Is MBA Worth it After 30, Getting an MBA at 30, 31

Reaching 30 years of age for the vast majority of us means you have work experience already, although younger graduates are also available to companies in the employment market.

Deciding on, and starting an MBA at 30, 31 is a good age for career advancement, add & build upon existing knowledge & skills enabling promotion to middle or senior management level in an organization.

When is an MBA worth it after 30, 31

Attaining an accredited MBA is only beneficial if you have the right personal profile employers are looking for in you’re industry or looking to start a business yourself.

An MBA is worth to meet career goals or promotion & add management skills & knowledge that stay with you for life to become an effective leader in an organization.

Return on invest

Each person requires to ascertain the return on invest of the MBA qualification they complete against opportunity cost of paying tuition fees and possible lost income while studying.

Ask yourself “Will an MBA at 30, 31 achieve my goals” if yes then it maybe worth while achieving the qualification & skills, promotion and increases salary & benefit package.

At 30 or 31 you have 30+ year work ahead of you as you’re early enough in the working life stages to gain promotion or change career into a good job.

MBA qualification worth it after 30, 31 gains

At 30 or 31 you have 30+ year work ahead of you as you’re early enough in the working life stages to gain promotion or change career into a good job.Learn & increase business management skills & academic knowledge each week while studying to apply in a present job role.
Promotion prospects in a current company to middle or senior manager.Increase in financial salary package.
Gain advanced knowledge & skills for senior management or business organizational leadership.Become an organized effective leader that is credible in the job role, and a benefit to an employing company.
Able to apply MBA knowledge learning to first understand & manage functional departments in a company or organization.Attain & enhance soft skills useful to manage employees and talk, communicate with customers or suppliers in business.
Completing a general management MBA provides you a broad range of leadership skills that can help business efficiency by understanding the organization much better to solve issues.Increase overall profitability by mitigating waste and being able to comprehend financial accounts, including forecast & profit & loss business statements.

Is 30 too old for MBA in USA or UK

Even at 50 years old it’s never too late to study.  Getting an MBA at 30 provides you valuable life time leadership knowledge & skills. No, 30, 31 it’s not too old for an MBA to start or complete the course at a top business school or other accredited university.

A postgraduate business MBA degree at 30 or 31 is a very good age to complete the award. You become more employable with a good salary for a wide range of industries, or start a business, although also depends on you’re soft skills.

Employment after getting a master in business administration

Some employers recruit employees for junior responsibility job roles and middle to senior managers for world leading companies, although at 30 or 31 years old you could have limited scope.

Changing careers to a leading finance, IT, consulting employer at 30 with an MBA will be difficult & competitive as younger suitable new graduates will be hired before you, unless you have unique skills.

We all know in UK or USA there are many companies, government and other organizations that employ MBA graduates permanently on good salaries & benefits that’s over 30 years old.

Moving from junior to middle management

Working for a current employer for a few years after graduation could mean you’ve reached the age of 30.  Promotion from junior to middle management level for you’re current employer comes with additional responsibilities & skills requirements.

Doing an MBA at 30

You can do an MBA at the age of 30, 31, with one advantage is you apply past or current work experience to learning on the course, making some subject content easier to understand or get a better grade.

Work commitment & study at same time

Depending on personality and motivation you’re focus to complete study & course assignments on time & a good standard maybe be no problem at 30 years old, as you should be more responsible.

You’ll effectively be juggling work & study for the duration of the course, so some thought requirements are needed to see if you can allocate an appropriate amount of time each week to fulfil work commitments & MBA study.

Masters of business administration course choice

There are good & highly respected universities in USA and UK that accept 30+ people onto full or part time general management or specialist MBA courses for in class or online study mode.

Distance learning & online MBA doesn’t look that bad on a resume as it’s a highly regarded qualification with the same value as in class to a majority of USA and UK employers. Being more flexible and a cheaper option MBA’s online or worth getting, and can be completed in 3-4 years.  

Part & full time MBA are offered by many accredited universities in America and UK. Working and attending evening or weekend study classes part time is a popular study option for people 30+, especially if you have family or financial commitments.

Depending on you’re personal circumstances it not be worth studying full time as it means giving up job.

An executive MBA course is most probably not suitable for the vast majority of 30 year olds as admission is for senior managers & leaders with 10-20 + year’s industry work experience.

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