Is an MBA Difficult for Average Students (Answered)

During our working life continued professional development (CPD) is a never ending journey we all do in so way or another.

You maybe thinking of studying for a business degree at master’s level and after looking at course prospectuses & subjects students are required completing second thoughts are creeping in.

Before you start an MBA course it may look a bit daunting with the amount of work & seem technically difficult to understand, although you have lectures and tutors to teach & explain the coursework.

When I was a teacher an average student was a person who with good teaching & guidance picks up & understands concepts and more technical subject matter to complete average examination or coursework scoring (50-60%).

A general MBA course is not technically difficult for average students if there’s good teaching, feed back & guidance for students that commit time & effort studying or completing set coursework, and choose the right course and university.

Difficulty for average students studying an MBA

Students don’t require any previous learning, degree or qualification in business studying an MBA as an average grade & cognitive intelligence student can successfully complete the course putting in the study work required.

Should you be an average student with a business degree or years of business management experience you’ll find an MBA fairly easy to pass, if motivated to study, learn and actively participate in all classes.

An average student to have a better chance of a good grade pass think about choosing an MBA course that’s not at a top university with less technical course subjects students study & are examined on,

MBA course difficulty level

A master of business administration (MBA) in USA or UK is a master’s level course & qualification studied at postgraduate degree level typically taken 1 year full time or 2 years part time.

All MBA’s start of with less technical or challenging lectures & course work from certificate stage, although at diploma level difficulty increase to culmination of all learning by lengthy written dissertation you require completing.

In class v online & distance learning MBA

Looking at you’re strengths & weaknesses one option is distance learning or online MBA if you wish to avoid face to faces classes, and can study independently without other students.

You can work at your own pace completing study tasks without the possible challenges of class group work or presentations with other students.

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Disadvantages of an MBA Degree

Studying an MBA after in a job

World’s top university MBA courses

MBA courses at top universities in both United States and United Kingdom are not suitable for average students as they increase the challenge & course subject difficulty level.

Students at the worlds leading universities study MBA subjects while learning on the course to enhance or extend the educational & practical learning experience more than many other course providers.

Difficulty & issues on top MBA for average students

Not able to contribute enough to discussions or provide appropriate answers to lecturer questions.
Could have difficulty contributing meaningfully to group study in class.
Level of technical analysis and understanding of some advanced concepts making the entire course rigorous.
Standard of presentations falls short of other class students.
Keeping up with the pace of lessons and responses to questions.
Group assignment you may not be up to the same academic and intelligence standard as the rest of the group.
Fellow MBA students are always ahead of an average student.

World leading MBA courses attract students that have an academic track record of scoring to grades, and well above average analysis & discussion contribution.

An average grade & intelligence student on an executive MBA with top managers and industry executives from global companies may struggle with difficulty during class group work or assessed projects working in teams.

A student’s difficulty successfully completing an MBA course depends on;

  • Choosing an MBA that’s doesn’t have difficult core subjects, and has elective options you are interested in and capable of completing.
  • You have 3 years + business & management work experience.
  • Prior study in management or business subjects is an advantage.
  • Aptitude for learning new skills & knowledge.
  • Motivation to study and complete set coursework to set deadlines.
  • Good cognitive intelligence level to discuss, analysis and critic academic work.
  • Course quality of teaching, notes & materials issued by the university department lecturers.

MBA students should have reasoning, critical analysis & thinking skills, and be fairly good at assignment writing followed by research and dissertation writing skills. These attribute are no difficult for average students as MBA lectures provide written materials, lectures & guidance throughout each stage of the course.

Courses subjects students study

General MBA courses teach & assess students with typical everyday business & management subjects including:

Human resource managementFinancial managementMarketing
Information technologyOperations managementResearch methods
Corporate strategyStrategic managementAccounting

Students link & combine past work experience or business related study to academic theory and practical learning while studying on an MBA course.

General MBA vs specialist MBA course challenges

There are differences in difficulty & critical analysis if a student is studying a general MBA qualification compared to a specialist course such as MBA finance or MBA healthcare management.

Standard general MBA is perceived by students who have taken the course as an easier option compared to an MBA accounting or finances as more maths & statistical analysis is need completing a finance related MBA.

Class lessons and MBA assessment

Students attend many long hours of lectures & tutorials to extend learning answering questions and use of case studies to explain business concepts and thinking. Use of technical language & concepts or combined with practical work experience and academic business theory in lessons.

MBA courses typically have group discussions in tutorials looking at case studies and typical business questions, as well as pairs or individual study in class on full or part time on campus courses.

When I was studying, MBA classes at university as an introvert I found the group study difficult mixing & communicating with other students, although course work was technically easy as I already had a business degree.

Between 6-9 coursework assignments you complete between certificate & diploma stages as well as two 2-3 hour written examinations, one for each course stage.

Many hours of class & home study

Studying on a graduate business degree expect long hours followed by a number of project work or assignments students complete for subjects taken to be handed in by set deadlines.

Class lessons timing is typically 9am-5 pm daily with the first part of the course (6 months) more challenging as students learning business & management terminology & concepts attending lectures and group tutorials.

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