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Science/Biology/Physics Teacher Job, Qatar

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Science/Biology/Physics Teacher Job, Doha, Qatar, 2019


1. Demonstrate professional competence and vision:

a. Show a strong knowledge of learning theory, curriculum design, and subject area(s).
b. Construct yearly plans, course outlines, units and lessons in accordance with the school’s aims & objectives (Policy 120.2 – Instructional Aims & Objectives).
c. Plan teaching-learning experiences that help each student successfully achieve the stated outcomes.
d. Plan a variety of teaching strategies to match the learning styles of all students.
e. Select materials and lesson designs that specifically carry out the goals derived from the school’s mission and philosophy (Policy 120.1 – School Mission & Philosophy).
f. Organize class time with activities that have a clear purpose and engage students’ attention.

g. Clearly define the purpose for all learning activities.
h. Incorporate the “Expected School-wide Learning Results” (ESLRs) in planning & teaching.
i. Present written evidence of planning to designated administrator.
j. Use media and technology to enhance lesson delivery and student performance.
k. Evaluate students’ progress in learning with announced criteria, fairly applied, in accordance with school policy.
l. Use evaluation instruments that:

  • match the school’s goals and specific objectives
  • allow each child to show well what he/she has learned
  • help students meet high expectations for learning.

m. Pursue further learning of subject area(s) while seeking the best pedagogy for the school’s goals.

2. Communicate effectively:

a. Speak clearly, honestly, and with great concern for those being spoken to.
b. Use fresh analogies to connect new concepts to students’ experience.
c. Vary the means (visual, audible, tactile) and language (abstract, concrete,

metaphorical, etc.) depending on the subject and the needs of all children.

3. Demonstrate care for students:

a. Treat each child as uniquely gifted.
b. Discipline all students fairly and firmly.
c. Clearly define responsible behavior for their students, including guidelines and consequences for good and bad student behavior in the classroom.
d. Encourage all students persistently (catch each of them “doing good”).
e. Help students learn self-discipline through appropriate use of correcting, chastening, and counseling.
f. Guide all students in helping other students learn.

4. Demonstrate stewardship:

a. Use all school resources wisely as you are a living example to the students.
b. Deliberately teach students to use resources wisely and to respect all property.
c. Make students accountable to keep the whole school clean, neat and tidy. This includes all classrooms, washrooms, hallways, playgrounds, gyms, lockers, etc.
d. Teach students to care for their world.

5. Demonstrate organizational skills:
a. Establish well defined routines and procedures for receiving students in the classroom, taking attendance, collecting money when required.
b. Maintain accurate records for student grades, behavior and attendance.
c. Attend all meetings (i.e. staff meetings & parent meetings) consistently and punctually.

6. Build community within and outside the school:
a. Support administrators, fellow teachers, and support staff.
b. Adhere to school policies and guidelines.
c. Assist students beyond the classroom: playground, hallways, extracurricular sponsorship, personal guidance, etc.
d. Participate in the After School Activities program by leading one “activity” per term.

Each activity will have one session per week.
e. Meet with staff members to listen, learn, and exchange advice for helping students meet the goals of the school.
f. Contact parents for help in educating their child.
g. Provide a positive classroom atmosphere (displays, warmth, arrangement of furniture, etc.) that fosters community.
h. Model and encourage cultural awareness and understanding.

Annually, in accordance with the EMS Evaluation Policy.


(If you are interested to work in our school please email your resume and cover letter.

Website    http://www.englishmodernschool.net/careers

To apply for this job email your details to office@emsdoha.net

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