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UK Independent, Primary & Secondary Schools Without Uniform

School governors and head teachers can choose to have a no school uniform policy at English maintained government school, academies or free schools in UK. Vast majority of UK state British schools have uniforms, although students are accustom to wearing uniforms, providing an identity and helps stop peer pressure for individualism in clothing style.

Children attending infant, primary & secondary schools without uniform can wear smart or relaxed casual clothing. School pupils are free to be seen and express themselves as individuals within set acceptable dress code guidelines what they can wear attending school.

11 UK boarding/independent schools without school uniforms

Dallington SchoolIslingtonLondon
Hampton Court House SchoolEast MoleseySurrey
King Alfred’s SchoolHampstead WayLondon
Rochester Independent CollegeRochesterKent
Bedales SchoolSteepHampshire
Steiner SchoolYorkNorth Yorkshire
Winchester CollegeWinchesterHampshire
Frensham Heights SchoolRowledge. FarnhamSurrey
Lycee Francais Charles de GaulleSouth KensingtonLondon
St Chris SchoolLetchworthHertfordshire
St Paul ’s Girls’ SchoolHammersmithLondon

Non uniform secondary schools in London

Acland Burghley Secondary SchoolCamdenLondon
The Camden School for GirlsCamdenLondon
Parliament Hill School for GirlsCamdenLondon
Fortismere SchoolMuswell HillLondon

South London primary schools without uniform

Walnut Tree Walk PrimaryLambethLondon
Ashmead, PrimaryLewishamLondon
John Ball, PrimaryLewishamLondon
Edmund Waller, PrimaryLewishamLondon
Kilmorie Primary SchoolLewishamLondon
Horniman, PrimaryLewishamLondon
Brindishe Lee, PrimaryLewishamLondon
Streatham Wells, PrimaryLambethLondon
Fairlawn, PrimaryLewishamLondon
Brindishe Green Primary SchoolLewishamLondon
Brindishe Manor Primary SchoolLewishamLondon
Honeywell School, PrimaryWandsworthLondon

North London primary no uniform schools

Grasmere Primary SchoolHackneyLondon
Yerbury, PrimaryIslingtonLondon
Eleanor Palmer, PrimaryCamdenLondon
Muswell Hill, PrimaryHaringeyLondon
Rhodes Avenue PrimaryHaringeyLondon
William Tyndale Primary SchoolIslingtonLondon
Hanover Primary SchoolIslingtonLondon
Columbia, Primary SchoolTower HamletsLondon
Soho Parish C of E Primary SchoolSohoLondon
Prior Weston Primary SchoolIslingtonLondon
Highgate Primary SchoolHighgateLondon

West London primary schools don’t have uniform

Fox, Primary SchoolKensingtonLondon
Bousfield, PrimaryKensingtonLondon
Little Ealing Primary SchoolEalingLondon

East London primary schools don’t have uniform

Henry Maynard Primary SchoolWaltham ForestLondon
Halstow Primary SchoolGreenwichLondon
Millennium Primary SchoolGreenwichLondon
Brooklands Primary SchoolGreenwichLondon
Schools without uniform

Non uniform schools in England & Scotland that choose a no uniform policy let children express themselves in clothing choice & colour as its part of the schools ethos or tradition.

A sensible dress code for different age groups is adopted as part of each schools policy for student attire.

“At Brooklands we have deliberately chosen not have a school uniform. Instead, we prefer to allow children and their parents/carers a choice in what they wear to school, encouraging individuality, personal taste and style“.

School uniform is not compulsory in UK, well in England, although the great majority of British school governors & headteachers have a student uniform policy for primary & secondary schools in England, Wales & Scotland.

