Is a Degree from American Military University Respected

Choosing a university to study towards a qualification that meets you’re personal requirements and future goals is essential to gain any benefit from the award.

A respected study course or university could mean something different to each person depending on perception how reputable it is by industry or job position.

An online accredited degree from American Military University is respected by government agencies and many USA companies. Some businesses & people perceive AMU University as not reputable as face to face class learning or courses that provide practical learning experience opportunities.

Are degrees from American Military University respected?

Gaining a degree from American Military University is mainly respectful for courses that don’t require practical experience, such as business programs. AMU University online degrees may not be respected by employers if the course does not include significant practical or hands on work experience or require use of specialist equipment.

Regionally accredited by inspection is a marked of quality academic courses & college as with AMU University in United States is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) just like Northwestern and Ohio State Universities.

American Military University is credible as the institution comes under the American Public University System jurisdiction (Not part of US Government) that is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, thus providing a recognized reputable online degree.

U.S. Department of Education, and Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) both recognize AMU University as a degree awarding institution in the United States so employers will find study courses esteemed enough.

Each AMU University course provides challenging study material and assignments with deadlines to meet at certain stages of the course to successfully pass, and receive a good grade.

Are AMU degrees worthless

Well established and known online university study

AMU University is one of the better known and reputable online colleges in United States offering graduate & undergraduate degrees in a range of subjects.  Each year student’s of various age groups continue to enroll in degree courses contributing to the successful list of alumni that eventually graduate.

As an AMU student you can study undergraduate associate, bachelor or graduate master degrees to Doctorate (PHD) study courses. Popular bachelor and masters recognized courses to secure employment in many USA states include:

  • Transportation & Logistics Management.
  • Environmental Science and Emergency and Disaster Management.
  • Homeland Security.
  • Intelligence Studies.

AMU’s University degree courses specific accreditation includes:

  • Accounting and business courses at bachelor to doctoral degrees.
  • Emergency & disaster management.
  • Health information management, nursing, and public health.

For AMU University and certain courses to receive accreditation from external bodies the university admission process & requirements and courses are scrutinized for rigor, high standard to meet if they meet standards expected of a reputable degree awarding US college.

Academic course professors at AMU University

The professors at AMU university in USA that provide student guidance and grade assignments all experts in they’re respective fields of study, and also have present or prior industry experience.

Student admissions process and requirements at AMU

AMU University doesn’t just let anyone enroll onto a study course as certain admission requirements need to be met by a student.

Some specific courses have additional entry requirements to be accepted onto the degree program, such as prior culinary experience enrolling on AAS in culinary & food service management program.

Bachelor degrees require 120 semester hours for completion (BE is 128 semester hours), and you must have your high school diploma or its equivalent before starting a bachelor’s degree program at AMU.

AMU University

AMU University course tuition financial assistance

As an accredited institution, our University is eligible to participate in federal educational entitlement programs, such as military tuition assistance, government tuition reimbursement programs, the Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill®*, and many corporate education assistance programs. In addition, APUS has been granted approval by the Department of Education to participate in Title IV Federal Student Aid (FSA) Programs.

American Military University

Degree award that meets career goals

Should an online degree be sufficient to achieve you’re academic requirements & goal of obtaining employment doing a certain job position then AMU University degree could be appropriate.

According to AMU University the average student age is 31 with the vast majority of people enrolling in employment, as they are known for flexible study for people that are busy with work or career.

American older people in every US State tend to have jobs and financial commitments so combining work & study is a great benefit that AMU provides to keep earning while achieving you’re educational goal.

A good number of other USA universities would provide better academic instruction & guidance than AMU University for certain courses or fields of study, especially medical and sciences in class or online courses offered.

A nationally & regionally accredited bricks & motor university study course would be better to gain employment as is it may also provide some practical instruction in the academic study field.  Additionally, the more prestigious a university and degree program the greater potential for a higher profile company job paying a significantly higher salary package & benefits, where an AMU University degree may not be accepted.

Companies & hiring organizations view on university degrees

Graduates have gone on to gain employment with small & larger companies as well as USA government jobs showing an online degree from AMU University is respected generally by employers, depending on job role.

LinkedIn has profiles of American Military University graduates across America working in specialist roles from graduate to middle & senior management positions. Various age group people are employed in government departments to jobs in commercial companies earning medium to high salaries.

Very few businesses look for graduates from top universities where they gain a degree while studying face to face in class as the perception the company or hiring manager may have is an online degree is not suitable for that companies needs.

Indeed, many companies and other organizations don’t really care about study mode or awarding college, although they concern themselves about:

  • You have a degree with a good grade that’s appropriate for the job role.
  • The university or college is regionally accredited by a well known recognized body and the course for certain subject degrees.
  • How long the college or university has been in existence, longer the better.
  • The university is a very well known brand for offering undergraduate or postgraduate degree awards.
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