or September when many of the courses are starting at international schools. February or November depending on the school calendar are other good times.


China teachers salary package

Choosing to go to China to teach in Beijing or another Tier 1 city you’ll be offered a higher salary than some other smaller towns in China.

  • Salary: up to 29,000 RMB per month depending on experience, qualifications, location and education sector level
  • Working Hours: 22 – 40 hours per week
  • Living accommodation:  Apartment supplied or house allowance provided
  • Days off: 2 per week
  • Holidays: 2 + week, also festival and national holidays
  • Plane ticket: Return or single airfare refunded at the end of your contract
  • Health insurance: The employer should provide cover
  • Other benefits may include free day trips, mandarin lessons and further training


Hong Kong work permit requirements are different to mainland China

China work permit

Teach English in China Foreign teachers (You) to legally work in China require a Z Visa. Then you apply for a foreign expert certificate (Once in China) which requires you to pass a medical and have all the relevant paperwork required. See: China Consulate visa section.

Your employer must be approved by the China government to hire foreign teachers.  Always a good idea to complete the Z visa process before flying out to China with a work visa in your passport.

Z visa regulation requirements are on a points based system for all foreign employees. You’ll need 65 points to be placed in Class B for teacher employment in China, A, B, C, where A is the top band.  Properly qualified and the correct paperwork then you should have no issues.

Require to meet one of the following for a Z visa:

  • Language teacher qualification such as TEFL, no experience required
  • Bachelors degree and qualified/certified teacher certification, no experience required
  • 2 + years experience teaching with a bachelors degree


Majority of schools require you to be an native English speaker from one of: Australia, New Zealand, USA, South Africa, UK, Ireland, Canada.

Jobs in China for foreigners can be secured with or without experience. Although, you will be effectively training on the job.


General requirements for overseas teachers in China

  • To teach in school classrooms in China you must have at least a 120 hours+ TEFL certificate or similar English teaching qualification, classroom or online awarded.  China government requirement.    This is for English teachers


  • 60 years old and under to obtain a residency permit. A few towns and cities allow teachers over 60 if a subject expert or case by case to be employed


  • Undergraduate degree for subject teachers, such as as business, maths, history
  • Native English speaker for teachers of English in a growing number of schools, not all
  • 2 + years teaching experience for major towns and city locations,  Beijing you need 5 years teaching experience
  • Experience teaching that age range, although some positions are available without experience
  • Subject teachers teaching in state or international schools should be qualified for the age of student, although not all schools
  • Physical medical, z work visa, residency permit for the city you will be living
  • 2 years post qualification teaching experience evidence required (For residency permit)
  • No criminal record document


Qualifications and other documents require to be authenticated and then legalised at the Chinese Embassy.

Contracts from 3 months to 2 years, also possible renewable.


Residency permit in China

Depending on which provence you wish to teach different regulations and qualification requirements exist.  For instance, in popular major Tier 1 cities like Shanghai you must have a Shanghai residency permit to work and live in the city as a foreign teacher.

In addition, teaching in Shanghai, or to teach English in Beijing requires at least an undergraduate degree. Also, you’ll need an English language teaching certificate, be a native English speaker and possible 5 years teaching experience.


China country facts

Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong SchoolsWith a population of more than 1.3 Billion and growing the people of the country live within an area size of 9, 596, 960.

The capital of Beijing is in the north east of the country with a time zone of + 8 hours GMT.

Spending the local currency: Renminbi (RMB) teachers can enjoy local taste, fashion and international brands for their hard earned salary.  Electricity: 220 AC Volts, 50 Hz and you should make an attempt to learn some Mandarin language.

Dialling code: + 86      Beijing city code number 010     Tourist Hotline 010-65130828   Emergencies call: 120 Ambulance, 110 Police and 118 Fire      Climate: Warm and tropical in the south to very cold in the north in the winter.

You’ll have options to live in major cities of ShanghaiChengdu, (Giant panda city) Beijing to smaller cities and towns in provincial China.

Teaching jobs in China & Hong Kong when listed are also located on the front page.


Teaching in Thailand

Jet away to a tropical climate teaching in Thailand long term or a contract for 2 years. Teaching jobs in Thailand public & international schools are at all levels from elementary and high schools. There are jobs for teachers in schools all year round starting in August or April. You can also experience the country teaching English in Thailand at a language school or one of the government 2nd tier schools. (more…)

Primary School Teacher Role,Training, Description & Salary

Primary School Teacher Role,Training, Description & SalaryA career working in a primary school in the UK is one of the honourable jobs that have a direct impact on a child’s learning. With primary teaching jobs in gulf/Middle East you could have a successful career in the classroom and then progress to school leadership. Primary school teacher role you are the biggest decision maker on pupils learning where you as a teacher are given the responsibility of the academic achievement of a class of young age learners. (more…)

Moving Abroad Checklist for a Successful Relocation Overseas

Moving Abroad Checklist for a Successful Relocation OverseasTeachers in education also move or take up a new challenge overseas and need a moving abroad checklist for teachers going abroad.  Sending bulky items by sea takes longer than air travel for instance.

Even if it is a checklist for moving abroad for a year, each person or family moving to another area or to another country will have different criteria.  (more…)

Teaching in Scotland

Teaching in Scotland, Salary, Primary, Secondary EducationOpportunities exist for teaching in Scotland to school age children from the islands, highlands and central areas. Management & classroom school teaching jobs Scotland vacancies are offered full and part time.

See below how to become a teacher, salary, education jobs Scotland, with nursery, primary & secondary school teaching jobs Edinburgh, Aberdeen to Glasgow in state schools. (more…)

Teach in the UK

Teach in the UKDid you know there are more than 26,000 primary and secondary schools to teach in the UK from islands, rural areas, villages, towns and cites. Majority of teaching jobs UK advertised are with government state funded schools where children compulsory attend free up to 16 years old. Support or admin school education jobs are also plentiful. (more…)

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