South East England no uniform schools

Clapham Terrace Community Primary SchoolLeamington SpaEngland
Milverton Primary SchoolLeamington SpaEngland
St Matthew’s Primary SchoolCambridgeEngland
Morley Memorial Primary SchoolCambridgeEngland
Newnham Croft Primary SchoolCambridgeEngland
St Ebbe’s Primary SchoolOxfordEngland
St luke’s Primary SchoolBrightonEngland
East Oxford Primary SchoolOxfordEngland
Larkrise Primary SchoolOxfordEngland
St Barnabas Primary SchoolOxfordEngland
SS Philip & James’ C. E VA Primary School OxfordEngland
Cotham Gardens Primary SchoolBristolEngland
Cherwell Secondary School  OxfordEngland

North England schools that don’t wear uniform

Park Grove Primary SchoolYorkEngland
Oswald Road Primary SchoolChorlton, ManchesterEngland
Westways Primary SchoolSheffieldEngland
Quernmore CE Primary SchoolQuernmore, LancasterEngland
Stubbings Infants SchoolHebden Bridge. West YorkshireEngland
Anthony Gell Secondary SchoolWirksworth DerbyshireEngland

No uniform Scotland schools

Sandwick Junior High SchoolSandwick, ShetlandScotland
Anderson High SchoolLerwick, ShetlandScotland
James Gillespie’s High SchoolEdinburghScotland

Private sector fee paying schools in the UK offer students individual & group lessons and feedback.

All independent schools are different with operational, curriculum, uniform choice and adopt they’re own rules & policies without following government external education rules to a certain extent.

A few private schools in Surrey, Kent, London, and Hampshire have adopted a no school uniform policy. Reasons why: they have freedom to choose, part of school ethos or founding member covenant mandates the school must follow the tradition.

Why independent sector schools choose no student uniform

Some senior & private primary schools in UK have adopted a no student school uniform policy, although they all have a certain standard of dress code attire.

The vast majority of UK fee paying schools have a formal student uniform that must be worn seem in contrast to opinions and ethos of a few schools.

Casual dress is the norm for students from jeans/trouser t-shirt/jumper with casual everyday shoes or a more formal suit.

Dress code standard on what students can wear and not allowed also extends to different age groups, as what is appropriate for older teenage girls maybe inappropriate for 5-10 year girls.

Schools have rules & policies for what they think are best in relation to appearance, student learning and child development as a person.

Dressing as an individual and making the correct decision for each appropriate class is seen part of an enhanced educational school learning environment.

When a few UK private schools were founded they installed an ethos of no school uniform and a covenant on this policy is required to be followed for financial or operational reasons stipulated from the covenant from founding members.

In addition, ethos of an independent school where each student is an individual and has a choice within reason has been chosen by school stakeholders.

From day and boarding school in UK a no student uniform has been decided following parent consultation, management, school owner, board of governors and students feedback.

Another reason why an independent school chooses a no uniform policy is they can as they are not legally obliged to have one.

schools with no uniform

Affect on student grades and behaviour

Independent schools have much more control over students with strict behaviour policies and enforce school rules better that state schools.

I have taught in both state and private sector schools and I can inform you that fee paying schools have almost no behaviour issues in relation to bulling or classroom issues.

Children that attend independent day or boarding school in UK come from families that in general have conditioned they’re children to act in an appropriate way and this is reinforced by the child’s school when in attendance.

Current UK private schools that have adopted a no uniform policy don’t suffer any negative behaviour, average or below national standard grades compared to similar schools.

Students attend school as normal dressed the way they have chosen, follow school rules, respect others and try the best they can for the future.

Students can express themselves as individuals when they wear clothing they like and feel comfortable in all day at school appropriate for each subject.

Many parents son’s and daughters take pride in the clothing they wear daily at and outside school. Students at private school choose to dress in trousers, tops and t-shirt that is suitable for the weather and classes in according to school dress code.

Indeed, certain students would benefit a no school uniform policy such as autistic & special needs children as they may feel more comfortable in a less formal environment.

For some students a less formal dress code would help with focus on academic learning, depending on personality.

In contrast some boys and girls I noticed as a school teacher were academically distracted.

They prioritised what they were wearing and how they looked, hence affected focus, motivation to try and impacted school grades.

Understanding you’re child, requirements to the type of environment were they feel more relaxed guides you’re decision for a private school with a uniform or no uniform.

Peer pressures of no school uniform policy

One significant negative with a student that wears they’re own choice of clothing at private school is possible peer pressure. For a few children seeing other students with expensive or latest design clothing may make them feel left out if they’re are not part of that crowd.

Peer pressure clothing choice does exists in all parts of society as children wear what expresses them individually.

Parents that send they’re children to UK independent day or boarding school should be able to afford quality clothing for they’re child, and also make sure they’ll have a wide selection of clothing so not wearing the same outfit regularly.

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